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  1. Hi Jamie! We have stayed in several aft balconies (they are our favorite!), including one on our recent Bliss cruise. I think you wont be disappointed with an aft. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the wake! Have a great trip
  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and tips!
  3. We have an aft balcony on 2/2 as well! Alyssa, great review, thanks for sharing your experience with us!
  4. My favorite foods are Guy's burgers, Blue Iguana breakfast burritos, all the pizza, the turkey sandwiches at the deli, chocolate melting cake (with extra ice cream), the banana splits in the dining room, huevos rancheros for breakfast at sea day brunch, room service BLTs for breakfast on the balcony, the room service chocolate cake, and most of the apps and dinner items in MDR are delicious. Grand Marnier souffle and bitter and blanc are aslo tasty. I love Carnival's food!
  5. In which case, can you get a pic of the storage space underneath the bed in room 10918? I need to make sure our luggage fits. If you could measure it too, that would be great . ;p;p;p:p:D
  6. Have you contacted the groups department? They handle our seating every year (2 tables next to each other)
  7. I would choose at least 7 days, a ship with Guys burgers and a serenity deck, and an Eastern or southern Itinerary. All my favorites. Happy planning!
  8. The Department of State has issued a level 2 travel advisory - which is the same as the Bahamas, Cozumel or Costa Maya has been for a few years. As in any foreign country, exercise caution, protect your valuables and do not travel alone.
  9. The aft Haven has a much bigger balcony, a separate living room. Its more similar to the 2 bedroom, but with a much larger balcony
  10. Good news! How did you find out about the typo - did they notify you? Enjoy your upgrade!
  11. Don't worry, you will still get on the ship and to the right room, even if your docs have the old room number. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!
  12. We have cruised Carnival and NCL. In my opinion, the food on Carnival is better. The pizza on NCL is inedible, and I miss the deli and Guys burgers when cruising on NCL. The drink prices on Carnival are cheaper. However with UBP, NCL wins there. The entertainment on NCL is far superior. The shows are really well done. The live music (everywhere) is fantastic. While the food may not be as good, you can always find something you like. NCL ships are easy to maneuver(even the giant ones!). Service on both lines have been excellent. I'm sure you will have a great time on NCL
  13. In St Thomas we always book a tour through Godfrey. This time we are just using him for private transport to Mountain Top for a delicious banana daiquiri and the amazing view, and then off to my happy place - Coki Beach. Beautiful beach with excellent snorkeling.
  14. I called them Friday to see if they had any Haven deals for my upcoming cruise (1 week away at that time). I tried to slightly lowball the 2 bedroom villa offer, and the very nice rep put me on hold to ask if it would be accepted. It wasn't, but I snagged the 2 bedroom villa anyway. It was a great deal! You don't get the current Haven new booking promos, but you keep whatever promos you had prior. I have read that you shouldnt call earlier then 3 weeks before your cruise.
  15. I took an upsell to haven, kept my UBP and prepaid gratuities, but I do not get the current haven free add ons
  16. czimm


    [ If your cruise is on Escape, Getaway or Epic, I don't think you can call upsell number, as you have to use the bid auction (email will be sent to you). For other cruisers, it seems to be best to wait to within a few weeks of the cruise to call Upsell. I meant Breakaway, not Epic, re the bid auction
  17. czimm


    I called upsell Friday and asked for their offers, I was booked in a BB mid ship balcony (that I got for a steal!) on the 1/21/17 Epic. They offered 2 bedroom Haven Villa for $500 more pp, or Deluxe Owners suite for $1250 pp. They wouldn't haggle this time, and we took the Family Villa. If your cruise is on Escape, Getaway or Epic, I don't think you can call upsell number, as you have to use the bid auction (email will be sent to you). For other cruisers, it seems to be best to wait to within a few weeks of the cruise to call Upsell.
  18. Hello! I have terrible news. My group of 22 will hogging all the chairs at Spice beginning the 21st! Just kidding about the chair hogging- but we will be there! I have been reading the bad reviews too, but I have also read some great recent reviews in the reviews section, not the community boards. And my group can turn any situation into fun, so I know we will have a good time! We will be on a cruise, with our friends and family, with nothing but sunshine (fingers crossed) and pina coladas. I hope you have as much fun as we will! See you soon
  19. [quote name=Sissaaaaaa;5194051 If you can' date=' try to get cabana 10. It is secluded, and your hammock is to the side of the cabana, rather than in the rear like the others.[/quote] Thanks for the tip! We will see if cabana 10 can be ours when we board in less than 2 weeks!
  20. We used Sonny Binns for a customized island tour. We had a great time! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. We have a good sized group on the 1/21 Epic sailing. The studios are sold out. Three came open right after final payment (I assume someone canceled or forgot to pay). 6 in our group are in studios. The price was great!
  22. Are all ships participating in this right now? I though it was just Breakaway and Getaway at the moment?
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