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  1. I think the Hub App pre-cruise has issues. When I first install it and put my cruise dates in, the 'check back' date is correct. It then creeps forward a few days at a time... Right now it says to come back Dec. 25 which is about 3 weeks before our next cruise. If I uninstall and reinstall, it will be correct but then start migrating forward again.
  2. Yes. Seems like I caught it as late as a couple of weeks before sailing. I tended to check frequently at different times of day and night.
  3. Loving the thoroughness of your review! Can't wait to see more.
  4. I totally sympathize! My last call for a simple question took 27 minutes! The lady kept going off into other topics, would answer a question with something no where near my question. I didn't give her grief - I felt like she was trying albeit incompetent. But hopefully my low scores on the survey will make someone aware she needs more training.
  5. No regrets here, I'm good. I just keep in mind that Carnival is a corporation not my BFF.
  6. My cooler is approximately 10x13x13. I fill it with stuff (clothes, etc) and pack it inside my checked luggage. I carry a large zip lock bag and ask steward to keep ice in the bag inside the cooler. That way I can chill our canned sodas, etc, in bottom of cooler but keep ice clean for using in beverages.
  7. Thank you! Maybe it's because I'm using a tablet but it only shows a + Quote and a heart on mine. Will try on my computer.
  8. My Godson and I attended mass at St. Frances Xavier about 5 years ago. Beautiful church inside, several musical instruments as opposed to just a piano or organ. We were running late and opted to have a taxi drive us there for $10 total. Afterwards we walked a meandering route back to town and the ship.
  9. We flew RDU to SeaTac non-stop on Alaska Air. Great flight!
  10. Keep monitoring the excursions... folks cancel and/or move up to a villa. Also post your desire for one in your roll call. One cruise a poster decided to upgrade to a villa, she let me know and I just sent her the cabana money directly instead of her releasing it. Another time a lady and her daughter invited me and my daughter to go in halfsies on the cabana they'd already booked.
  11. Can someone tell me the current cost for a clamshell on Half Moon Cay?
  12. Get a screen shot of the new price including cruise date and room number of a comparable (same category) cabin in case you need proof and in case price changes before you reach your TA.
  13. Because this doesn't plug in, it might be okay. The one I had in the past was kind of bulky and cumbersome. There are several brands available that accept kcups. Gourmia GKCP135 Manual Coffee Brewer - Single Serve Manual Hand French Press Coffee Maker
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