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  1. I suppose I'm mostly in the 'pre' category - excepting, of course, infections passed between people who shared a cabin or set of connected cabins. Those are obviously to be expected and should not be seen as isolation failures. I do worry, though, that the legitimate day one of strict isolation might not have been eight days ago, but was somewhat more recently. A number of the stories of initial screening mention lax procedures, and we've all watched the many changes meant to further limit transmission. I would not feel comfortable ruling out the idea that some 'post' infections occurred, though the fact that very few crew have been infected makes me hopeful that the initial isolation was enough. If it were in my hands, though, I would have a difficult time letting everyone off the ship to disperse freely on day 14. I don't have a good timetable for when they realized exactly how many infected patients they were dealing with, but I suspect that it lines up pretty well with when they got a lot more rigid with protocols. I really don't think they had any idea how widely it had been able to spread in the couple of weeks since he'd brought it on the ship - I think they thought they were acting in an overabundance of caution. I'm very, very glad they did. I'm grateful to the passengers and crew who are enduring this to try to keep us all safer.
  2. Reading this thread continues to distress me. Part because the situation itself sounds so difficult on passengers and crew, and part because the limited information available lets anyone and everyone form and furiously defend their own halfcocked interpretations. Even the people I mostly agree with sometimes speak in absolutes that I find unrealistic and somewhat naive. I can only hope that the data collected from this unfortunate situation will be helpful to the global fight to contain and mitigate the effects of this outbreak.
  3. ... They're working with little to no expectation of tips, which make up a significant portion of their income. Unless you think these quarantined passengers are going to tip at the same rate as happy vacationers?
  4. I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around this situation!! I definitely feel for those who are stuck onboard, and especially for those who don't have enough medication to treat ongoing medical conditions! In some ways, though, I imagine this to be optimal - perhaps ships should be rented out to governments to provide isolation for returning travelers? It sounds like people globally are doing a rotten job at self-quarantine - either not believing that they can possibly be infected, or not caring of they infect others. To protect the population as a whole, we might have little choice but to enforce isolation on suspected cases. 200sf cells are far from optimal, but ships might realistically be preferable to barracks or hotels on land. I hope the crew is well compensated for all this. It's really just difficult to even imagine.
  5. That's a good idea - I doubt there will be one on mine, but there's bound to be some group or another meeting we can pass them off on. I try wines hoping that someday it'll be like beer and I'll have developed a taste for it, but so far I'm still just a heathen ::shrug:: And yes, we paid $84 total to upgrade our Classic packages to D&M, but we'd already planned on $48 to upgrade to Platinum - even calling the wine, the wine tasting, and the minibar worthless, that's an extra $36 for the $100 in casino credits.
  6. We're doing two nights on the equinox next week, and we're very excited. The big selling point for this one is to check out a class of ship we usually don't get to experience. We can rarely get away for more than a long weekend - though we take those frequently - and cruise lines rarely put their nicer ships on short itineraries. We can't wait to explore!
  7. Yep, the rate I booked for the two night cruise only came with Classic and we intended to upgrade to Platinum onboard. When the upgrades became available online, though, Platinum was showing $10.80 pp/pd, and Drinks&More was showing $21.00 pp/pd. I did not click through the Platinum upgrade to see why it wasn't $12, because the casino credit made the D&M a no brainer regardless. Suggestions for non creepy ways to offer total strangers our free bottles of wine are welcome and appreciated =p
  8. Was pleasantly surprised to see beverage package upgrades available in my cruise planner this morning. $40 extra for Drinks&More over Platinum, which we'd have upgraded to onboard without this offer. Not sure we'll even touch the mini bar, but with even a tiny bit of luck, we'll make up the difference in a quick run through the casino. Perhaps we'll make friends to help us drink the wine on our balcony 😃
  9. Thank you everyone! We will definitely upgrade to the Premium package, and actually will upgrade to the Drinks & More if they'll let us - it's a no brainer on a two night trip. We're really looking forward to this one!
  10. If I can call in to upgrade from the Classic that comes with our two nighter, I'll be doing so. We wanted to upgrade to premium anyway, so it's an easy sell for us... I'll give it a try this afternoon.
  11. Can/will a well tipped steward be able to rustle up a pair of 'taller' chairs? We would be spectacularly unpicky - even unbacked barstools would be just fine. Just curious as to whether that's something we could ask for. We are very, very interested in this cabin type for an Alaskan cruise...
  12. So we'd been waffling over the two nighter on Equinox sailing 16 Jan, but when I saw the 6312 Sunset Veranda with beverage package for $500, I couldn't help but book. Our main goal is to make sure we like Aft cabins - we're looking to book an Alaskan cruise, but would hate to spend a fortune to discover we hate it back there. Past that, we want to check out this class of ship - we've only ever sailed on the Infinity and the Constellation. On other lines, we're always on the smaller / older ships - this will definitely be our 'nicest' ship ever. So, what can't we miss? I expect the cruise to be full of other drinkers, and a much younger crowd than we've experienced on Celebrity before - that's fine, we're young(ish) ourselves. We don't dance and we don't sunbathe - we're more about finding chill areas to read, relax, chat with each other passengers or bartenders. We figure most of this cruise will be us walking around exploring, since we have so little time, but we want to make sure we don't miss anything special. Thanks so much!
  13. Just wondering if this is something they've done in the past, or if it's something new. We tend to take short cruises exclusively, so we've always avoided the full fare CN certs. If this happens regularly - even annually - we might pick a pair up next cruise...
  14. I think we'd be happy if all we did was eat, drink, and sleep - so anything extra is just a bonus! These prices are just insane, if we hadn't just gotten back from a Europe trip, I think we'd be taking advantage of a few of them. Enjoy, everyone!
  15. Hey Wendy! Still no roll call for that cruise, but my other half and I will be joining you!! Anxious to hear anything anyone has to say about this itinerary! Prices have continually fallen on this one - might wanna see if they can offer you a little OBC! We sailed the Sky last year and will miss Captain Cook's very much - but hopefully we'll find an equally chill little spot to hang out and relax. That's all this cruise is meant for, just five nights of nothing more to worry about than whether we'll wear real shoes or not 😉 I'm going to go figure out how to set up a roll call. I'm sooo excited for this trip! Edit: Virga is a weather phenomenon too! I also want to point out that I have something installed on my computer that converts the word 'cloud' to 'butt' on the internet, so when I see something posted by 'cloudsail' it comes up as 'buttsail' and it causes me endless amusement 😉
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