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  1. While it is not training, we do eat a lot less on the day of the Chef's Table. We always manage to at least try each course, even if we can't finish it?
  2. If you happen to have the aft dining room, it is a long walk.....
  3. We had one once, and yes, it was windy when underway. Although, we thought it was much better overall than a side view balcony, in port. Sitting outside when underway will always be windy. Location, well it was long walk to the dining rooms. We have only done a bow balcony once. Not sure we'll try it again anytime soon....
  4. Sorry, no, you won't find it in the FS on a ship, but I think someone said smuggling?? oops...foo...pah! I have a friend in St.Thomas who has found a 10-12yr old Cruzan. He keeps it for sippin'. I have not seen it here yet, but still looking.
  5. Hmmm...just curious? What do you consider a "high" quality rum?? Rum is Rum! Especially in mixed drinks on a ship! Cruzan from the St Croix, is not a high quality or expensive rum, but it is much better than Bacardi! In the 80's, I could get it in St.Thomas for around $2.00 a bottle....? Today it is $16 or more? It is my rum of choice, for most drinks. I know there are several high $$ rums available, but unless drinking it by the shot, it really doesn't matter much to us.
  6. Oops...sorry, I thought this was about Fantasy Class ships. Never been on the Fantasy though. The ones I have sailed on, have all had a Bar right outside of the aft theater/comedy club, and lately IIRC have all been converted to an Alchemy Bar? Granted, I have not sailed on "all" of the Fantasy class ship though!
  7. On some of the Fantasy Class ships, I believe there is an Alchemy Bar. It may be just a converted old bar but with the same features and drink concoctions. As for the food options and pubs? Well, for us, the pubs with food options are not our first choice for food, only for drinks. If we want food we go to a food venue, with drink in hand!
  8. Yes, RS is available but not until late in the day...usually after sailing. Pre-ordering usually has the bottle on the desk upon boarding. (not always)
  9. If it is not in your cabin, you can always request one!😊
  10. On almost all cruises now, there are fridges....(ie..coolers, not all of them work well). If it is not in your cabin, you can always request one!😊
  11. Depending on how you arrive, private vehicle, taxi, or shuttle..... You may have to wait a while just to get in the terminal? JAXPort is finicky... Sometime lax, sometimes strict. Sometimes, I have seen them turn vehicles around and tell them to come back later. Our experiences have taught us to arrive at the JAXPORT at 10:45am - 11:30am. Earlier, well, you just wait in the terminal. Boarding time in JAX is usually 11:15-11:45am..... sometimes earlier, but don't count on the earlier times. The ship doesn't sail until 4pm. so no need to rush?
  12. I think our first BHTF tour was around $55. Forgot what ship, but it was a smaller one. If you have never done one, definitely try it. I am trying to decide on doing a "large" ship BTFT? Other than larger venues, how different can they be?
  13. I would go with the Legend, since Grand Cayman is still on our bucket list! And the smaller Sensation, would be a good second choice! (smaller ships are just as much fun as the MEGA ships.....IMHO!)
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