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  1. Just make a note to order early enough for the charge to be on a CC statement you get "prior" to sailing. Take the statement with you on the cruise. We had an issue on our last cruise with the BV order. CCL claimed it never went through, even though we rec'd a confirmation # from CCL BV dept and had a copy of the order with us. CCL reps actually told us, confirmation #'s are meaningless??? Thus, my suggestion to order early and take a copy of your CC statement with you. Now, if it is an order to delivered on the first day, most of the time, ours have been waiting in the cabin on arrival. 1 or 2 times it came later though. And once, CCL claimed it never went through?? I would have an alternate plan, just in case!
  2. Hmmm... I think/thought that CC was part of the TA group! This is the only site that I know of, that has issues on a regular basis.... Go figure?? Maybe to point people elsewhere.....?? It IS a travel agency!
  3. jwjax


    Platinum's have a lot of cruises under their belt.... Yes, there are more and more... It's be a while since these designations were created. Unless they create more levels, there will always be more Platinum's, than any other class. Why have a mixed event, since the Plats, can not attend the Diamond events??? IMHO, they should have an "exclusive Platinum Event" like the Diamonds have! It will reduce the number of attendees, and probably be a big hit!
  4. jwjax


    Hmmm.... Diamonds already have an "exclusive party!" So you think they need 2? I think they might consider excluding "Diamonds" from the "Platinum" party to control the number of attendees!
  5. jwjax

    MDR Table request

    Try this to contact maitre'd. first two letter are the ship's abbreviation plus xxmaitred@carnival.com Example for the Fantasy: famaitred@carnival.com Carnival Ship Abbreviations FA = Fantasy FS = Fascination EC = Ecstasy SE = Sensation IS = Inspiration IM = Imagination EL = Elation PA = Paradise SP = Spirit PR = Pride LE = Legend MI= Miracle DE = Destiny TI = Triumph VI = Victory CQ = Conquest GL = Glory LI = Liberty VA = Valor FD = Freedom SL = Splendor DR = Dream MC = Magic BR = Breeze SH = Sunshine
  6. jwjax


    This has also been our experience. We have also been to Plat/Dia parties which were crashed by a LOT of other cruisers who heard about the party from their friends/family etc. Some were on their 1st cruise! Now we go for a few minutes, grab a cheap drink, and leave. The apps are not the same anymore..... frozen/reheated thingies now!! CCL should check the invites, but of course, they don't want to stir up any issues at the door???
  7. jwjax


    Arriving at 10:15 am at Jaxport to park may be OK, but usually there are long lines of cars entering the port. In our experience lately , arriving at the terminal before 10:30am we had issues. Boarding usually does not start until at least 11:15 or later sometimes. So enjoy a late sleep in, and long breakfast. We live about 10 minutes from Jaxport and usually try to arrive at the port around 10:45 or so. We wait a bit, but not too long.
  8. jwjax


    We have seen shorts and sandals at the Chef's Table! I don't recall seeing a Dress Code for the Chef's Table posted in the FT, or other info. In the quiet library, or the loud kitchen, the Chef's Table is sure to please! We prefer the Library...couldn't hear the servers/maitre d' in the LOUD kitchen setting. I did read that a few ships now have a special dining room for the CT! Anyone have some comments about that venue?
  9. jwjax

    Soda in ports

    We have always brought back 6 packs of mixers, ginger ale/coke etc. Never had a problem. The mixers are a lot cheaper on the islands/ports....compared to the ship....but still a bit overpriced IMHO!
  10. jwjax

    Flight from FLl?

    In our experience, 11am has always worked out. Off the ship by 9am or so, and to the airport by 10am. One time we even did a 9am flight, with no problem...😊
  11. jwjax

    Is Elation really that bad?

    As dmdiver said, and I agree, the Mega ships are "IMHO" destinations. However the "cruise ships", the smaller ones, are a bit of both the destination, and port. The Elation is a fine ship. Only thing lacking will be the rock climbing and rope course...etc.... Which I am pretty 75% of CC readers do on every cruise!! But, if that's your thing, only the RCI and other line Mega Ships are your choice.
  12. Hey FinToo! We have found the FunTimes to be sorta generic and sales oriented recently. Pretty much always the same, changing names and acts here and there. Adding more ads for the SPA and Sales of cheap watches etc...😄 We usually only refer to the FT for showtimes, if we are interested in a particular show. But that's us....
  13. jwjax

    MDR ..to go boxes?

    Above 140F?? What does this mean? + Most cabin fridges maintain around 50 degrees. It is safe to put food in there for a while, but not for extended periods of time. I don't think my cabin fridge ever goes above 50F or so. If it does, I will call service and have it replaced!
  14. jwjax


    Hmmm.. My experience was quite the opposite!..... RC food offerings were no where near the same as CCL in quality or flavor!!
  15. jwjax

    NO Lobster on 5 day.

    Personally, I prefer the large shrimp to the small frozen lobster tails. IIRCC, their lobster dish comes with several large shrimp as well. Now if they start charging for the shrimp?? Houston..... we have a problem!!😊 We live in FL., shrimp are more prevalent than "Lob'ster tail! And much Fresher! I think they should also look at Monk Fish as an alternative to the frozen lobsta! IMHOP!