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  1. 😭The stock took a bad hit yesterday down to $51. & change. Time to buy it's on sale.
  2. I know just book another cruise while you wait. That should take up the best part of an hour to find one and book it. Time goes bye there is no stopping it. Enjoy your cruise wish it were me.
  3. We are on the Breeze for NYE this year and yes I do wear Tux on every Carnival cruise we take. In fact I wear one on every elegant night. This will be our 50th cruise on Carnival and I really don't want to look like I just cut the lawn. Happy New Year every one.
  4. Good answer Garth 2 you covered everything. Never had a problem with the card in the mail box.
  5. I do know Carnival ships have a small supply of small refrigerators but the are limited. Not all ships have have them in the rooms. A hint about the fregs in the rooms. They are enclosed in a small area under the counter. They do not get enough fresh air to cool the compressor. I always leave the cabinet door ajar with some cardboard or rolled up paper to allow some cool air in. This has always made the freg. plenty cool enough for drinks.
  6. Wine is low in alcohol where whisky is much higher. 6 drinks of hard liquor in an evening will make you drunk not so with wine. I am thankful Carnival still allows us to bring 2 bottles of wine on board at embarkation. I you must have hard liquor just buy it online before the cruise and it will be in your room when you get there.
  7. We did the brew masters tour on the Vista. It was a good time and the beer was good as well. We sail the Horizon next April and plan on doing the tour in the Pig and Anchor on the cruise.
  8. I love the post hopping that more people will pay attention to the muster drill. If the ship must be abandoned then you will see pure panic and all the muster drills in the world will not get you to orderly proceed to your cabin and get your life preserver and then proceed to your assigned muster station. LOL Most people will jump into the first life boat they get to. Sorry I have seen a mob in panic mode.
  9. warning!!!!!!! You do know that once addicted it is incurable and terminal. You will never get enough and you will spend your rent money to get on another ship. Welcome to the party.
  10. We have done it on several different ships and have enjoyed them all. We look at it as an excursion. We have done some shore excursions that cast about the same and wondered why we went . The Chef's table is 2 to3 hours of fine dinning and entertainment. Go for it.
  11. With almost 50 cruises on Carnival there are very few port we have not been to. To us the ship is the destination and if we do a tour it's a bonus. We never get bored and always have someone to visit with, read a book or play cards. The trivia games on port days a a lot of fun. No line for any thing is always a plus. We cruise in the middle of the summer to escape the heat of Florida in the summer. Never leave the ship it's great.
  12. :D I just got a conformation the other day for our Oct. 6 sailing on the Breeze. I submitted it about 3 weeks ago. Don't cost any thing to submit it again.
  13. :cool: If you go to the steakhouse the first night onboard you can get a 50% discount on all wines on their wine menu. Much better wine he from their wine package. Enjoy!
  14. :D Bermuda what a wonderful port. We loved it and have been more then once. As mentioned transportation maybe the issue.I know in the day time there are buses and water taxis which are great, one price for how ever many days. At night not so sure better check that out.
  15. :cool: If you go to the Steak house the first day of the cruise you can buy at half price from their wine menu. Much better wind at half price a good deal. On the last cruise they insisted on opening all the wine before we took it to our cabin. Great saved me from fighting with the corks.
  16. :) The tap water is fine and a lot of it is filtered. Also it dose not have the chemical particles that the plastic bottles are known to add to the water. Been drinking the ships water for years and I'm still here. Don't sweat the small stuff just have fun.
  17. ;p We have been on both more then once. We enjoyed both ships but the Magic has much more to offer. I would give up the one day for the Magic. We leave on the Magic this Sat. for 7 Day eastern our favorite. I'm sure you will enjoy what ever ship you pick.:cool:
  18. ;p;p The last B2B we did we were directed to meet in the Piano Bar at a certain time. A crew member came ans took us to the Customs agent and then back to the ship where we were greeted with a Mimosa and a group picture. Carnival made it very easy and fun. An added note of information I just got from the Carnival booking desk. When you board the ship for a B2B you may bring 4 bottles of wine for 2 people. 2 of the bottles will be kept by the ship until the second cruise at which time they will be delivered to your room. I'm planning on the for our next B2B. Hope the agent was right with her information.
  19. :D Been to Amber Cove many times. If the zip line is the one in Amber Cove you are safe sending them alone. The zip line is with in the port area and looks like it's controlled by Carnival as is many ports they visit. Your boys will not be leaving the port area and you can walk along with them and watch. If how ever the zip line in in the interior of the island I wold advise against it. The D R in not the safest port to visit. Amber Cove is a nice place to spend some time in they also have a nice pool area.
  20. :D As others have said it's a nice courtesy to let the wait staff know you will not be coming the next night. If by chance you can't and you don't show up? no big deal an easy night for the wait staff.
  21. ;p;p;pJust get her on the Vista and she will be fine. We did NYE on the Vista 2016 into 2017 and it a was the best New Years we ever had. You both will love the ship and the party Carnival has is store for you. enjoy it all and good luck.;p
  22. ;) I never noticed if the excursion desk was open when you board the ship. Dose any one know if it is open during embarkation?
  23. :cool: We did the NYE on the Vista 16 into 17. The best New Years we ever had and have done Times Sq many times. You will just love it. We have the Breeze booked for this year and can't wait.
  24. :D I always just call the 800 number and I have never had any problems with changes or upgrades. Almost 50 cruises on Carnival and I would not consider just booking on line. There is always a chance that the agent you get may find a better deal for you.
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