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  1. The first thing I do is shove the comforter(s) that are stored under the bed in large plastic bags to the head of the bed, freeing up the maximum amount of space under the bed. We can store three large suitcases (airline regulation max size) and two roll aboards under the bed(s). If we have a fourth suitcase, it goes into the closet.
  2. Can I ask how you know this? I have traveled on several cargo planes and always had oxygen masks, sometimes from a seat compartment around the shoulder area but on one plane they would actually drop (a long long way) down from the ceiling of the cargo compartment.
  3. The thing with Princess is that they quite often do the right thing; they just take their time doing it and create a lot of unnecessary stress for their guests along the way. The other thing is that what they say they will reimburse and what actually gets reimbursed are sometimes worlds apart. The Princess experience is first rate when things are going well; they falter considerably when they are thrown curveballs. Unfortunately, they operate in an environment with countless external risks, and they seem to do everything in their power to resist incurring any ill effects when something goes wrong, instead passing them on to guests. I understand their allegiance is to their shareholders rather than their guests, and most here would say that’s where it must be, but I can only imagine the amount of angst it has caused thousands of people who were told for weeks that if they cancel, they would incur the standard cancellation charges. I’m glad Princess has finally changed their minds on this, but much of the damage has already been done.
  4. Sadly, I don’t. I know for a fact that HAL is guilty of this, and believe that most of the administrative functions of these two companies are being handled in the same way or even by the same group of people.
  5. This is simply the way Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) claims are handled with Princess Vacation Protection. AON denies reimbursement, they send the claim and their denial to Princess, and in just a couple of weeks (which could be longer now, with everything going on), your parents receive notification that a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) has been set up in their Captains Circle account. This must be applied to a cruise booked by December 31 of the following calendar year or it is lost. If your parents don’t have an online Captains Circle log in and password, this would be a good time to get one set up, so they will be able to see the FCC. CFAR coverage is just that. There are no exclusions for pandemics.
  6. I’m pretty certain Princess knew that this was going to be how this cruise was handled before passengers even got on board in Sydney on February 12. If that’s true, those passengers who flew long distances for this shortened cruise have reason to be unhappy. I also feel badly for those guests we met on board who planned to stay to Singapore (pretty much everyone we talked with at the MTG cocktail party last week). Some were even scheduled to return after the dry dock (March 2-12). We were originally booked to stay on, too, but cancelled before final payment when the extra travel time home from Singapore, and the fact that we were just there last year deterred us.
  7. En route from Sydney to LAX. Wifi! I have WiFi! Boeckli, I hoped you enjoyed your cruise. I’ll get the blog caught up in a few days.
  8. Goodness, I hope not. The Majestic Princess is the only Royal Class ship I have any interest in sailing on. As for being fitted for the Chinese market, the only readily evident difference is that there is no pizza on the Lido Deck. However, we found the pizza at Alfredo’s to more than make up for that, and the noodle bowls that are available on the Lido Deck where pizza is usually served were wonderful in the cooler temps of New Zealand.
  9. Hello! No worries, mates.😊 We are fine and still on the Majestic Princess having a wonderful time. I’m simply not spending valuable port time uploading posts, and, as icat2000 confirmed, we really don’t have usable WiFi on board. However, I’m still dutifully writing posts every night. You’ll see them eventually. Thank you for your concern. Y’all are the BEST.
  10. Sinbad, thanks for posting that link. We are in the terminal in Port Chalmers right now and I can’t watch the video but enjoyed reading the article. I’m going to post a link to it in my blog, and appreciate you sharing it! Happy New Year everyone! Hoping yours is safe, healthy and happy.
  11. I generally play the safety video, muted, while playing the HGM Welcome Aboard phone message at the same time. And I’m usually in the shower or blowing my hair dry when I do both.
  12. Actually. I got the answer today from someone on board who booked in the US and who is being charged gratuities. They are paying between AU $20 and $21 per day. It varies from cruise to cruise as the exchange rate changes slightly.
  13. Sorry, I can’t answer this. We booked these cruises under promotions that included the gratuities.
  14. Currently on the Ruby Princess. All OBCs including loyalty and promotional, are not being converted to the equivalent US $. They are all being given in the same number of Australian $.
  15. Interestingly, the same thing was done when the Ruby Princess was in Tauranga four days ago. Those photos are still for sale in the Photo Gallery. Princess may be asking the contracted photo department to refrain from repeating these actions, but as long as there is money to be made, it is being tolerated on board.
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