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  1. My husband would rather I not get started on this, but since you asked… It took us over six months and countless phone calls and emails to get refundable OBC we had from two different ships the winter of 2019-20. The things they say will happen automatically, don’t.
  2. I finally took the time to call Princess today shortly before 5pm California time, and got an agent who seemed to know that, yes, to get the 50% discount, one must pre-book and then get the refund on board. She also said I could only use OBC if I booked on board but would lose the discount.
  3. Turnaround day early morning is the best time to do laundry. I’ve seldom ever encountered another person in the laundry room.
  4. I don’t know, but can only offer that several of us have been successful using WiFi calling on our cell phones while on board. For me, with T-Mobile, it works no differently than a normal call. And it’s the same VOIP protocol.
  5. Yes. You can use a terminal in the Internet cafe (assuming they still have them) or any of your personal devices that have WiFi capability.
  6. @mellon1 We have asked these same questions ourselves. I have a couple of risk factors, the highest being asthma. I have gotten sick every season we cruise without fail, though we cruise for months at a time so that’s not a huge surprise. I was very apprehensive about our cruises to Alaska, not so much on the Nieuw Amsterdam because it had such a reduced passenger load, but on the Majestic Princess. Our first Majestic Princess cruise was 3300 passengers, which was much higher than its been sailing recently. I was extremely antisocial. I wore a KN95 mask every time I wasn’t eating or drinking. I didn’t get on full elevators, and even stepped out when people crowded in. Still, I got sick on our Majestic Princess cruises last month. Frankly, I think I picked up something at the MTG luncheon. It’s the only time I was around others without a mask. Having COVID-like symptoms on a ship these days is a whole different sport. I did phone the medical center (trying to do the right thing). I was told to stay in the cabin, and for my husband to stay there too. Someone wearing full protective gear showed up and did a medical exam and I was tested for COVID, despite the fact that I had just been tested two days earlier. The senior doctor phoned me to tell me it was negative, but that I had to stay in the cabin for another 24 hours until a second test came back negative. My husband was free to come and go. I wasn’t charged for my care and I was thanked (many times) for being honest and reporting my symptoms. Luckily, it was a rainy day in Juneau, and I had internet, so I wasn’t unhappy. The next morning I was tested again, it was negative and I was free to resume my cruise. For my cooperation, and missing out on using the ship’s facilities for a day, I received a FCC worth 1/7 of the cruise fare. I returned home 5 days later, and then a few days after that tested negative again. I ended up in the ED last week, and was tested yet again. All negative. Yet I’m still fighting this virus. My point is that COVID is not the only game in town. It is certainly not the most prevalent virus around. Cruising, for those of us with diminished immune systems, has always been risky, and, even with good quality masks, it still is. I’ve now received the COVID booster, will get my annual flu shot (must be at least two weeks after the booster) and will be cruising again next month. I am hoping for a different result. If my husband wasn’t so hell bent on going somewhere, I’d be quite happy staying home.
  7. Princess Plus does include unlimited WiFi on one device per person.
  8. Definitely thought about it, and kinda wished now that I had done just that. 😆 I’m still trying to figure out a way to pay for it ahead of time using OBCs. Regarding cancelled cruises: while I do have health and safety concerns about spending time in Florida by doing multiple turnarounds in Fort Lauderdale, my issue is also that I don’t want to spend any money in the state at the present time. Our upcoming cruise out of LA ending in Fort Lauderdale was definitely a compromise with DH. We will be on a plane just a few hours after the ship arrives. On a subject less contentious than WiFi purchases, or Florida or even towels on a bathroom floor, I am happy to report that our new cruise appeared immediately in our Medallion App and, after accepting the passenger contract and COVID risk statement, we were given green lane status in about 10 seconds. Quite a change from our Majestic Princess cruise in August. Thank you everyone for your advice. Happy cruising!
  9. I suspect, based on something I saw on the pier on turnaround day on the Majestic Princess, that your cabin is packed for you, your bags are sealed up and delivered to the pier by crew wearing full protective gear. We saw someone escorted from the terminal into an SUV with a driver in protective gear, their bags were loaded in and they were driven away. They weren’t doing that because someone had a cold.
  10. Yes, we have cancelled 9 cruises. I won’t cruise out of Florida this year. But we added one out of LA.
  11. Then I was told in chat it needed to be done beforehand and the discount was given in OBC on the ship. Really confused now.
  12. Well, they finally picked up and I was just told it must be purchased on the ship on Day 1. I’m so confused. 😵‍
  13. Thank you. I’ve been on hold for nearly a hour right now trying to do this, but was hoping I could do it on board.
  14. I know this has been discussed (a lot) on this forum, but does anyone know where things currently stand on getting the 50% discount on internet. Must it be done before the cruise by calling Princess (that seems so cumbersome) or can we get same discount onboard and use OBC to pay for it? Thanks!
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