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  1. He was the captain for several of the cruises we did last fall on the Sapphire Princess. We thought he was great, only because he communicated well with the passengers when there were delays, was seen out and about on the ship, recognized the crew at every opportunity and he was a good (and involved) host at the CC parties.
  2. Regarding Princess gift cards, we buy $250 worth at Kroger every time they have 4X fuel points. We get $1 per gallon off gas for one fill up with each card we buy. We don’t buy more than we need, though. We still want our Princess Visa points. Usually two gift cards per month covers our gas needs, but the second one is generally a Home Depot gift card.
  3. We used to just show the military ID but now we have to have a Pro number, and we did have to register for that. But we definitely get the discount on construction items. The only time we haven’t been able to get the 10% discount is on things that are special values, already heavily discounted. We spend- and save- a lot at Lowe’s and HD every year.
  4. We’ve done the one-way Hawaii to the US or Canada (or vice versa) three times. We love the Pacific Princess...it’s definiteky our favorite ship, but don’t book a cabin at the very front of the ship! I’ve blogged about our trips. They’re kind of spread out, But the link below will start you with the season where we did the one way cruise both directions, with a lot of French Polynesia, Cook Islands and Easter Island in between. Pacific Princess cruise to Hawaii
  5. In my experience, once I have EZ Air booked for a cruise, I have never been able to get B2B cruises linked. Never, and I’ve tried. The only real benefit to me with linking B2B cruises is filling out the online check in information just once. These days, it seems that Customer Relations on the ship is already aware we are staying on, and we don’t get the disembarkation form until our final cruise.
  6. Darn, you’ve made me wish I was upon the sea today, instead of doing what I’m doing. A teak lounger on the wide Pacific Princess promenade is my idea of perfection. Melanoma Deck. Never heard it called that before but so true. 😮
  7. Add me to the list of those checking EZ Air daily, but in my case I’m checking for about six different potential returns. DH laughs at me- I get so excited when I save $75...even when it’s on a flight we’re not likely to take, because we’ll stay on for another cruise. Yesterday, with the new Sun and...Something promotion, I found almost $1500 in cruise fare savings. Fanfare and celebration filled the house. 🤣
  8. Sorry, but we haven’t. We just factor that into our planning when we cruise on a Princess ship with on board spending in AUD. I think you might find that your Captains Circle OBC is grossed up when it is converted to USD.
  9. The Golden Princess has an abundance of open viewing areas, forward, aft and on both sides. The area over the bridge will be open; get there by accessing it from the outside deck in front of the fitness center on Deck 14 (I think). If the weather is bad, you can opt for a forward view from Deck 8; reach it by taking the steps up from the Promenade Deck 7 on both sides of the covered promenade. For covered side viewing, Promenade Deck 7 is your best bet. If you head toward the back, there are wide open viewing areas on both sides of the ship, and a large area around the outdoor hot tubs just below and forward of Skywalkers. And the back of the ship is open around the Terrace Pool on Deck 14, and there are several small decks above that also. We cruised Fiordland National Park in New Zealand on that ship, and I can't imagine a better setup for outdoor viewing.
  10. We thought there were several tables for 2 added between the time we had been on the Pacific Princess in 2016 and our cruise in 2018. I think in some cases they had taken the table for 2 close to a table for 6 and replaced it with three tables for 2.
  11. I have no idea how I missed this first time around, but I've just spent the better part of an hour reading from the start. What a wonderful job you do taking us along for the ride, and I really loved your photos. Thanks for taking the time to write, and thanks for sharing it.
  12. In all of our days of cruising Princess, I’ve never seen one person flaunt their Captains Circle status. I’ve also never seen anyone treat the staff rudely (though I was behind one lady who was stating her displeasure to a waiter in the buffet, but hey, she was entitled to her opinion and she wasn’t being rude). DH has only encountered anything resembling status flaunting one time, where a lady was impressing upon him all she knew about cruising on Princess because it was her EIGHTH cruise. He never let on that it was probably his 88th, and just told her how wonderful it was that she found a vacation type that clearly appealed to her. We know that we are much happier cruisers when we purposely take an extremely myopic view toward our fellow passengers.
  13. I will be pleasantly shocked if this is, in fact, true. We will be doing multiple B2B cruises on the same ship. I can’t imagine we will only have to purchase unlimited internet once.
  14. After reading my response, I suddenly wondered if you meant the offline Map app we use. If so, it's Maps.me. I didn't mean to create any confusion; I guess I use a lot of maps!
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