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  1. One does not book the Pacific Princess for its high speed WiFi, nor its fabulous TV choices and giant screen TVs. 😉 The former is even worse in the South Pacific. As excited as I am at the potential of returning to the area on that ship, I haven’t quite reconciled myself to tolerating those things again for an extended period of time. I suggest bringing video alternatives and HDMI cables, especially for those long cruises with lots of sea days.
  2. Most of the ports are tender ports, and the ship will be turning a bit at anchor. The two posts that are not, Papeete and Raiatea, I’m not sure it makes a difference. Usually the ship docks aft first in Papeete, but not always, and it really doesn’t make a difference in the view anyway. Raiatea can go either way. The preferred view in Raiatea is definitely toward the reef, and if I had to say, I think that the port side was most often toward the reef. While at sea it makes no difference at all.
  3. No! YES?!? boy I hope this works out for all of us. What a thrill it would be to see you two after emailing for years!! Bob, yes, the whole season, in the smallest segments. That was what was required for the cabin we wanted. In the past, we’ve been able to get Yield Management to reclassify a cabin to book it the least expensive way once we were deposited and closer to final payment.
  4. That's what I've booked, but these are early days. Everything could change. If we have to forego something, I'd skip the Papeete to Fort Lauderdale, since we've done Easter Island in the past.
  5. We're booked for the season! The money is crazy, like Monopoly money at this point, but we can sort out the details later. My offer to DH to skip this entire cruising season to save up still stands (he is appalled at the thought!😉) I'm glad that most have gotten exactly what they want. We chose a midship OV on Deck 4 that I'm sure we've stayed in before. Who's going to start the roll calls?? This is VERY exciting!
  6. It sounds wonderful! Enjoy! Frenzy...haha. That’s exactly what it’s going to be like! Luckily, we just want a lowly OV cabin...but the same one for all the cruises, please. 😉
  7. It is to us! DH was saying just yesterday how much he misses those 3 and 4 day cruises out of Fort Lauderdale. We had more FPD (Fun Per Day) than in most of our other cruises.
  8. I also like to finish a shower with a cold water rinse, and have never been able to on a Princess ship, though I have been able to get the water lukewarm.
  9. The Pacific Princess pool is saltwater. The hot tubs (2 of them) are freshwater. I’m not sure what you’ll see. What is it you want to see? One of us could post itinerary screen captures here if that would help.
  10. On the Pacific Princess, do consider a Deck 3 porthole obstructed ocean view cabin instead of an inside. The fare difference is very small, and the only obstruction is the size of the porthole itself. We did our entire first season on the Pacific Princess on Deck 3, and most of our second season, too, IIRC. Be aware that, though the tenders load from Deck 3, you’ll have to walk to the aft stairs and up to Deck 4 and forward and then down again to Deck 3 to get to them. A Crew Office prevents passengers from walking straight out to the tenders. Regarding tenders, once in French Polynesia, all the ports are tender ports except for Raiatea and Papeete. But the ship is so small that open tender was always being called by 8:30am after an 8am arrival. Easter Island is a tender port, too, and often missed due to weather. Sadly, I think the ship has only one day there so just one chance to make it work. It’s a small island, and it is possible to see the three major sites in one day, for just a flavor of what it has to offer. Just a little excited! My blog in my signature has information on all of these ports except the South American ones.
  11. Chez and Andy, I was hoping you were looking to book the Pacific Princess cruises, too, and we’d finally get a chance to meet up. I’d’ve loved that, but know you’ll have a great time on the Sapphire Princess (my favorite larger ship!). Now to guess at what time on April 16 these itineraries will be open for Elite bookings. Really, really excited about these! DH keeps asking, “How much will it cost?” and I just tell him I have no idea, but, based on the interest level shown on this thread, these are going to be very popular cruises and future price drops might be unlikely. I never imagined we’d have the opportunity to do these again, plus Pitcairn and a return to Easter island. 😁
  12. I don’t see anything either, and it’s after 4pm PDT. I think the confusion stems from Princess considering French Polynesia season as different from the South Pacific season (which includes Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia).
  13. They added some during the dry dock, and they are not as limited as they previously were.
  14. Glad it all went well, Andrew! I hope your cruise is wonderful!
  15. Paul, what is the milestone? We celebrated a milestone on the Pacific Princess in French Polynesia. Breakfast in Sabatinis sailing into Bora Bora and Moorea was simply heaven on earth. CruiseJunky: 😆
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