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  1. Sorry if I didn't explain myself very well. My understanding from Azamara's response (which was exactly as quoted) was that in fact our TA had never passed on our final payment to Azamara in the first place so the TA has had all our money except the £500 all along and should have refunded us much sooner! I agree with uktog that many travel agents need to clean up their act! I"ll certainly look more closely next time, that is if I ever book a cruise again.
  2. We have now finally received a full refund into our account on 12th June, however I’m also very unhappy with the TA’s handling of this . Our booking was with a large online UK agency. When I emailed Azamara regarding our refund on 4th June they replied saying they had refunded our TA on 18th May with two amounts which in total was £500. When I queried this with Azamara this was their reply: “Thank you for your email. Azamara has a contract with your travel agent as to when funds for your reservation are sent to Azamara. Please contact you travel agent regarding any rema
  3. Sounds like the same TA they will have had our refund for 3 weeks now and I have to ask how much longer it would have taken them to tell us had I not contacted them! I was increasingly getting annoyed with Azamara while it seems they did refund within the promised 45 days.
  4. I have like many others been following this discussion as I awaited my refund for my 9th May Quest cruise which I applied for as soon as it was cancelled. I’ve been in touch with my TA (a large online one in UK) every few weeks and she kept telling me I needed to be patient. On 26th May in response to an email she said ‘refunds are now starting to come through’ On Friday 5th June I emailed Azamara and they got back to me today saying my refund had been processed to my TA on 18th May. After half an hour on hold I spoke to my TA who confirmed that yes they had m
  5. Thanks Bonnie for looking into this.
  6. Yesterday I received the email from Azamara notifying me that our cruise 9th May is now cancelled. I followed the link on the email to apply for a refund. When I completed the process a message came up on screen saying ”Your request has been received.You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly” Now over 24 hours later I haven’t got an email so am left wondering if the form went through. I’m not expecting them to have processed it or anything but had hoped for an automated confirmation of receipt. What has anyone else’s experience been?
  7. Until last night I was giving Azamara the benefit of doubt, making excuses for them like ‘it does take a long time to sort things out’ ‘ they need to make sure they take their time in order to make the correct decision so as they don’t have to keep changing it’ Quite frankly I think last yesterday’s update is totally unacceptable, it’s quite obvious not only that it’s inadvisable to cruise in Europe anytime soon but it may become virtually impossible with so many ports now closed, I see as of yesterday Spain have closed Their ports. The only reason I can think of for thei
  8. This is a quote from the UK Foreign office website which is advising against all travel to Italy and advising any tourists currently there to leave! 'Ports remain open although we understand that passengers on cruise ships will not be allowed to disembark for tourism purposes.' Obviously there is no way any cruise ship will be in Italy anyway soon! Azamara really does need address this sooner rather than later!
  9. vival


    Has anyone any idea what our rights are if we booked cruise only with a TA and booked flights and hotels ourselves? I'm assuming that if Azamara cancel or change the cruise significantly we should be entitled to a refund under their terms and conditions and then we would claim the rest through our insurance?
  10. Malta have already refused entry to a MSC ship because their doctors threatened to strike if the authorities let it dock!
  11. Ok, very disappointed in Azamara's latest announcement! However they are now denying boarding to anyone who has travelled through Italy not just the regions previously mentioned - so as things stand they can't board our cruise in Venice so I guess its just watch this space for now!
  12. I agree that attacking management at this point is unfair. As David said things are changing by the hour. The logistics of this must be a nightmare for Azamara and they will want to have a definite plan in place before making it public. I think any cruises in the Med this summer must be In doubt. Have any other cruise lines as yet cancelled their Italian cruises? I know some lines have changed their cancellation policies but the sceptic in me says it would be better for the cruise lines if anxious passengers cancelled and rebooked rather than waiting for the line to can
  13. We received the full refund from Azamara for our flights on Friday. The delay was entirely due to SAS who took nearly 3 weeks to cancel our booking! When we got our cancellation email I forwarded it to Azamara and I was surprised and delighted to get a call from them within an hour saying the refund would be processed immediately and it was. I was chatting to the agent, a very helpful girl (not sure if I should mention names here) and she told me that Azamara were really focused on improving their Customer Relations department and to that end they were now based in USA and that she came
  14. My TA spoke to Azamara UK yesterday and they are happy to refund our flights for the above cruise. I sent the details to Azamara last night and they replied this morning asking for an e mail from the airline stating that they were not refunding the cost. I hadn’t cancelled the flights as I was waiting to be sure that Azamara would compensate me for them. I’ve done so now so am awaiting an email from SAS. Thank you Bonnie for your input, Im very happy with the way this has been handled so far and will post again when we get the actual refund. Meanwhile this enabled us t
  15. Thank you Bonnie for your quick encouraging response, we received a copy of the letter from our TA on Tuesday and there was no mention of air. I haven’t as yet spoken to her about it I intend to do that this morning, I thought I would ask here first and I’m glad I did. Thank you uktog and Riocca for your replies, I will post an update when we have one. Richard Twyman has been very helpful in the past.
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