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  1. We received the full refund from Azamara for our flights on Friday. The delay was entirely due to SAS who took nearly 3 weeks to cancel our booking! When we got our cancellation email I forwarded it to Azamara and I was surprised and delighted to get a call from them within an hour saying the refund would be processed immediately and it was. I was chatting to the agent, a very helpful girl (not sure if I should mention names here) and she told me that Azamara were really focused on improving their Customer Relations department and to that end they were now based in USA and that she came to work at 2:30am in order to be at her desk at 8:30am UK time to deal with enquires. We are now looking forward to our rebooked cruise next Spring. So well done Azamara! Hopefully all their customer service will be as good as we received.
  2. My TA spoke to Azamara UK yesterday and they are happy to refund our flights for the above cruise. I sent the details to Azamara last night and they replied this morning asking for an e mail from the airline stating that they were not refunding the cost. I hadn’t cancelled the flights as I was waiting to be sure that Azamara would compensate me for them. I’ve done so now so am awaiting an email from SAS. Thank you Bonnie for your input, Im very happy with the way this has been handled so far and will post again when we get the actual refund. Meanwhile this enabled us to transfer our deposit to an itinerary that was better for us and thanks to LCV discounts our new cruise is a similar price. I know from reading these boards lots of people have had many issues with Azamara Head office, but we have once again been very happy with their service.
  3. Thank you Bonnie for your quick encouraging response, we received a copy of the letter from our TA on Tuesday and there was no mention of air. I haven’t as yet spoken to her about it I intend to do that this morning, I thought I would ask here first and I’m glad I did. Thank you uktog and Riocca for your replies, I will post an update when we have one. Richard Twyman has been very helpful in the past.
  4. We were booked on the Denmark Intensive Voyage on Quest June 2020 and yesterday our TA informed us of major changes in the itinerary! This was to be our 8th Azamara cruise and we were really looking forward to it especially visiting the smaller Danish ports. The cruise is now called Northern Capitals Voyage. We feel the changes that have been made will change the whole experience, we have no desire to visit Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Warnemunde. It has been changed to a very different type of cruise to the one we booked! They are also including a Kiel Canal transit which we would like to do sometime - so one positive! We feel that that options that they are offering us in terms of sticking with the cruise booked, changing to another or cancelling completely, are quite fair, except that we booked our flights on 30th June. They don’t seem to be offering to reimburse these costs if we were to cancel and book a different voyage. We love Azamara but unfortunately just don’t think this now is the cruise for us. We have always found Azamara to be very fair in dealing with issues in the past so hopefully we will be able to get this sorted. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Thank you lots to think about for next year.
  6. Thank you Desdichado and SoccerMom your input is much appreciated.
  7. We are staying for a couple of nights in Stockholm post cruise next year. Where would be the best area of the city to stay? Also I would like some recommendations for a good value hotel. Thank you!
  8. vival

    New US promotion

    It is NOT right or transparent to promote a promotion stating a discount when there is no discount and the fares have been modified to show the discount when the end result fare is exactly identical to what the fare was the day prior to the so called promotion. Yes, we are all aware that prices can change at a moments notice and from day to day and even from minute to minute however to send out emails and tout discounts when pricing is manulated such that the so called discount/promotion fares are identical to the previous fare without the discount/promotion. This is truly disingenuous and deceptive!! It's not about value, it's about being transparent and not deceptive with discounts/promotions.. Very well put Rallydave you have summed up what we and I'm sure many others feel! What makes it worse is when they put the price up significantly in the days coming up to the promotion on many of their cruises. It makes no sense especially as the cruise I was interested in has loads of cabins available. I have read complaints about this practice in the past but this is the first time I've had screen shots to prove it.
  9. vival

    New US promotion

    I spoke too soon! Yes, Azamara had reduced their price yesterday morning, but what appears to have happened is they adjusted their prices to include the second guest half price promotion 18 hours before the promotion started!! So the price this morning after all the hype of the countdown to "best offer yet" is exactly the same as yesterday and £1000 more expensive than if I had booked the same cabin last week. As others have said do Azamara really think we're stupid? Bonnie, I find this totally unacceptable and will not be booking! I would love to have your comments on this.
  10. vival

    New US promotion

    Thank you for posting, I had a look at the Spanish Cruise I had been looking at and the prices had reduced significantly, so maybe I'll book after all. We had a fabulous cruise on Pursuit in October and I'd love to sail on her again.
  11. vival

    New US promotion

    Also in preparation for this new UK promotion they have increased the cost of one of the cruises I've been watching by almost 50%. I'm not happy. Its enough to make me look elsewhere!
  12. I'm disappointed, I was hoping for later in 2019. I suppose I'll just have to wait until the next offer comes out and see if I like it ☺️
  13. Thank you Bonnie, I’m also hoping for something that will encourage me to book another cruise!
  14. I’m in the UK also and haven’t got an email 🙁. Did it detail what it would be?
  15. If so when are we likely to see them? I think they’ve had them in the past but I’m more interested this year as I want to book another cruise.
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