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  1. You WILL have to ask your waiter about the bottle of wine. They won't automatically offer it to you when you show up for your reservation. Last year on Freedom, we booked Steakhouse for the first night. The waiter came to get our drink order and mentioned nothing about the bottle of wine. We had to ask him about it. He almost acted like he knew nothing about it, and we simply jogged his memory. Oh, that wine! It will be one of their cheapest bottles. You don't get to choose whatever you want. They will simply ask if you want red or white.
  2. Have only been on Breeze once, and loved it. The outside sitting areas from the promenade deck are awesome. Breeze was taken out of Galveston before we had a chance to sail on it again. We especially loved the Lido dining room decor.
  3. Since you're wanting to move your group to the least favorite option, you shouldn't have any problems. YTD is the most popular, followed by early dining. It may not happen on the first night with such a large group. Have patience. They will deliver a card to your room with you changed time and tables. I really wish Carnival would also allow folks to choose Lido as their dining option, knowing they would have to make a reservation for the dining room. Sadly, there are so many empty seats in the dining room because folks selected early dinng, but only show up on formal nights.
  4. There is one review on this excursion as of a week ago now.
  5. We used to avoid Lido Balcony rooms for the same thought. We were afraid that the music from the pool along with all of the crowd noise would make it unbearable on the balcony. A few years ago, we were traveling with our adult children and needed 3 cabins. There were 3 balcony cabins side by side on the Lido deck, and the price was maybe a few bucks different from other balcony cabins, so we decided to give it a try. We were probably about 8-10 cabins back from the Lido deck area, but had no noise issues at all. Now, I always look at the Lido cabins first, but haven't had another one because they were either all booked or too pricey.
  6. I wasn't very impressed with the Hub Chat feature. As you said, very slow. If you plan on getting the internet plan, I suggest getting the middle package that includes Social Media. With Facebook, that means you can use Messenger. It's much quicker and it allows you to also communicate with friends and family at home.
  7. Yes, you will get the Gold card on your cruise with Carnival! I'm about 19 days ahead of my husband, and on the cruise where he would be earning Gold on about the 4th or 5th day, I kept telling him that he was gonna be stuck with a Red card all week. He was hoping he could trade it out for Gold when he reached that level. Much to his amazement, he got a Gold card when we checked in at the port. He was like a kid on Christmas morning, so excited to have a Gold card! I told him it was clearly a mistake and I would go to Guest Services immediately and have him issued a Red card. We had a lot of laughs about it.
  8. If you plan on getting the Social Media internet plan, just use FB Messenger to communicate. We used the Hub chat a few years ago when it was new. It may be better now, but messages didn't always go through very quick. We'd be sitting at dinner and I'd get a notification. It was usually a message that my husband sent 2 hours earlier, and I didn't get it until dinner.
  9. RCL offers the exact same OBC for Shareholders. I own stock in both companies. I've owned the CCL stock for much longer and the value on it hasn't really increased. Bought RCL stock 3 years ago, and it has sky-rocketed for us.
  10. Yup! Every passenger can set up their own credit card for their charges. When we did my daughter's girl scout cruise many years ago, each person set up their own online account. No need to worry about Grandma running up a casino or booze debt on your dime!
  11. The fee is for the whole cabin, not a per person charge. Still, at $120 for the cabin, I don't see the benefit to it. As someone else said, as a shareholder, go ahead and keep buying it! I'm ready for an increase in my dividends.
  12. If the OBC is part of your booking, it will be divided equally between the first 2 passengers.
  13. I've had my CPAP for 20 years now, and have taken it on about 13 cruises. While I use distilled water at home, I actually use either tap water or the free bottled water I get on Carnival in it. A one week cruise will NOT cause enough of a problem with your CPAP. Trust me! If you absolutely feel the need to use distilled water, order it from Carnival to be delivered to your room. Definitely have an extension cord with you to use. The ship will not be able to accomodate every CPAP user with one onboard. I always have a 10 foot cord packed in my CPAP bag for traveling. Quite a few hotel rooms don't have a convenient outlet for me either.
  14. The showers are really part of the gym, not the spa. They are pretty good size and available during any time the gym is open.
  15. On our last few cruises, the only dining option was always Late dining. My preference is Any time dining, but will accept early if we have to. Being a diabetic, I usually stop by the dining room upon boarding and put in my request for either of the other two options. I can't wait that late to eat and have my glucose levels plummet before dinner. If you have a medical reason, they will generally try to accomodate you. This is why I wish Carnival would post a 4th option, for those who have no intention of eating in the MDR because they prefer the casual nature of the Lido deck. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the same table in the MDR empty every single night, What a shame that the table wasn't made available to someone else.
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