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  1. Thank you everyone!! Much appreciated. I'll book ahead of time.
  2. Hi! How easy is it to hire a taxi from the Livorno port to Tuscan countryside for 3 or 4 hours? Any idea on prices? Thanks!!
  3. Interesting. My 10/20 cruise did the same except all the higher categories that were open are now waitlisted. When I asked if they were cruising with fewer people I was told it's a ship with less people lol. Yes, it is but it's also a smaller ship. I guess I have to wait and see but I'm not getting my hopes up. This will be the third big cruise in a year and a half that is not going to happen for us. If you guys are smart, don't book a ship we're on haha.
  4. Boo. One can have hope but it's dwindling. I just wish if it was going to be cancelled, they would do it already so I can move on to other options. thank you!!
  5. I'll look at the Riviera. I really don't like their website though. I feel like I'm going in circles. This was a 14-day from Barcelona to Venice for $1800 pp. $1800!!! I got a $1K price drop for the two of us. Maybe that's if we take the FCC we would get less.
  6. No. That would be the end of the cruise.
  7. I did see that and that's why I've been checking every day. My cruise is the 14th to the 28th and I just got a great price drop so, of course, it will be cancelled. Thank you.
  8. Got it. I was hoping they would sail with fewer people lol
  9. Really? Where did you see that? I did see a list of ships and when their crews are supposed to be back onboard but I still have a reservation. 😞
  10. I have a 14-day Mediterranean cruise scheduled for October 14th of this year. My 14-day cruise shows some availability in the upper cabins but looking at each 7-day cruise by itself shows everything available. Anyone have a clue what that means? I'm thinking it means - I can't say it - but not good. BUT, if it's still on, maybe I can get an upsell into a better cabin.
  11. My cruise dropped $500 per person for a two-week cruise. Ca-ching!!
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