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  1. We are scheduled for the Grand European in March, Amsterdam to Budapest. I don't think so but we're holding out hope - my husband is. I don't think so.
  2. I see Viking added flightseeing over Passau for 45 minutes. We were booked for a trip to Scharding. Hoping someone can throw in their opinion!!
  3. If I have air through Viking and after the cruise my flight leaves 6am (from Budapest), will they still transport me to the airport even though it's very early? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks, Hank! Cruise line refunded pretty fast, actually. The hotel in Venice will not issue a refund. I booked this pre-Covid. Thank you thank you!! I'll try Chris Elliott.
  5. We had a few cruises cancel and in the beginning of the pandemic we were getting refunded the money we paid for insurance. I booked my cruise before the pandemic, got my insurance days after booking, and now the cruise is cancelled and they won't reimburse me nor will they pay the hotel I can't cancel. So if we are not able to get any monies back at all, how are you purchasing cruise insurance these days?
  6. Well, boo. Not surprisingly, my cruise has been cancelled but I have some excellent advice here for the future. I kept doing all of my research until the dreaded email. Thank you to everyone for their help.
  7. Thank you everyone!! Much appreciated. I'll book ahead of time.
  8. Hi! How easy is it to hire a taxi from the Livorno port to Tuscan countryside for 3 or 4 hours? Any idea on prices? Thanks!!
  9. Interesting. My 10/20 cruise did the same except all the higher categories that were open are now waitlisted. When I asked if they were cruising with fewer people I was told it's a ship with less people lol. Yes, it is but it's also a smaller ship. I guess I have to wait and see but I'm not getting my hopes up. This will be the third big cruise in a year and a half that is not going to happen for us. If you guys are smart, don't book a ship we're on haha.
  10. Boo. One can have hope but it's dwindling. I just wish if it was going to be cancelled, they would do it already so I can move on to other options. thank you!!
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