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  1. Thank you for posting these, I look forward to sailing on the Star on the transatlantic in November!
  2. Following as we are on the Star in November!
  3. We are doing a 14 day transatlantic in November on the Star and the rate is $249. If you have quite a few sea days I think it’s worth it....at least to me it is!
  4. I am thinking of booking the same cruise....RIO to Miami on 22Aug. Have you ever done a cruise with several days at see before? Also wondering how it works with it being a charter. I'm ready to book but have concerns about finding an available hotel for a day or two prior to the cruise....do you plan on arriving the day of or before? I was just on the EPIC last month so I would love to try the Getaway especially at this great rate! Thanks for any information you can give.
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