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  1. This is exactly how it worked on the Royal for us. We had three cabins, my husband and I and his daughter, son in law and two little girls who had two connected cabins. One of the connected cabins with the mom and one of the little girls had the package. So lots of family photos, extended family photos and photos of the two girls. They did the Ultimate Balcony Dinner and that was the only photo not included.
  2. Our group of seven used Odyssey Coach tours last year and would highly recommend. They had small buses with lots of leg room and windows, and excellent guide. We did Giants Causeway and the rope bridge. It was a fantastic day with beautiful scenery and adequate time at each. We had enough time to actually walk down to the bridge and go over rope bridge and back, the ships tours just did a photo op. We had a guided tour of Giants Causeway with a local. Also the driver made several additional stops for scenery and photo ops, bathroom break and lunch stop in a beautiful town. Wish we we could have also done the Titanic museum but just not enough time due to the distances of the sights from Belfast. I loved the BI cruise so much would love to take it again to see other sights like the museum that you just can’t fit in during a one day port stop
  3. When we sailed on the Oasis of the Seas they had a prime area of seats roped off for those in suites who showed up. Just prior to show time if there were seats unoccupied they removed the ropes and anyone could sit there.
  4. Thank you! We booked the Hotel Le Priori. Looks like a lovely hotel and in a very good location.
  5. We ate at Alfredo’s three times on our January cruise, unless they have changed the menu there is no shrimp salad or the option to add shrimp to the salad, or to add anything else that isn’t on the menu. Alfredo’s has a very good but limited menu.
  6. Enjoy and would love to hear your impressions! We have taken an uosell to suite once, on Holland America. It made for a very memorable Baltic cruise!
  7. Hopefully calm seas for you! We liked the large deep balcony, And since it is on the portion of the ship that juts our you get a wide unobstructed view. Enjoy!! We have enjoyed sailing on the Royal on the East Coast and Europe and will miss her!!
  8. We were in E108 on our January cruise on the Royal. The only thing you need to be aware of is that if sees are rough or choppy, you feel it MUCH more at the front of the ship. I am absolutely not prone to sea sickness, but on the day the ship was experiencing some rocking we finally left the cabin and went to do other activities as it felt much worse in the cabin.
  9. I would be very interested in this list of small boutique hotels within walking distance of pier, if you could share it or point me to the thread that has it. Thank you! Looking forward to visiting Quebec in October, 2019!!
  10. Nice tops over leggings with a dressy sandal is pretty much what I wear every night, except formal night, when I usually wear a cocktail type dress
  11. We sailed on the Royal early last June for the British Isles cruise. Imagine my surprise when I felt the pool waster and it was WARM. I hate cold water so I do mean warm, not as warm as a hot tub but definitely heated. There is no way the pool could have gotten to that temperature in the British Isles without being heated. We enjoyed some nice swims after touring. It was a very pleasant surprise.
  12. Sounds like a great time. I also LOVE the buffet on the Regal and Royal. I could eat there every meal and be perfectly happy, and prior to cruising on this class of ship five years ago and beyond, I avoided buffets like the plague. Congrats on the slot win!!
  13. I’ve only been able to reserve a table in Anytime by calling the dine line that morning, and even then it is not a specific table, just a request. We did traditional dining for the first time in years this past cruise as we had a party of 7, and we were very pleased.
  14. We did this tour through Princess and loved it. Great guide, beautiful ruins and Tour and nice lunch. Also were thankful for the CC thread about the price match, we were a group of four and I think we each got around $60 on board credit. We did not have any bugs, thankfully!
  15. Me too! On the Royal in January they we’re particularly good, and an adult sized portion
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