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  1. Just to let you know that pre arranged car service or Uber or Lyft will most likely be less expensive than a cab. If cab gets stuck in traffic, not that there are any traffic snags in NYC, lol, the meter runs. The other options are a fixed price you know in advance, regardless of traffic
  2. We did car service with an advance reservation From midtown Manhattan when we cruised out of Brooklyn. We used Carmel Limo, very competitively priced and reliable. We are cruising out of Brooklyn again in October, arriving at LaGuardia and plan to do the same.
  3. Hope your weather is good. Our mutual friend Sungirl did a Facebook live yesterday from her Alaska cruise on Carnival and they were at Tracy Arm and it was clear and beautiful.
  4. Great review Diver! It caught my attention, we did British Isles last year on the Royal and it is such a fabulous itinerary. So much to see, we could easily do it again and see entirely different and wonderful sights.
  5. We did a British Isles cruise in/out of Southampton last year and there were definitely no kettles in the cabins.
  6. We were on BI cruise last June and there were continuous shuttles but there was a charge.
  7. Sounds like a lovely relaxing trip. And with the heat and lack of rain we are experiencing now in NC, a cool weather vacation sounds divine!!
  8. No free bottled water as you exit ship. Some excursions provide a beverage but I never count on it and always bring along a bottle. Love the water package, we usually order two for a 7-10 day cruise. I’ve never had a bad tasting water either
  9. Just read a news story this morning that the Taquan pilot said he had descended and maneuvered to show his passengers a waterfall, then saw a flash of light on the right side which was the other plane. So tragic.
  10. I agree that you don’t have enough time to do anything other than a drive by of the major sights in London, not worth it. We did a BI cruise last year and embarked from London, hired private vehicle for transfer from London to Southampton and it is quite a distance, I seem to remember around 2 hours. Enjoy a more leisurely day somewhere close and save London for when you can stay at least several days!
  11. Thank you so much! One more question if I may, is Anytime working out ok? My only cruises where I was not pleased with Anytime were both on the Coral, Presumably because they have only two dining rooms. I encouraged my friend to do late traditional, but the actual times are later than what they signed up for. It was the same story on the Royal earlier this year. enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  12. I have a good “non cruise critic” friend who is sailing on the Coral in Alaska shortly. She is wondering what time the traditional dining time is on the ship, since we know that the dining times you sign up for are often adjusted by the Maitre D. Also, what time are the main evening shows held? Thank you!
  13. Maybe it depends on each port. Last year we were traveling on a British Isles cruIse out of Southampton, two Elites and four other family members not Elite. After we checked in I asked at the Elite lounge waiting area if we could bring guests in and she said yes. it never hurts to ask, nicely and respectfully!
  14. I have sailed in balcony cabins on Princess many times since the no smoking on balcony policy change and have never experienced a problem.
  15. Sailing in or out of Venice is one of the greatest cruising experiences. Find a ship of any line that does it, you won’t regret it!
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