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  1. There was no customs and immigration at the end of our Canada New England cruise in October that ended in Quebec. You simply got off, picked up your luggage and off you went. I would continue to follow up with Princess but I can’t imagine this would be a problem as long as they knew you had left the ship for good, rather than just going off to sightsee in Quebec. If you have never been to Quebec you should think about taking a flight a day or two later and spending extra time there, it is an absolutely beautiful city and was the highlight of the cruise. And having the ship dock right downtown was a huge plus.
  2. We loved the Sky, and most of the changes made to the Regal and Royal. The beds and the bedding were divine! There are two production shows on the 7 day itinerary, both are very good and very popular. Go early! For the first one “Five Skies” you need to sit in the center area or the first few seats right or left off the aisle or the sets will obstruct some of the view. If you are further back it might not make a difference, we like to sit in the lower section. if you are going to any shows in the Vista Lounge (the Jim Henson show is there) I found that the sight lines from anywhere other than around the front weren't very good, and I am tall. Loved the new design of Princess Live!! We are Alfredo’s fans and I also liked the design of it, and we found service and food to be particularly good. On sea days people were lined up before they opened! No library on the Sky, I borrowed a book from the little exchange in the Computer room, or bring your own. Enjoy!
  3. They were using facial recognition at Terminal 2 earlier this month when we disembarked the Sky. So quick!
  4. On Princess at Cozumel I’ve always been at Puerta Maya pier. There were three ships at this port the last time we were there, one Princess and two Carnival.
  5. Got off the Sky two weeks ago, I think 9 am was the last disembarkation group.
  6. I’m so sorry to hear this. I took this Repo cruise on the Regal a few years ago and Roland and his wife were on it. He was very friendly and welcoming to others. deepest condolences to his family.
  7. We also stayed here, loved it and would highly recommend! This picture shows how close the ship was to the hotel. I took it window in our room.
  8. Just disembarked at Terminal 2 in Port Everglades Two weeks ago, they had facial recognition. No lines just a quick stop and walk right through. Loved it! Then did a short cruise out of Port Canaveral, the Royal Caribbean terminal. Also had facial recognition.
  9. Good to know. When my husband and I travel with non Elites they are not in our same stateroom.
  10. In Cozumel we always go to Paradise Beach. Inexpensive, lovely, clean and great pool and beach. Good food too! You take a short taxi ride to get there, however be aware that often the taxi driver will try to talk you out of going to Paradise Beach (including lying about it) and will suggest another beach club. My hunch is that they are given a cash incentive to bring people to whatever place they suggest. My friend just had this happen again on a cruise in January. Insist on paradise Beach or find another taxi!
  11. I have had non Elite family members board with us on one occasion, but have never had non Elite tender with me. Our last couple of tendering experiences the Elites met the employee escorting the group at a different location Than the other passengers waiting for a tender, and then she escorted us as a group to the next tender. She asked to see everyones medallion beforehand.
  12. We loved our BI cruise in 2018, we did the option that went to Liverpool. I also arranged for private tour companies and was very happy I did. Much smaller vehicles, more time at the destination and stops at smaller out of the way towns for lunches that the bus tours do not visit. However like others said, make sure to read the terms and conditions and that if the ship does not make it you will get a refund. There were definitely some lines to return via tender both in Guernsey and Greenock. But we had such wonderful days in both ports I hardly noticed and enjoyed chatting with fellow passengers in line. British isles is a fabulous cruise that I would like to do again as there is so much to see in the ports.
  13. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet you on your first leg. Seems as if 7 days goes by much too quickly! We loved Sky and the improvements to Princess Live and some of the other venues. The new Crown Grill layout with the larger bar in front was a nice change too. Not as crazy about the Vista Lounge, the sight lines from the seats beyond the first row or so were bad. Liked the light colors but there was already a stain on the carpet in the hall going to our cabin. I am not sure the light colors will wear as well long term. While I thought the buffet was good, it was not as good as that on the Royal when we sailed on her last February. On the Royal they had a sushi buffet one day, sashimi on the buffet at lunch, Cold shrimp and other seafoods daily and a much better selection on the salad bar area. Hopefully these changes aren’t fleet wide cutbacks.
  14. Wow, what a great review and pictures. The Royal is my favorite ship, I was sad to see her leave Florida, but the West Coast deserves a beautiful ship like the Royal. Going on the Sky on Saturday. Hope I like her as well as Royal!
  15. Hi Bob, Condolences on the death of Misha. We are dog owners too and the loss of a pet is very sad. Our little schnauzer stays with a friend, we swap dog boarding with another family who likes to travel too. i hope to meet you and Holli on board, I’m only on the first leg of the cruise. Do you go to the PES cocktail hour? And your suite sounds wonderful! And well deserved! Carole ,
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