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  1. Wow...that was such a terrific response. Thank you for taking the time to do so - that was just the sort of information I was hoping to learn. We are sailing on Scenic - not sure how that play into things but its good to know that our chances during that time are promising. We have pre and post cruise stays that we arranged on our own in Amsterdam and Switzerland. So will have some flexibility if needed. Thank you again!
  2. Greetings... This is our first River Cruise and I just started reading about low water levels and concerns for this summer. Our cruise is from Amsterdam - Basel June 27 - July 2. Our final payment is due next week and I'm trying to get a sense of our chances of having issues with low water. My thought is that I'll change our plans to some land-based options instead. I realize no one can predict the weather that far in advance. However, I think there are those with good experience on this Board that might be able to help me assess our chances during that time of year. Will anyone care to share their insight?
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