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  1. I love Sailor Jack and Bimmer 09. Those will give you some fun reading.
  2. I am confused about the bonus offer. We put an FCD ($100)pp down for our July Alaska sailing on the Sun. No additional money. Will we get an extra $25.00 pp as a non-refundable FCC?
  3. I would love it if you did another "virtual cruise". Every morning, I look forward to reading your latest addition. Those photos of the orchids are beautiful!!
  4. Yes, please!! I love Singapore and we have been there 3 times. Can't wait to go again!!
  5. That was a lovely video. Thank you, Tom, for posting it.
  6. I'm still here, Ellie. I am looking forward to the future antics of Mrs. Walker. Duck Island looks lovely!!
  7. We always go to the Pub Lunch when they offer it. Even if the line is very long, it does move quite quickly. I usually order the fish and chips and absolutely LOVE the bread and butter pudding!
  8. I was away from my computer for a few days, but I am back and have now just caught up with our cruise. I love the sunset pictures!! Nothing quite like watching the sun set from your balcony! How is your hubby doing?
  9. Could that have been DH looking at the rising waters??? I loved those little islands in the ocean with the tree growing out of them. I sure am hoping DH will be feeling better soon!
  10. This is sure a beautiful spot where your driver brought you to. You saved the day by taking a chance on going for a tour of the island. It would have been a shame for us all to miss it! Interesting that you had an Indian themed dinner. In all of our cruises, I don't believe we have ever had one. I would have enjoyed it as I enjoy Indian food now and then and it would have been fun to have something different. I'm so happy to hear that your hubby is recuperating nicely!
  11. That is wonderful news that you are back home. And, what a relief it must be that is behind you. I can't wait to get back onboard!!
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