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  1. I was away from my computer for a few days, but I am back and have now just caught up with our cruise. I love the sunset pictures!! Nothing quite like watching the sun set from your balcony! How is your hubby doing?
  2. Could that have been DH looking at the rising waters??? I loved those little islands in the ocean with the tree growing out of them. I sure am hoping DH will be feeling better soon!
  3. This is sure a beautiful spot where your driver brought you to. You saved the day by taking a chance on going for a tour of the island. It would have been a shame for us all to miss it! Interesting that you had an Indian themed dinner. In all of our cruises, I don't believe we have ever had one. I would have enjoyed it as I enjoy Indian food now and then and it would have been fun to have something different. I'm so happy to hear that your hubby is recuperating nicely!
  4. That is wonderful news that you are back home. And, what a relief it must be that is behind you. I can't wait to get back onboard!!
  5. I am so happy to hear that your hubby is out of surgery and back in his bed. Hopefully, he will be able to join you later tonight. Happy Anniversary!!
  6. Suva sure looks like a dreary place and I would have also been happy to spend the day on the ship. As for missing cruising, we had 5 cruises cancelled for the rest of the year. However, I now have 7 booked for 2021 & 2022. All out of Los Angeles (we live in Las Vegas a short drive away), so no flying involved. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will all be sailing again soon. You and your hubby are in my thoughts at this difficult time. But, I'm feeling very positive!
  7. Thank you so much for responding. If we ever get to sailing again, I will be bringing a shut off kettle. They have them on Amazon for less than $20.00 so it will be worth it to try. All of our next booked cruises are out of LA so am happy to hear that you had no trouble. Did you have them in your checked luggage or carry on?
  8. Well, Ellie, you will be happy to know that I have caught up with your wonderful review. I was not quick enough, however, to answer the Jaws question. Jaws is my husbands favorite movie of all time and we must have watched it 100 times over the years (we have been together 30 years and married for 26). Of course, Orka is the answer. Hopefully, you will reward me with the coveted prize, even though I was late in answering. I am so enjoying all of this and I will put this cruise on my bucket list. We have been on over 50 Princess cruises and are lucky enough to have been all over the world, but not to this part. It looks intriguing!!
  9. How about cruises leaving out of Los Angeles? Have you recently brought your kettle on one of those itineraries? Do you put it in your carry-on luggage or your checked luggage?
  10. Do you have any problem getting your thermostatically controlled kettle through security? Do they question you? As I'm sure you know, "kettles" are on the prohibited list. Do you have it in your luggage or your carry on? We have a french-press, but when we order hot water through room service it is never quite hot enough. I'd love to bring this type of kettle on.
  11. Starbucks French Roast is all we drink. Love it!! We've tried many others, but now only buy this. Nice when Costco has it on sale!!
  12. Please, no apologies!! You are doing such a wonderful job with your descriptions and beautiful photos. So fun to be on the ship, but like Gail, I missed the avocado and shrimp appetizer & the salmon. Plus, the cheese raviolis. I'm hoping to see the prime rib on the dinner menu tonight. That is always a favorite of mine! Did the captain ever mention why we were late in leaving? I may have missed it.
  13. Hi Ellie, Just to give you an update. I will be starting on page 21 and can't wait to board! I loved your tour of the Old Governor House. As usual, wonderful photos. I am also very interested in historic houses. We went to the wildlife park, as well. Do you remember seeing the Tasmanian Devil? He just went around in circles in his pen. Scary little guy.
  14. Is it ok to bring an auto shut off kettle to heat water in for cabin use?
  15. Hi Ellie, I am up to page 15. We have also been to Sydney several years ago and went on a day trip to the Blue Mountains. Then, we boarded the Sea Princess and did a New Zealand cruise. In fact, we were on our way to Christchurch when the earthquake happened and of course, we were rerouted. I'm looking forward to when you are on the Majestic. She is coming to the west coast of the states next year and we have a B2B booked on her. Loving all your spectacular photos!!! Meredith
  16. I am so enjoying your review. I'm only on page 7, but thought I would let you know you have another reader!! The last time we were in Singapore was just this last February. We were on a B2B cruise on the Sapphire and our 2nd leg was cancelled. Princess put us up in the Fairmont Hotel for 3 nights until we could get a flight back to the US. This was our third time in Singapore and it is one of our favorite cities. Is the hotel you stayed in the Holiday Inn? Lovely hotel.
  17. In your first example of clients getting back their deposit, did they use an FCD or was it a cash deposit?
  18. I have a friend who booked her first ever cruise and paid her deposit with $200.00 cash. Her cruise was scheduled for May (Alaska) and was cancelled. She finally received all money owed to her, except the $200 deposit. To those in her same situation, did you get your deposit back? Was it refunded back to your credit card?
  19. Tom, I think what the OP is talking about is the bonus FCC that we were given for option 2. That amount can be used towards the total fare of any upcoming cruise. For instance, if you have $2000 in FCC and the price of an upcoming cruise is $3000, you will only have to come up with $1000 out of your pocket.
  20. I was able to download the list, but not this list that shows the fares. Help!!
  21. That is exactly what I meant! Thank you for answering my question!!
  22. We haven't yet. The prices are a bit more, with no perks. How about you guys?
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