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  1. I binged reading the entire review. Absolutely excellent! 😀
  2. Aren't most or all ships gone from Coco Cay when happy hour starts?
  3. On the Dec 1 sailing on Oasis, I went to the voom desk and asked for my free day to be transferred to my mom’s cabin. No problem getting this done.
  4. Miami is a city you don’t want to take chances using a public parking lot. On Dec 1 when the lot was nearly full, I expected most people to be off by 11:00. It was my first time using that garage so I’m unsure what’s typical.
  5. On December 1 the garage was packed by 11:00. We got one of the last few spaces on the top deck just before the uncovered area. I suggest arriving early.
  6. Have a great cruise everyone. Is there any entertainment tonight onboard?
  7. Recently on Oasis I was advised slices only no whole pizza. Maybe you can ask for 10 slices 😉
  8. I recently noticed there is now a menu posted. Is anyone aware if the menu is fixed on all ships? It used to state a sampling from several restaurants however now all appetizers, entree and desserts are listed. TIA
  9. Great information provided. Also, any “deal” you find onboard will incur 18% additional.
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