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  1. Nothing received before our Premier cruise. There was a cool magnet on our door and a gift bag in our cabin. We got two pairs of plastic sunglasses , two Pacific Coolers for the Panama Canal crossing and Premier drink cards. The most useful thing was the bag itself. Later got two t-shirts and one Panama hat, plus sweets delivered to our cabin three times. Have a great cruise.
  2. Don’t know about buffalo but I just returned from a Premier cruise and posted a review on the Cruise Casino forum. I think there were fewer than 200 of us, including guests. The cocktail party was well done. The casino was busy but not packed. It was easy to get drinks. All in all, a pleasant experience.
  3. Not everyone gets free drinks in the casino. You need to qualify then you get free drinks for the rest of the year (ends on March 31), and I think for the next 12 months after that due to your earned status. It is pretty easy to qualify at the prime level.
  4. Yes, to play in the free slot tournament held on the last sea day, you had to have 2000 points and be included in the Premier group. Thanks and happy cruising to you!
  5. Yes, it was a lot of points but it was a 13 night cruise with nine sea days. Many opportunities to play. Anyway, just wanted to share my recent experience as there have been inconsistencies reported here about Premier cruises.
  6. We returned yesterday from the 13 night Panama Canal cruise on the Carnival Miracle, which was a Premier cruise. We had a cocktail party on embarkation day, with your choice of drinks and lots of appetizers. There was entertainment and a raffle. We had a goodie bag in our room, which included sunglasses, Pacific Coolers and drink cards. The bag itself was the best thing, we used it all the time. Also had the special Premier magnet on our cabin door. Hint: take yours off the door before some jerk steals it. The casino host was nice enough to replace our stolen one. We got chocolate covered strawberries, cookies and other sweets, as well as playing cards and t-shirts. On the Panama Canal crossing day, we got one Panama style hat. Near the end of the cruise, we got a pair of thermal glasses. There were two Premier events, one a drawing and the other a slot tournament (needed 2000 points to qualify). I won a fireball drawing, but these were open to all who had 100 points. There were plenty of bartenders and it was easy to get free drinks. You could not order from the bartender, but there was almost always a server or two at the service bar and they were more than happy to take your order. You had to sign for every drink and were limited to one drink per person per five minute period, except you could always get a bottle of water. The servers were friendly and a pleasure to interact with. If you are going on the Miracle, look for I Gusti and Bernardo. My husband, who was not gambling, never had an issue getting a drink. I accumulated 38,000 points and was given two steakhouse dinners for two with wine, and two free steakhouse upgrades in the main dining room as well as a bounce back balcony cruise with free drinks in the casino. Overall, it was a good experience.
  7. On our recent Premier cruise on the Miracle, no fee and you could charge up to $7500 per day. Luckily I never tested the upper limit but had an impressive final invoice after a 13 night cruise.
  8. Too funny. But I liked having the Hub on our recent Miracle cruise. A big improvement over just the printed Fun Times.
  9. Pretty sure it is just a special casino rate. Doubt you get many of the benefits offered on Premier, Ultra or Elite cruises.
  10. According to the hotel director, the refurbishment will focus on the Lido deck. Guys Burgers and Blue Iguana will be added, along with new water slides. And the grapes in the dining room will stay. The Miracle is a lovely ship with a great crew. Chloe the cruise director is a ton of fun. You can tell she loves her job.
  11. Sounds good. We are currently on the Carnival Miracle, docked overnight in Cartagena.
  12. Safe travels. Thanks again for the live report
  13. Hope you two have a great time. Glad you are starting to feel better. We board the Carnival Miracle tomorrow for a 13 night cruise through the Panama Canal!
  14. We took a taxi, which I think was $35 each way. If you can find two other people, it is probably worth it. Casino is very large and open. Drinks are good. A good change from Atlantis.
  15. Happy 50th birthday! Hope you enjoy Aruba. And thanks again for sharing your cruise with us. My countdown clock is at 3 days, then 13 glorious nights on the Miracle. Woo Hoo!
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