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  1. OP, we hope to see you on the Mariner on September 18. Like you, we keep getting cancelled, but we keep trying. And neither husband nor I are afraid to be the guinea pigs. It should be quite the adventure. We are not at all opposed to social distancing or face masks. It will likely mean we spend more time in our cabin, which is fine too. And if this particular sailing doesn't happen, we have cruises booked for October, November and December. If they all get cancelled, guess we will save a bunch of money until cruises start back up again!
  2. UPDATE: I double-checked my Elite offers today, and much to my surprise, there were two Mardi Gras sailings now included for March. I called my PVP and was able to switch the 3/14 Legend for the 3/13 Mardi Gras, and saved $30 in port fees in the process. There was no charge for the change. Good news all the way around!
  3. Agreed. I think they will start with three and four night cruises, just to test the waters. Then slowly start opening up the seven night and longer itineraries as they get the crew back and ports start to reopen. Of my six booked cruises, I am hoping that at least three of them sail. The September and November ones are three nights to the Bahamas on Royal. Somehow I keep booking, but likely because they are free and available for rebooking if cancelled by Royal.
  4. That sounds good until they leave. I was not notified when my PVP left last month and missed out on a great deal on the Mardi Gras for next April. I have a new PVP who seems good. Hope he is there for a long time.
  5. I got a new offer for a Jr. Suite and $250 in free play for Mariner or one other ship, sailing September through December. With comp cruises already booked for October, November and December, we booked for September 18 on the Mariner. Doubtful it will sail, but if it does, we will be glad to go first.
  6. Since we live about 20 minutes from the port, we booked the Legend for March. Too late for the Mardi Gras but probably for the best. We have had five cancellations already and have cruises booked for September, October, November, December, February and March booked. Any guesses on how many of these will actually sail?
  7. Thanks for the info, kwokpot! I had booked the Mardi Gras for its inaugural sailing so might try to get that one.
  8. We have had five cancellations thus far, and I am expecting a few more. I have serious doubts about our 10/31 cruise, as it is a seven night, and have doubts about our post-Thanksgiving three-night one. I would hate to lose our NYE cruise on Virgin, but realize that is in jeopardy too. Finally, we have Symphony of the Seas booked for mid-February. That is the only one I would give a 50% chance of sailing. But I like having cruises booked, as I have something to look forward to. If Halloween cruise cancels, we will go to the Keys instead. So not all bad. As to future cruise bookings, we won't book anything else this year, and will be looking for Spring 2021 at the earliest.
  9. They staggered the booking dates so the bigger players get first dibs. If you call early on July 2, I bet you find some openings.
  10. Agreed, we have seen it multiple times now. Cruises can't be booked, and then they get cancelled. No way these ships are full, or even at reduced capacity. What bothers me is that Carnival removes cruises from booking, but then we have to make final payment in order not to lose our deposits. I am pretty sure there will be a case filed against the cruise lines for continuing to collect payments when they know the cruises will not sail.
  11. Just received an e-mail that I will be able to book new Elite Cruises (up to three) starting on July 2. My particular offer was a free balcony and $300 in free play. Looking forwarding to seeing which cruises they will be offering and when. I have had five cruises cancelled so far due to COVID-19, and still have ones on the book for October (Premier), November (Royal), December (Viking) and February (Royal). If the offer is good, I might lose the October Premier but am committed to the others (if they sail, of course). Who else got the offer and when can you start booking?
  12. Took just over two hours but both cruises are now rescheduled. Hooray!
  13. We are having success as well, but on hold forever. Problem is we had some prepaid cruise planner items, which is causing the invoice to show an excess payment when in fact nominal increases in taxes are due for both cruises being moved.
  14. I am about an hour into my call with Casino Royale. Looks like I will move my August Mariner cruise to November, in a better located JS (on the hump on 9) for $3.04 in increased fees. Harmony from September being moved to Symphony for Feb. 13, 2021 (Harmony was not available for the last two weeks of February; Symphony was not available for the last week of February). Again, better located JS (this one on deck 8 near elevators and Central Park) for $27.04 in increased taxes. All prepaid packages are being refunded. So my experience matches most others - if you had a comp cruise cancelled, you need to act quickly as casino cabins are filling up fast and be prepared to be on the phone for a long time. Two different approvals needed per cruise.
  15. To those of you who will not wear face masks, don't come to Tampa. They become mandatory in most situations starting at 5:00 today. And the new restriction is for good reason - Florida is looking to be the next epicenter. Doesn't bode well for cruises or us Floridians.
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