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  1. We love the platinum perks. On our recent 13 night cruise, we had laundry done eight times for free. It was great to come home with clean clothes. Also love the priority line at guest services. That is a nice perk.
  2. I agree with going to the spa raffle on embarkation day. They usually offer really good deals at the conclusion of the raffle. Also I scored a great deal thru the art auction of all things. I literally left the auction and went to the spa and booked. They run daily specials, which tend to get better later in the cruise. Pre-booking is not required and I do not recommend it. You can get better deals on the ship. I agree you are likely to find good deals in the islands. Just depends what you looking for.
  3. On NYE two years ago, we did not get anything in the specialty restaurant. It was a little disappointing, but we found some elsewhere.
  4. Thanks for doing this review! Mariner is a great ship. We sailed her in early November and are back again in February. Can't wait to hear your flow rider adventures.
  5. Our experience with Playmakers on the Mariner was not fun. At lunch, we were allocated $21 per person, and told they would take tax and tips out of that! Very frustrating but it took a manager to tell the server he was wrong. So $21 of food at the menu price. YMMV.
  6. When we purchased the UDP for our recent Mariner cruise, the only available slot was 9. We ended up having dinner every night at 8, our preferred time. So I really don’t think it will be an issue. Good luck.
  7. That’s unfortunate. If they don’t offer it, you can usually fix it on the ship.
  8. We were able to purchase for March 1. Looking forward to it!
  9. Contact Special Needs before the cruise. They need to know about his limited mobility in case of an emergency and will assign him a special needs muster station.
  10. We were on this cruise as well and had an enjoyable time. Our only issues were with Chops and Playmakers. Having the Unlimited Dining Package, we had dinner at Chops on Friday and lunch there Saturday. Between incorrectly cooking both steaks on Friday night and the unappealing presentation of lunch the next day, we decided not to return. We spoke to one of the waiters from Chops who said corporate is trying to rev up revenue by making Chops take more reservations. Ironically, the Chops waiter said he is making less money because discretionary tips are going down as the wait staff really can't give you fine dining service anymore. Playmakers was really interesting. For lunch, there is a $21 maximum and the waiter claimed that had to include taxes (we were docked at Coco Cay) and the 18% automatic tip. Of course the tax and tips part was incorrect but with the manager on the island, there wasn't much we could do other than rethink our order. With the entrees costing $9, you were limited to one entree and either a starter or dessert. Once Alex the manager returned to Playmakers, we spoke with him and he promised to retrain the server. He also arranged for a bottle of wine to be sent to us at dinner. Playmakers' wings and potato skins were really good. Other than that, we enjoyed our cabin, the ship and the shows (ice show and Gallery of Dreams). We had great service (other than the Playmakers' experience) and think Mariner has one of the best Diamond Lounges. There was a nice array of food for breakfast, lunch and happy hour each day in the Diamond Lounge.
  11. Good luck on the Oasis! I bet you will love it.
  12. Nothing booked yet, hopefully next week after our short Mariner cruise this weekend. If you have any horseback riders in your group, one of my all-time favorites was riding pasofinos in Aruba. This was not a ship excursion but the local company picked us up near the port and returned us. What made this so special was the beautiful gait of the horses (smoother than a Tennessee Walker) and the encouragement to let the horses run once we got to the beach.
  13. We are also cruising the Adventure on 1/4/20. It will be our third or fourth time on the ship. Bonaire will be the only new port for us. See you on the ship!
  14. OP, not Royal but we are doing the inaugural sailing of the Mardi Gras. Here's the itinerary: A nine-day maiden voyage from Copenhagen to Southampton Aug. 31 – Sept. 9, 2020 calling at Kiel (Hamburg), Germany; Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium; and Le Havre (Paris), France. You can check it out on Carnival.com. Sorry your Harmony cruise was a disappointment.
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