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  1. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a great cruise, and I am glad they found you a fun table!
  2. Scary situation for sure. Hope they get it fixed soon.
  3. Wow, hope they get that repaired soon. Glad you are still close to land!
  4. OP, sorry for the loss of your boyfriend. That is very sad, and I wish you the best of luck getting everything handled. A husband reported recently that he took a cruise that was booked in his wife's name under a casino offer (she was unable to go) and had no issues boarding or on the ship. But I don't know if you want to take that chance or cruise solo. In any event, if you have a PVP at Carnival, I would start there. If you don't have one, maybe get one assigned to help you through this cruise cancellation process.
  5. Thanks for the review. I hope VV works out some of the kinks, but it sounds like a nice change from the usual Caribbean sailings. Will your next cruise be on Virgin?
  6. I think that is correct. You can usually do this at the time of booking, if there are upgraded rooms available. But after the promotion has closed, I have not been able to upgrade.
  7. It's already on your sail and sign card. I used mine well before the ship even sailed earlier this summer on the Horizon. No issues.
  8. We have used the laundry special many times and nothing of ours was ever ruined. But we only send out undies, socks, pj’s and t-shirts. They usually come back in great shape, but we have had one or two bags that came back wrinkled. And we use the rolling technique as well. They almost always deliver ours back in two bags, so rolling the clothes does take up a lot less space.
  9. If you have never called a cruise line, then you have never had a family member pass just weeks before a cruise, or tested positive for COVID days before your cruise. Sometimes there are situations that require a phone call.
  10. Good luck. I tested positive in mid-August and by mid-September, my test came back clear. Hoping you are negative now!
  11. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  12. Isn't the OP a relative of the 18 year old? I think she would be his aunt, so why even go the guardian route? OP, can you substitute another cruiser for the mom (either you or someone else cruising with your party), because the rule is ONE name on the room has to stay the same, and then cancel the other person/people who are willing to cruise? I think there may be a $50 fee associated with this, but that would be offset by refunds for the non-sailing guests.
  13. Love this. So glad it worked out for hubby and hope your upcoming solo cruise is wonderful.
  14. Next round of Elite cruises are out, and I was able to snag a balcony on the 9/2/23 sailing from Baltimore to Greenland and Canada, for 14 nights on the Legend. I had already booked the same sailing for 8/13/23, but for a $50 change fee for person, we both get free Cheers, a shore excursion, free airport pickup and drop off, plus $500 in fun play vs. $200, and we were able to move to a balcony. Not bad for $100!
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