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  1. we stayed on deck 4 at Christmas and they we loud at 6 am moving stuff around .
  2. We just got off Rhapsody for Xmas. It was super festive always caroling or xmas music, Santa came for the kids hen roped over the side of the ship ib Cozumel and drove around in the small life boat. Pretty darn cool!
  3. We just got off the Christmas sailing. Make sure you pack anything you will immediately need as the staterooms werent ready until 1:30. Thats the latest Ive ever seen o a ship, not sure if it was just for that particular sailing or not.
  4. Yes there were chairs for us at all times and we came and went alot. The drinks are full size and quite strong. That was why we bought it, we figured it was worth the drinks alone but my favorite part was the birds for sure.
  5. It was $39 per person. And yes the pool is free but they have a roped off area of lounge chairs and our own bar which was really cool.
  6. paradise4me

    Port pass

    Just got off the Rhapsody. We did the port pass just because we didnt want to do much and it came with 3 drink tickets and use of the pool and chairs. It also came with the bird sanctuary, chocolate factory and tequila factory tours. This was a great tour, the birds were up off bridges in the air. They were totally awesome. The 2 tours were cheesy and tons of fun. It was a great day and very inexpensive.
  7. Has anyone done this tour from Royal? Is it strenuous or relaxing? Are there wetsuits involved? Thanks!
  8. can you report back on jellyfish please? Ive heard from multiple people there are tons out there right now. Thanks and have fun!
  9. no actually its labor day weekend cruise and 100% sold out. We tried to break up into 2 rooms and there was nothing at all. That date isnt even listed on the website.
  10. I received a royal up for my upcoming Mariner cruise. I bid on a couple rooms. Then a couple days later I wanted to add a person to my sailing and the ship is completely sold out. Marketing for sure.
  11. There are all sorts of festivities. Santa shows up for the kids and passes out presents. There is caroling and gingerbread house decorating. Its a great time. We were on the Ovation last year going through the Sounds when Santa came down from the North star with his elves and marched around the deck. They passed out hot chocolate and cookies too. We cruise every Xmas because I shut down my business at that time. Love it!!! And dont get me started about New Years! RCCL knows how to throw a party!!
  12. Im really surprised no one has been on this, is it even running? I have this booked in August and may just cancel it.
  13. We were on the Ovation in December in New Zealand. Ive been on most RCCL ships and the Ovation is my favorite. Dont let other peoples unhappiness contribute to your thoughts. It is a wonderful ship and the staff was top notch! Have a great time!!
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