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  1. We used Airport Express. They picked us up at our hotel, made a stop at Stonehenge, and dropped us at the port. Professional, on time, with plenty of time at Stonehenge.
  2. We have done several Azamara cruises and one Viking. No doubt Viking wins if considering the ship itself. We think it was one of the best ships in terms of layout and design. The shore excursions on Viking Ocean were a huge disappointment, especially in comparison to their River cruise excursions. It was hard to put our finger on why we prefer Azamara but we always feel we have come home when we step on the ship. Everything is easy when sailing with Azamara. Looking forward to our cruise in May on the Quest!
  3. We have travelled to lots of non English speaking countries, but thank you for your advice. One of the things we enjoy about cruising is interacting with passengers and we were not able to do so on this cruise.
  4. Just off Preziosa yesterday, sailing in the Yacht Club. It was everything we had read and more. If you are cruising with MSC, the Yacht Club is definitely worth the money. This was my 2nd MSC cruise and DH’s first. Our 30th cruise on lots of different cruise lines. We had no problems with drinks outside of Yacht Club, thought the theater shows were well done, ship was beautiful and service was excellent. Food was hit and miss. Shore excursions were disappointing. Lots of music all over the ship but it was all blaring. I had the same complaint on the Armonia. It was too loud to stay and en
  5. Sitting in the airport in London waiting for our flight home and missing the Journey. It was a wonderful cruise, the ports were all new and we fell in love with Brugges, St Petersburg and Tallin. We took the ship’s excursion in Stockholm to the airport with a stop at the Vasa Museum and then a flight to London. We did get a slight smile on our last morning going through immigration in St Petersburg but we ended a toss of the passport as we came back that afternoon. A few final thoughts. The service overall was exceptional, wonderful food in all the restaurants, great ports with 3 full d
  6. Uktog and Phil, your comments did not bother me at all. I admit I may have been a bit defensive on a couple of other posts. I have learned so much from your posts through the years and hope to cruise on Azamara with both of you some day. Day 1 and 2 of St Petersburg have been beyond expectations. We used a 3 day tour with a private company and so far we are extremely pleased. And pooped!! I don’t think we are the only ones. The ship is pretty quiet tonight. We missed White Night last night. We booked Faberge at night and did not return to the ship until after 8. I
  7. We had a wonderful experience in Aqualina tonight and we made the show in Caberat. DH and I usually travel alone on Azamara but have travelled with a group on other cruise lines and have completed over 30 cruises. We are not new to cruising nor to Azamara. We certainly know that it takes longer with a group, we tell the waiter when we want to make the late show, and we would never make a reservation and then not show up. On our first experience on this cruise, we had a reservation for 8 pm and at 9:45 we had only been served our first course. The other two tables that were seated after us
  8. We are a group of 8 every night and yes it is slower with a large group but there is a difference between slow and ignored. We were ignored the first night in Aqualina. It has been much better service since the Aqualina with excellent service and food in Prime C. We are back in Aqualina tomorrow and I am sure we will have a wonderful experience.
  9. Currently on the Journey. Overall impression is that the ship still looks very nice. We last sailed on Journey right after her drydock. If you look closely, you see the blemishes, wallpaper in our stateroom and dings on the furniture. We are traveling with 3 couples new to Azamara. One said their room looked tired but the linens and bedding are luxurious. The towels do seem of higher quality from our last cruise 2 years ago. It’s time for a refresh but still a lovely ship.
  10. In the Kiel Canal today for a nice restful day. We had our first negative experience last night in Aqualina. Dinner last 2.5 hours and we missed the evening show. Two tables were seated after us and they were eating their desserts before we were served our 2nd course. DH spoke to manager and things moved along but negative experience could not be taken back. Lots of excuses but the fact is the waiter ignored us in favor of smaller tables with guests that he had served on previous nights. Food was very good. Frustrating on our part as we are traveling with 3 couples that are new to Azamara
  11. Azamazing evening was last night at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam with a choir and a very talented string orchestra. Nicely done. We arrived and left by canal boats. Definitely the quickest arrival and departure for an Azamazing evening.
  12. It’s slow on Journey right now but not horrible. It no longer tells you when you login or off how many minutes you have left.
  13. First port was a hit today. 3 couples did the walking tour with the Diamond Museum. Brugge was a delightful surprise. All ports on this cruise are new for us. We could have skipped the Diamond Museum and replace it with free time in the quaint medieval town, but overall a good excursion. Dinner tonight in Discoveries did not disappoint and currently in the Living Room listening to the Fancy Triplets. Love their music! The white night is the first night in St Petersburg and we have a night visit to the Faberge Museum previously booked with a private tour guide. I really wis
  14. Sad to say my lemon martini last night was not up to Marino’s standard! But no worries, I will keep trying. Our butler is Ronald who was our butler on a previous cruise. Nice to see a familiar face!
  15. We last sailed on Azamara 2 years ago and it’s been over 3 since we have sailed on the Journey. Ship is just as we remembered, everything looking very nice. The embarkation was super easy. The entertainment last night was really good with some very talented musicians on board. However, we are going to miss Max and Ed on the piano. The piano player is not as entertaining. Cruise Director is Danny and he seems personable. Only disappointment was the meet and greet. Officers were introduced and dismissed. Cruise Director had us introduce ourselves and then he left. Not the usual interact
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