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  1. 19 hours ago, Biker19 said:

    BTW, asking not to debate something on CC almost never works. 

    That is absolutely funny (and true)!


    All I want to know is if there are stairs. As I said, about 20 years ago, we did have to use stairs as the elevators were "reserved" for those passengers who were not doing the self-disembarkation.


    We are looking to have a leisurely morning before leaving the ship. We live about a 2 hour drive from the port, so there's no rush to go to the airport.

  2. Please ... this is NOT IN ANY WAY an invitation to debate the pros and cons of each.


    In 2004, my husband, twin sons age 16, and I went on a Carnival cruise. We decided to self-disembark.  All went well until we found out that we would have to lug the luggage up (maybe down?) a flight of stairs. Fortunately, the boys were able to carry the luggage.


    We are set for a March 11 cruise on Independence of the Seas. I sort of prefer keeping my luggage to myself, but if we have to do stairs that will make the choice easy.


    So ... are stairs still an issue with self-disembarkation?



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