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  1. People are in good spirits and really enjoying all the ship has to offer. Every venue was packed tonight! The dancers could not put on their usual show so instead they have a stripped down version of the jazz show and let me tell you.., it was hands down the best show I ever saw on a carnival ship! The cast seemed to really enjoy just singing and not dealing with all the costumes and dancing.
  2. From what I have heard, Bermuda was without power. The trip has been very rocky with rough waters. 18 foot swells according to the captain. The entertainment crew has been amazing in trying to keep it all fun! Most of the people applauded when we found out about the FCC. I asked at guest services and they told me it included taxes and port charges, even though they already refunded us the port charges.
  3. Because of Humberto the 9/16/2019 sailing out of Brooklyn went to Charleston instead. We were supposed to have at least a few hours in Bermuda. Just got an announcement from the captain that they can’t go to Bermuda but are giving us all 100% future cruise credit with two years to use it! So we wound up with 5/6 sea days which is actually fine by me. And my next cruise will be free. Can’t beat that and kudos to Carnival for fixing an otherwise not so great for your vacation situation.
  4. I am sailing with someone who does not have a passport and is using his drivers license and birth certificate, which is fine for Bermuda. My question is if it gets diverted to Canada , what happens to him and anyone else who does not have the right paperwork?
  5. I got it a few years ago and used it in products in the spa.
  6. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-sunrise-to-relocate-to-brooklyn-due-to-pier-repairs/33658 just saw this about the move to the Brooklyn Pier. Thought I would share.
  7. I am on the sept 16 cruise where they are switching but am going to get to Brooklyn early since I am platinum and like to be on the ship early. I am hoping they have the platinum lounge set up in Brooklyn since I know I might be waiting a bit to get on. NYC traffic always scares me ( I am coming from Orange County/suburbs) so I never underestimate it. All it takes is one bad accident or construction and one can literally sit for hours. I usually either get a ride or take the train down to NYC and then hop in a cab to the pier. I am thinking it will be a little bit disorganized for my sailing.
  8. Just a heads up... museum is closed on Monday. Many restaurants are closed as well. It’s a pretty deserted area to be honest so might be best to just board the ship early, eat, and settle in.
  9. My suggestion was for the OP to increase a one hour window to two on account of traffic that can occur going from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I would allow an extra hour to be safe coming from PA.
  10. If you get off the boat early you should make it back to port authority but it will cost you. I would do Uber or lyft as it is a pretty deserted area now that they moved the location.
  11. I remember fondly the days of going out of NYC at thanksgiving and Christmas. Best deals I ever had, ship was never too crowded, and always was fun sailing in the snow!
  12. No. I think at this point it is a “will see how it goes” sort of thing.
  13. It does not ruin my cruise just causes a nuisance in boarding and disembarking. I
  14. It’s both. As someone who plans my trips in advance the last thing I feel like doing is re-planning how I will get there and get home. As to how I was notified it was a blank email with a pdf attachment that I almost trashed because it looked like spam. And I know that there will be some people, most probably the older cruisers who don’t use the internet or those coming from other countries that will still show up at the NYC port.
  15. My PVP told me embarkation times are the same, contrary to what the letter says.
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