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  1. Hello, has anyone had their cruise credit yet from the 4 day cancelled cruise on Ventura. Wondering how P and O administer it. Many thanks
  2. My email states 20% voucher equalling 20% of the original cruise fare. So not a great deal
  3. Thank you all for your help and I will definitely report back after our cruise.
  4. Thank you MOM your reply gives me a glimmer of hope. I have just been looking at the cost and as we are leaving for Tokyo in 12 days would need the expedited application which is over £400 pp. 2 hour wait is more acceptable. Have loads of copies of all documentation thanks.
  5. I have just had an email from the consultant who booked our cruise for us. She said that she had spoken to the ship documentation officer who says that if 1) we are not flying home via any other Chinese city or South Korea and 2)we are leaving Shanghai area within 144 hours then Celebrity will allow boarding. However, he said from experience anyone with TWOV sometimes have a lengthy wait up to 2 hours in immigration after disembarking and would therefore advise that everyone obtain a multi visa. I am happy to put up with the wait if there is one. Thank you all for your help.
  6. Thank you very much bigbenboys. I have spoken to the Chinese Embassy and even though we are eligible for the TWOV it is up to Celebrity and check in staff whether they will allow boarding under the TWOV programme. I cannot get anyone in Celebrity to confirm it for me. It is a nightmare and Celebrity don't seem to care.
  7. Thank you all for your replies. Celebrity says the visa is our problem not theirs and they are not trained to give advice !! MOM SAYS - We are flying into Tokyo, then pick up cruise and disembark in Shanghai. This is the only Chinese port of call and it is after South Korea.
  8. Hello, I have just been on the telephone to C celebrity Cruises for advice on A Chinese 144 hour visa. We are travelling from Tokyo to Shanghai on 12th October. We will be flying into Tokyo and then on arrival at Shanghai will be stopping for 3 days. We will be returning from Shanghai to UK via Dubai. Am I correct in thinking that this qualifies for the TWOV as Celebrity has just told me that I won't and will need a full visa. Are the check in staff in Yokohama aware of the rules. Thank you very much. Marilyn
  9. Where can we find out who is appearing in the Limelight Club in advance please.
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