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  1. In the fixed dining room Ciello(deck 6 aft)we definetly had the baked Alaska last week(the Nov 3rd cruise). And the parade with it. Loving the ship. Colo Cruiser, have you been at the M&G ? First week we only just sat around with no introductions.This week we passed the Mic. around and introduced ourselves. With all the postings you do, kind of surprised you weren't there.Did I just not hear you?
  2. We had to cancel a few days before a cruise. We did have insurance. The day we canceled. Princess credited our credit card with the port taxes and fees.Then we set up our claim for the cruise fare with Insurance Co.
  3. I thought it odd too. Created ,more trouble than it was worth for passenger services. As I previously mentioned had tickets for Princess transportation and it mentioned all three airports on ticket not the one I was going to. When I went to passenger services I asked them if I didn't tell them, how would they know which airport bus to put passengers on and for them to have a proper passenger count when they order buses. person didn't even know what I meant so I just made sure they put us on the earliest bus to Newark. I didn't have EZ air.
  4. In September on the Caribbean Princess (Aug 19-Sept 4th cruise), the ship didn't send out the usual survey for disembarkation plans. I had to go to front desk because we had Princess transport to Newark and wanted to make sure we got the proper time to leave ship for the bus.It was noted. They just gave out luggage tags . Hope this doesn't happen fleet wide. Can cause huge lines with people needing to change tags and disembarkation times.
  5. My son in law was on his first cruise with us and apparently decided to get a haircut on the Ruby Princess. He has a beautiful head of hair, nice and thick and always looks very stylish. Well, when he came back to the group, we were really laughing. He looked like the haircut on the Seinfeld TV show where the character gets a nerd haircut , complete with a part in it.My daughter told me to stop laughing because he was very upset. So do ships do good haircuts, depends on who does it. Just like on land, not every hairdresser is talented.
  6. I am glad we will have the new beds on our Alaska cruise. Probably no Medallion with the faster internet.
  7. Thank you for posting that. I don't know why I couldn't find it. Will be on the Golden in May and was hopeful they have the new mattresses and glad to see that they do.
  8. Has the Golden Princess got the new beds and mattresses?Anyone recently cruised on her? I tried to look this up but this site not very user friendly now to do a search. Even Princess website not easy to navigate.
  9. Even if people wash their hands first before entering and handling the buffet serving spoons, then they go back in for more food and don't wash again. On recent Caribbean Princess cruise we saw someone use their hands to scoop up potato chips. I am sure they weren't the only ones doing that. Mostly we eat in the dining rooms.but not always. I have seen people leave the restrooms without washing hands. Even if careful and not eating in buffet, how about the handrails on stairs.
  10. Delta Premium select (as already stated) great benefits. Want to add that a flight from San Diego to NYC gave us the upgraded snacks and full breakfast. It felt like business class on other airlines.So much legroom too.
  11. Booked the Ca. Coastal and Mexico cruises for early March 2022. Prices seem the same as what we have booked in the past. They are lower than what was on the spread sheet posted. Princess website doesn't have prices yet but the travel agents do and so we booked.(Elite)
  12. On Caribbean Princess in August. Felt like a new ship compared to the 3 previous times on same ship. Carpeting throughout the ship was new.The buffet had a brand new look. Our balcony cabin on Caribe deck had the brand new carpeting too. I did notice that not all the cabins on this deck had new carpeting. Furniture was still the old. Mattresses were newer and very comfortable. I found service was good.
  13. Our travel agent took care of ordering the distilled water and extension chord prior to the cruise for our daughter. It was in the cabin when she arrived . No charge for this.
  14. In NY recently (Caribbean Princess), got to the pier at 10:45am, in cabin by 11:10am.
  15. We had to cancel two cruises B2B a few months ago a week before the cruises.. Even though I wanted to do cancel for any reason, not medical, still had to open the claim with Princess Ins co. Day we canceled and travel agent informed Princess, several credits appeared on our credit card (card we used to pay for cruise) for port taxes and some other charges I didn't know exactly for what(no explaination). After a couple of weeks , Ins informed us they are notifying Princess. A day later all the dollar amounts credits appeared in the area where your Future cruise credits show up. Here was the problem. You are not asked where you want these credits to be applied. We had several cruises booked and we wanted it applied to the next cruise as final payment was coming up and we wanted to make sure our credits were used. Well, at the same time we booked a couple of cruises for next year and those credits went to those. Their system is set up that they are used for the next one booked.Several attempts and phone calls by our travel agent got them moved over to the cruise I wanted credited. There was no airfare involved. We got everything back except the Insurance premium.This cancelation was due to a flood but easier to cancel for any reason than go through all the paperwork they were requiring. If this was medical may have done the same . For those wanting a complete cash refund and don't booked cruises, going through the hoops only thing to do.For credits to future cruises, much easier route.
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