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  1. Me and two friends are doing a girls cruise (no hubbys or kids allowed! LOL) in October 2020. I think we are leaning toward Nachi Cocum for our day in Cozumel. How early should we reserve our spots for this? I know they only allow 140 guests per day so we don't want to wait too long.
  2. We were also able to sign up for it at the Maitre'd stand in the main dining room.
  3. To the OP - Was your VIFP number loaded into the search function? Sometimes when I've not been on the Carnival site in a while, I will have to repopulate my VIFP number in the search screen. Any offers associated with your VIFP number won't show unless this is entered.
  4. On our Vista cruise in 2017, we did the Blue Hole excursion in Ocho Rios. My older sister intended to just walk the paths with us and not do any of the jumps because she has a shoulder that has dislocated several times in the past and she didn't want to risk it getting hurt. Well, against her better judgement she decided to do the last (very small) jump with the whole group. As she as she came up to the surface, I could tell something was wrong just by the look on her face and she was holding her shoulder. It had dislocated. Our tour guide got us back to the ship and my other sis took her back on board and straight to the infirmary. We didn't see her again until dinner, but we were happy to hear that she got excellent care there. They gave her something to help with her pain and got her shoulder back in place. They put her in a sling for the remainder of the trip and followed up with her the next day. When she got to dinner she was a little loopy from the meds but felt overall so much better and was able to enjoy the rest of our trip!
  5. We also usually only cruise once a year or every other year but we love using our PVP. She's been booking my cruises for well over 10 years now. I usually already know what cruise we want to book and what cabin we want. So I don't need a lot of assistance in that respect. But she is always quick to respond to questions or price drop requests. It's also great cause we usually have a large group cruising, so she makes sure our bookings are linked and dinner selection is the same. She never harrasses me with phone calls no matter how much I'm stalking the website looking at potential cruises or just wishing I was getting ready to book one! lol She's great!
  6. When we cruised out of Tampa in April, getting on/off the ship was SO easy! The easiest in my nearly 20 cruises so far. We are Platinum, but our friends are not. They went ahead and came to the port with us knowing they would have to wait in the "early arrivers" line since their scheduled arrival time was much later. We got to the port around 10:40 or so and we were on the ship by 11:10 and our friends without Platinum joined us on Lido deck about 10 minutes later. Even if part of your group can't board with you, I would imagine they wouldn't get on the ship much later than you do anyway!
  7. For me, I think alot of it is water retention. I tend to swell a bit thanks to the salty food, alcohol and salty sea air. I don't go crazy for food. Try to have a small breakfast, reasonable lunch but I do eat a bigger dinner. Overall though, I am eating more than I would at home for sure. Plus all the drinking! I try to steer away from the heavy frozen drinks (only a few all week), but I drink mojitos, martinis, wine, and rum and cokes. So there's that! Before our April cruise, I had lost about 14 lbs. When I came home, I was up 9 lbs. I'm now back down to about 2 lbs. over where I was pre-vacay and working to get lower than that. But I had a really hard time getting back in the swing of working out and eating well once we got home. Finally back on track!
  8. HAHA - This is literally a recurring nightmare for me - that I show up to my cruise without SOMETHING. It varies...sometimes I forget all my luggage, sometimes I show up with no shoes packed, sometimes it's my makeup/hair essentials. It always sends me into a tizzy though! And once I did almost forget to pack any bathing suits - they were lying on my bed and were obstructed by the top of my suitcase laying on them. When I closed the suitcase I didn't notice them on the bed. Got 1/2 way to pick up my friend and realized my error and scurried back to grab them. Luckily, we worked for the airline at that time and in that pre 9/11 world, we could bypass security screening with our airport badges...otherwise, my error would have caused us to miss our flight. Not the way I want to start out vacay! And as usual, I'm thoroughly entertained by your review! Can't wait to read more!
  9. We did the Chef's Table in April on the Paradise. A couple of notes: 1. On our sailing, I think there was a Chef's Table offered every night of the cruise (5 day cruise). 2. Ours was the last day and we met the group in the atrium bar around 6:15. We got there early to get a drink from the bar and they were already set up and waiting for us with free champagne. 3. I wore open-toed wedges to the Chef's Table and it was fine. Honestly, other then tennis shoes (which would not go well with my evening outfits), I do not bring any closed toed shoes on our cruises. The galley floor can be slick...but you don't walk far in the galley. Just be aware and be careful and you'll be ok! 4. You should get a letter in your cabin near the start of the cruise telling you when you'll attend Chef's Table. If you don't get the letter by Day 2, check with Guest Services. They lost our Chef's Table reservation which we made 10 months before our cruise date. I had a copy of the email confirmation for our group of six and they were able to squeeze us in on the last night. But I wish I would have checked on it sooner! 5. You will each get a personalized table name tent, personalized menu and 8X10 copy of the group photo. Great souvenirs! 6. This is a LONG dinner! Plan for 3+ hours at least. But it's worth it! 7. Wine is free-flowing (and does not count against your Cheers if you have that programs). And you don't have to choose between red or white. I had both. And you can also order sodas or other drinks if you'd like. And most of all....enjoy! It's quite the experience!
  10. THIS is true! The portions for each course are fairly small so it is very tempting to clean your plate each time....but resist that temptation. I made it to the second to last entree and started getting really full. The last entree was my favorite, but I had to leave some of it left on the plate to have any room left at all for dessert! It was all really, really good! Even things that I thought I wouldn't be crazy about were good. Try everything!
  11. What a cool and awesome experience you got to experience sailing into Honolulu from the ship's bow! I had no idea that Carnival would even allow for something like that. Great pics and it looks liked a great time was had by all!
  12. Thanks for the tip...I think that alone is worth the $40 extra it would be to stay in our already booked Ocean Suite! Don't want to give us our privacy! I do love the Lido location too though...we've had other balconies on lido before and they were great. But Empress is my second favorite location - 2 decks up or 2 decks down to most everything. Can hardly beat that!
  13. Here’s what’s I’ve been waiting for - HAWAII!!! I have not read any reviews on a Hawaiian itinerary, so this is gonna be fun! Crazy how quickly the weather changes in Hawaii (at least judging from your pics). The island looks beautiful though!
  14. Update to this....just heard back from my PVP. We would lose our $100 credit, so it would save $40 to move to the Jr. Suite. With that, I'm thinking we should stay where we are at....unless there really aren't any big differences in the two cabin types. Thoughts from the group??
  15. Hello, Myself and my two best girlfriends are booked on the Conquest for next year. When we booked, we decided to get a Suite to offer us three grown ladies extra cabin and balcony space. At the time only Ocean Suites were available. Now there is a Junior Suite available and it's about $140 total less than what we paid for the Ocean Suite. I have an email out to our PVP to inquire about a possible change to this cabin. I wanted to make sure with the rate we booked under that we are allowed to change and see if it will impact our OBC or not (even if it does, it's still cheaper to move to the Jr. Suite with the net cost). From looking at the floorplans and pics online of both type of cabins on the Conquest, they seem VERY similar. The cabin sizes appear to be very close in sq. ft. The notes do indicate that the balcony in the Jr. Suite is a "standard balcony" but the deckplans appear to show it to look longer than a standard balcony. We don't need a ton of balcony space; would just like enough room to comfortably be able to fit three chairs. Locations would be either Empress mid-deck (Ocean Suite ) or Lido all the way forward (Jr. Suite). I have been in both locations and they each have their pluses and minuses. I don't think location of either is enough to sway me either way. Both locations have cabins above and below. Can anyone give me any info/advice on these two cabin types that may seal the deal one way or another? :) Thanks!
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