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  1. Is everyone flying the exact same routing or will people be coming from other places? Personally, I would let everyone be responsible for their own airfare. Book the flights you want and pass along the flight information. Then people can choose the price point they want (economy, main, comfort, etc.) and choose their own seats.
  2. We don't usually take snacks on the ship when it's just us adults cruising. But when we have cruised with our daughter, we definitely took on snacks for her and had no issues doing so. You probably want to make sure they are in the original sealed packages just in case.
  3. I get all of this...but we never had a cabin since we booked a guarantee. And this wasn't an upsell. It was a pure upgrade based on the fact that we booked a Oceanview guarantee and received a Grand Suite. I'm not sure how or why WE were picked to get that awesome upgrade from all of those who booked a guarantee cabin. But we sure enjoyed it! My first experience with a balcony.
  4. Years ago, I was traveling with a co-worker who was claustrophobic. She wanted to book an oceanview, so we did an OV guarantee. We did not know our room assignment by the time our departure date came around. We arrived at the port and got our cabin assignment when we checked our bags with the porter. This was back in the day of the paper brochures with the ship maps in them. I had my brochure in my carryon and took it out to see where our cabin was and was SHOCKED to see that we were in a Grand Suite! I thought for sure it was an error! I was prepared for someone to come take our key back and give us a key to our lowly Riviera Deck Oceanview cabin! But that didn't happen and we got to enjoy that Suite for the full four days of our cruise! It's always a mystery to me how people are chosen for upgrades....back then we worked for an airline, booked the cheapest fares and got even bigger discounts due to our airline travel agreements. So we sure weren't selected because of how much we paid! But whatever the reason...we loved it!
  5. Does this mean another Jamman trip report is near??? 🙂 🙂 🙂
  6. Both ports are very walkable! When I last visited San Juan, we just got off the ship and walked around Old San Juan and visited the two ports. Just a word of caution, the streets can be narrow and hilly and surfaces can be uneven. If anyone has any physical impairments, it could be a more challenging walk. But for us, it was great! We then found a little cafe and had an authentic Puerto Rican lunch. St. Thomas has beautiful beaches! You could easily take a cab or shuttle to the beach and just call it day! Another fun thing to do is take the little tram up to the top of Paradise Point. There are gorgeous views from up top, plus some shops, restaurants, bars, trails, etc. Great area to kill and hour or two. These are two ports I have only visited a time or two, but would love to go back!
  7. All of these same reasons as listed above! Plus - For me, there is just a special feeling walking aboard a ship for the first time! I don't get that going into a resort. We like to travel with larger groups of friends - on a cruise, there is a lot of variety for people. Some want to be very active, some want to be lazy, some like to join activities, ect. We can each do what we want to do and then come together at night for dinner/drinks and share our days. Love the ability to try new foods and drinks. I was such a picky eater as a teen and into my early 20's. Then I discovered cruising and I really started to branch out cause it was all (mostly) included. I love getting dressed up for dinner! I don't do that much at home, so it's nice to feel fancy for a week. Love meeting new people on cruises - some of my best friends are people we met on a cruiseship. Each cruise is a different experience because of the people/crew you encounter.
  8. After our April cruise on the Paradise, I had some decent offers in my VIFP cruise offers list. I can't remember what they all were, but the one we booked under was a Suite Offer, which included $100 OBC for booking. The Suite was a great deal and the OBC made it even better, so we booked it for next fall for a Girl's cruise with me and my two best friends. First girls trip since I got married and had my daughter (who's 5 now). can't wait!
  9. In my younger, single years we mostly would enjoy breakfast on the Lido deck. Waiting in lines never bothered me and honestly, we never had much issue finding a table. But now that I'm a bit older and have a young kiddo, the MDR is more appealing for breakfast when we have the time. Although, we have had to wait for a table a time or two - but typically only 5-10 minutes. And while I enjoy getting to sip on a mimosa while I wait for a nice breakfast to be served, I have often found the service in the dining room to be very slow...which is ok if you don't have plans. Once, last cruise I had to make sure to tell them I had a spa appointment - they got me in and out of there in an hour, but it was tight! Also, the Lido options today are much better than the used to be especially with the addition of the Blue Iguana. My husband loves getting a breakfast burrito or huevos rancheros for breakfast.
  10. My PVP will answer questions via email, but when it comes to the actual booking she requests that we do that by phone. Sounds like it's a policy thing.
  11. My cruise this past April on the Paradise was my first experience with the digital photo lab and facial recognition software. We found that the facial recognition was poor, at best. We had photos for other people show up in our hub app - and it wasn't even a close match on the facial recognition stuff sometimes. And many of the photos that we took never appeared. Also, sometimes pictures of my sis and I would show up in my hub app and sometimes it would show up in hers, but never both. We were in different cabins. Not sure how it all works, but it could use some tweaking.
  12. Me and two friends are doing a girls cruise (no hubbys or kids allowed! LOL) in October 2020. I think we are leaning toward Nachi Cocum for our day in Cozumel. How early should we reserve our spots for this? I know they only allow 140 guests per day so we don't want to wait too long.
  13. We were also able to sign up for it at the Maitre'd stand in the main dining room.
  14. To the OP - Was your VIFP number loaded into the search function? Sometimes when I've not been on the Carnival site in a while, I will have to repopulate my VIFP number in the search screen. Any offers associated with your VIFP number won't show unless this is entered.
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