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  1. Carnival Sensation, March 1998, My College Spring Break
  2. Mobile food ordering would be great! Our local zoo does that as well! You just order on the app and you can sit at a table or walk around near the restaurant until you get a notification that your order is ready. It was so easy! Carnival already has this technology as I understand that you can order pizzas from the app on some ships and even have those delivered to a specific location on the ship. Not sure delivery is needed for all food venues, but i would certainly order on the app and pick it up when ready!
  3. Thanks! I haven't stayed at a hotel by the airport since 20+ years! Typically, when cruising from Miami, we try to stay at the Intercontinental. Love the location, rooftop pool area and amenities. We've also stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites in the Brickell area. That's another good option!
  4. Yeah...I think the Sunrise 5 day is the one I'm leaning toward! The kids will love all of the new amenities on the ship!
  5. This is a girls trip, so I think the plan is for the girls and I to fly in early the day before the cruise. If flight schedules don't change, we can get to NOLA as early as 9AM giving us a whole day to explore! Then my hubby may fly down and meet me for a night or two post cruise for a little getaway for the two of us (if grandma and grandpa can keep the little one that is).
  6. Thanks! We actually cruised out of Tampa in 2019 to Cuba and loved the port! It was so easy to fly in/out of and getting around and the to the port was seamless! I did pull some Tampa itineraries. The shorter cruises are all on the Paradise. I really want to avoid the Fantasy class ships since we're cruising with the kids. It was great for us on our Cuba cruise...but the kids will like the amenities. That leaves the Pride on the 7 day itinerary. I did price it out - for a balcony and interior, it's really not much more than two balconies on the 5 day on the Sunrise. Especially considerin
  7. Looking for info on the programs for the older kids on board - specifically the 16 year old age group. Looking at a Spring Break cruise next year with my 16 year step-daughter and possibly a friend of hers. My step-daughter is not super outgoing, but with a friend she knows may get involved a little more. She is very into art and crafts however. Do they have any of those kinds of activities for the older kids? If not, what else do they usually do with this age group? Also, it will be our daughter's first time on a cruise since she was 3 - she'll be 7, almost, by next Spring Break.
  8. That's interesting to hear! Thank you for the insights. We have several casinos around where I live as well. I'll have to see if I can find out what they are doing as far as smoking. I know a few people who are dealers there.
  9. Thanks for the input! My step-daughter is about as responsible and unadventurous as they come. So I don't have a fear of her doing anything stupid. And with Hub App, it will be nice to be able to stay in contact with them esp. if they take our younger daughter out and about without us! Since I am now leaning toward the Sunrise, 5-Day cruise, we may end up going with the balcony for us and interior for the girls just because of cost. The difference between the two balconies and balcony and one interior isn't that much. But the cruise, overall, is much pricier than the Key West/Cozu
  10. Thanks for the tips! I'm usually pretty good at picking our cabin (following all the tips you mentioned above!) but trying to get two cabins next to/near each other is a new one for me. Definitely won't go for obstructed view balconies! I think I'm definitely leaning toward the 5 day cruise on the Sunrise. As you and the above poster mentioned, Key West is a crapshoot on what it'll look like in a year as far as cruising goes. Plus the Sunrise has more of the newer amenities and eateries that both us and the kids will enjoy! And I love me some HMC and Grand Turk. Those will be grea
  11. Thanks for the answers! I may be leaning toward the 5 day on the Sunrise. As you mentioned, it's hard to know what Key West will be doing this time next year. Plus HMC/Grand Turk are great beach days! And the Sunrise has newer amenities for the kids to enjoy! But it is quite a bit pricier - so we may end up going with an interior for the older girls! Glad to know the minors can board with us using my priority status! One of my favorite perks to use!
  12. So, I am looking at a possible Spring Break 2022 cruise. If we book, it would be myself, my hubby, our daughter (7 at that time) and my step-daughter (16 at that time). I think we would also let my step-daughter bring a friend. If she brings a friend, my plan would be to book two separate cabins. I think the most logical thing to do would be to book our 7 year with us and the older girls a cabin by themselves. This would be my first time booking multiple cabins involving kids. I've been looking at different itineraries and pricing a few things out. I think for the sake of cost and
  13. I don't believe their is. Our PVP said she would have to wait until we actually rebooked and then they work out what the credits are and applied them. It was a little weird and complicated on how they had to do it and I still don't entirely understand it! But it all worked out math-wise in the end, so that's all I cared about! lol
  14. I would fully support a priority line for boarding tenders in port to return to the ship. That would be a great added perk!
  15. yes...this can definitely be a problem during peak times (after dinner or shows, getting on/off the ship in port, etc.). We try to use the stairs as much as possible - but sometimes have to take the elevators and so much of the time felt squished like a sardine in there! At my recent hotel stay they had signs in the elevators that there could only be two people in the elevator at one time unless everyone was from the same family. It was ok at this small hotel (even though they had one of the two elevators out of service), but this wouldn't work on a large cruise ship!
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