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  1. Loved the tour narrative of your trip experience. Especially loved the photo of you with your wife. Looks like we live in close proximity. We will try the bagel.
  2. We received our blue medallions this week but are full suite passengers so I assume we can use the lounge
  3. Pre renovation Sky Suite more comfortable in my opinion. Difficult to justify an additional $5000 for my New England cruise.
  4. Hmm hoping for a truffle oil omelette
  5. Anyone actually attended one of these dinners on board? I am considering the Summit. Looking for recommendations?
  6. We like both dining in BLU as well as use of the aqua spa. I would normally pay additional for the aqua spa use.
  7. Murano is definitely a loss. The only truly exceptional restaurant on Celebrity worthy of paying extra for a meal. Will be doing East Coast on Summit in September wondering about BlU
  8. Tongue in cheek response. On a cruise line that hosts some clothing optional cruises, I suspect that just about any clothing is appropriate for chic night.
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