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  1. One thing to remember when trying to contact HAL is that they are in Seattle, which has been hit pretty badly by the virus. Social separation is the least of the problems, when the Mayor and Governor are telling people to work/stay at home, and the schools are closed, the number of people to answer the phones are probably depleted.
  2. If you can swing it, I’d try to spend a couple of days pre or post cruise to explore Seattle. It is a very tourist oriented city. Lots to see and do and taste.
  3. No escape for sister line Costa’s Smerelda’s passengers today. ☹️
  4. Yes. Most performers are switching to in-ears. Besides keeping stage levels down and preventing feedback, many modern digital mixing boards have provisions for remote mixing by smartphones or tablets to provide custom mixes to be sent to an individual’s IEM
  5. I’m a professional sound tech and home theater installer and perceived volume levels can be very subjective. What may be too loud for you may be too soft for the person next to you. An example of this was when I was doing the Inkspots many years ago. On gentleman was complaining bitterly about the volume while the gentleman right next to him was telling me to turn it up. The solution to this situation is to talk to the performers and their reps and the final say goes to the person that signs my check. I feel no sympathy for those that sit right in front of the loudspeakers or around the dance floor and complain that it is too loud, and I also can’t feel sorry for those that sit way in the back and say it is too soft. One other thing to think about is the content, if you like it, being loud isn’t as much a consideration than if the content is as appealing to you. A study done years ago on rock musicians found that their hearing wasn’t as impacted as badly as predicted, because they enjoyed what they listened to.
  6. Just stayed in a Veranda spa cabin on K'dam as the result of a guarantee upgrade. Never went int the spa, but for us the location was great except for when we went to the aft pool. It was a bit of problem because the fastest route there was through the World Market and it was a great temptation to graze. Lucky for me, most items are not self serve or I'd have gained even more weight.
  7. Just off the 1/23-2/3 cruise. The Crows Nest Bar is nice, too bad I waited until the last day to try. If going to an 8:00 World Stage show, plan on being there at 7:00 to get a seat. If you are going to Martinique, the Rum Distillery and cooking lesson is a great excursion. Also we found the soups were universally too salty, so let the waiters know the night before that you want low sodium versions. It was our first HAL cruise, but probably not the last.
  8. Leaving Ft. Lauderdale soon on KoningsDam on our 1st HAL cruise. Where is a good place for Sailaway? We have a verandah on deck 10 portside. I'm thinking the deck above the Crow's Nest, if not our Balcony. (I like to wave at the condos and houses, but we are the only ship that day)
  9. I read or my TA told me that there is an observation deck atop the Crows Nest, accessible by stairs, would someone please confirm. Thanks
  10. If you have a guarantee booking, it might help you have an idea of where they will put you.
  11. One sad note about this is that some of the folks calling in sick may actually BE sick. The flu is on an uptick. Hope the ones that are truly sick go to the doctor and get a note, because there will no doubt be retribution
  12. What no Hairy Chest contests??? Princess had that on one cruise, which is one of the reasons we are migrating to Hal after being platinum on Princess. They too are cutting back. I want my fettuccine Alfredo in a parmesan basket!
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