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  1. My question is now that we are in the serious mega ship era what will happen to the truly giant ships when they get old? They used to take old ships and move them to smaller subsidiaries lines or sell them to smaller niche cruise lines. What the heck happens to Oasis when its 30 years old? Or Anthem? I mean what are they going to do with the mega ships?
  2. That is how we do it. We never use a CC on board. We save all our change from the day we book to sailing and usually save up 500-600 bucks. Then we bring on a few hundred more just in case. It works out every time and usually end up with my money to take home cause we haven't spent it all.
  3. That is insane that there is a machine like this. What an incredible piece of technology.
  4. I ended up cancelling the bid. I like the location of our room, I chose it for a reason. If I had the extra cash I would move up to a junior suite but I( hate that you don't get the extra points. I like Junior suites though.
  5. Yeah I cancelled the bid last night. I have had this cabin booked from the beginning, I like the location it is on the ship. I picked it because it's on the AFT back by the glass elevators. I think we'll stick with it. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Anthem in September. I cancelled the bid until I hear back from my TA.
  7. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the input, should have bid a little more for a Junior suite but it bothers me that you don't get the extra points.
  8. Got an email this morning for the "Royal up" program. We are in a regular old balcony which is fine by me but what the heck this is the first time being offered this. I bid the minimum on a spacious ocean view balcony, so for 200 dollars and really no risk we gave it a try. I mean there is no way we win with a minimum bid but hey worth a try. Anyone know where these cabins are typically located or are they just all over the ship? I like being high up in the ship and AFT so this might not be in that area and most likely won't. Let me know what you think?
  9. My CC is tapped with 2 cruises already on the books. [emoji1787] Something maybe though, someday.
  10. Jealous, always wanted to do a transatlantic trip. Have fun!
  11. Man yeah I get that multiple times a day. It's not completely annoying because it still cruise related and makes me think of cruises but there are a lot of them.
  12. Yes, I has surf and stream and it was blazingly fast. I was quite surprised actually. There was no buffering and it didn't go out once on our cruise. Quite frankly I thought it was awesome to still be connected to the world via the Internet even out in the middle of the ocean. After that cruise I said I will never be without internet again on a cruise. I used to come back from a cruise with 1,000 emails that I had to go through. No more, I checked as I go just like I do now.
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