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  1. Here is what we did. Our May cruise was cancelled [Oasis] so we are waiting for FCC to be issued. I emailed my TA and wanted to re-book for Sept 6th without putting a deposit down. In 30 minutes it was all done, no deposit. Its a long hold, when the FCC is issued my TA will apply the FCC and it will be officially booked. I have a cabin number, the invoice, everything, its just not paid in full until the FCC is issued. Also whatever is left over, in our case should be around 500 will be there at an FCC for another cruise which we will use for 2021. So that is how it was explained to me by our TA. A few emails and done in less than 30 minutes. Oasis Sept. 6th.
  2. Oh you found it. Sounds like politician mumbo jumbo. We'll see what effects it actually has.
  3. Not when the stimulus check is just an advance on next years refund. Yeah look it up.
  4. Thank you. No, not scared. Just want to go. We will have about 500 in FCC so looking for next years cruise too.
  5. That is exactly why when my May Oasis cruise was cancelled I booked Sept within minutes of finding out. Email to my TA and it was all done in 30 minutes. I was afraid people using FCC's would jack up prices so I jumped on it re-booking instantly.
  6. Ouch that is a little close. Good luck. I think cruises start up in June personally.
  7. Me too, I just like saying it because it makes me feel better. When is your cruise? Ours in Sept 6, moved from May 10.
  8. I believe Carnival raised enough cash to go right through the rest of 2020 shutdown. My guess is Royal has done the same. My guess is slow startup in June though.
  9. Well my guess is slowly in June. You just keep thinking the worst and be pessimistic though.
  10. Will do, 100% will do this. Plus this will be after the peak of this crisis so more good info will come from the experience too.
  11. Yes, I know but instead of clogging up someone else's thread I thought I'd start my own. Also not enough actual cruise threads. Thank you for your opnion.
  12. Not enough actual cruise threads here understandable with what the heck is going on but thought I'd start one at least. Re-booked our May 10th Oasis cruise [cancelled] to Sept 6th. I'm very confident cruises will resume and we will be sailing away. We just like the idea of a Central park balcony so we booked one, cabin #12597 on Deck 12. We are 2 adults and 6 year old son. Any thoughts on cabin location or anything along those lines? Kinda wanted a cabin on deck 10 but this is what we ended up with. By the way FCC is paying for this and we should have 500 FCC left over. Thanks for any insight.
  13. I LOVE Royal Caribbean, its really the only cruise line we cruise with. I just use a TA and let them handle hard parts. So you love Central Park balconies? Cool, this is our first. My wife really, really wanted to try this cabin category. I mean I also wanted this cabin too but she really likes the idea. Its unique and cool.
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