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  1. We ended up getting Allan right before we sailed. Not sure why, but he was fantastic.
  2. We were just on Allure and the bar side of the suite sun deck was smoking.
  3. We are going August 2020 and the Thrill Park cabana's are $999.00 and the OTW ones are $1699.00. Insanity for both. I get the water park ones come with admission, but for 4 of us, that is an additional $600.00 for some metal poles and canvas thrown over them and set right out in the middle of everything. They could have at least made the water park cabanas SEEM a little luxurious if they are going to charge that much for them.
  4. This is great information, thank you. Just wanting to be prepared for however it is set-up. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if there are STAR class privileges on Coco Cay? Like a fast line for the slides or anything? Also, if you are spending your time in the water park, what are the best choices for cabana's? Thanks!
  6. We have 2 kids who will be 16 and 11 when we sail. We will not be doing any helicopter or small plane excursions due to major anxiety with that sort of thing. We are more interested in seeing sea lions, whales and of course sled dogs. We would also do 4 wheeling or that type of thing. That being said, what port are not to be missed with kids and these types of activities. Trying to plan our first cruise to Alaska and want to make sure we pick the right ports! Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for this. If we decide on one of the larger ships (Bliss or Encore), do you think the Haven is worth it then? Just trying to figure it all out!
  8. We are considering an Alaskan cruise on the Jewel but I am hesitant. We are used to the big ships, having cruises on Breakway, Oasis, Allure and Harmony. We have 2 kids who will be 16 and 11 when we sail. I am wondering if there is enough on the ship to keep them busy. Also, considering the Haven and wondering if the cost is worth it. We have done the Haven on the breakaway so know it is nice. But in your opinion, is it worth it for a Alaskan cruise? Thanks!
  9. We are looking at August 2021 and our main interest is animal interaction (dog sledding and playing with the dogs....that type of thing). Which ports should we make sure we stop at for these types of experiences?
  10. Thank you for this. I asked an agent about the fees and low and behold, they charge a non-refundable professional services fee that starts at $50 and goes up from there. Ummmm nope.
  11. I know we are not allowed to recommend specific agents, but I was hoping someone might have some ideas on what to ask agents so that I can better weed out the ones that will not work for me. I am trying to book an Alaskan cruise and looking for an agent to help. I am finding to SO frustrating trying to find a good agent! They ALL say they are experts when when it comes down to it, I know more than they do (and I know very little). Also, when I ask what additional incentives they can offer I get anything from a case of water (ummm ok) to maybe $100 OBC. My budget for this trip is fairly hefty and so I am expecting more than a case of water. Does anyone have a list of questions they use (or have used) to ask an agent before I waste a ton of time interacting with them only to find out they have booked 1 Alaskan cruise? Thanks!
  12. On the Allure currently and have had room service twice. The first time was really good. We had a salad, pasta, fries, soup and cheesecake. The second time we couldn't even eat it. We had chicken tenders (horrible), fries, salad, soup and cheesecake. We ordered 2 nights in a row and the first night the cheesecake was REALLY good. The second night it was terrible. That and it takes FOREVER to get to you. At least 45 minutes each time.
  13. We actually leave this Sunday so are just looking for a rental Sat to Sun.
  14. We actually just wanted it because were going to try and hit up the Hard Rock Casino for the evening but if it is going to be to much hassle, we will just skip it and do all of our gambling on the ship, or take lyft for that too.
  15. Thanks guys - I will see if my husband is interested in doing this. We may just scrap the idea and do Lyft.
  16. We decided we wanted to rent a car for Saturday at the Airport and return it Sunday at Port Everglades before we leave for our cruise. All places I am checking say there are no cars available. Not a single car for rent? How can that be? Edited to add - I would only do a car rental with the big companies and it looks like there are rental cars with companies I have never head of, but I am not willing to risk that.
  17. Interesting that they said they don't upgrade after 5 days before. What happens if there is a really last minute cancellation, I wonder?
  18. Thanks for the info. I would totally be fine picking it up as we are in a loft suite right by the restaurant. I will ask that as well!
  19. I will ask when I board on Sunday and report back. I would think you could, I mean, MDR or Coastal Kitcehn should not matter IMO. I just know that my husband would like to try a lot of the dishes they serve but the menu does not appeal to me. So we thought maybe we could do room service from there so that he can try them. Plus we don't want to dress up every night for dinner, that is just not for us.
  20. If you are staying in a suite, can you order room service from the Coastal Kitchen or is it just the room service menu and the main dining room? Thanks!
  21. Ahhh ok - that makes sense. Like I said, we are not expecting anything and are very happy where we are if we don't get it. Thanks!
  22. I bid last night and when I click back on the link all it says is "offer received". Does this message change? I see some people are saying expired or pending. Where are you seeing this? We sail next Sunday (10/13) so I am not banking on getting anything. We only bid because we got the offer a while ago and didn't bid, but then got one yesterday and thought it was kind of interesting we were getting one so close to sailing. Thought maybe there was a chance. We are currently in a crown loft suite and bid on a star loft suite.
  23. 20 days and I will be in a CL Suite on Allure. I CANNOT WAIT!!! Thanks so much for the video!
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