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  1. We are ready to cruise too, but have not booked until now because we don't want to be limited to the cruise excursions. We hope that will not be the case next April. SS looks like a excellent line to cruise with, especially given the current restrictions which change often. Ha, we're ready to go.
  2. OK to get your own private car with driver. We will likely be a group of 4. OTOH, we might not be able to agree on anything.😁 Oops, just saw stumblefoot's post. That's almost certainly what we will do.
  3. We hope to book a Med cruise midweek. Just trying to get ducks in row to accurately communicate to our friends who have only wanted to sail on Viking in the past.
  4. Oh no! Not the knitting group. What a bunch of hel raisers.😉 Actually you couldn't ask for a better group of people.
  5. I have lost faith in the cruise industry to act honorably. I suspect non-refundable deposits will be kept for passengers wanting to cancel. I doubt "vaccinations required" is in the contract.
  6. So you book a cruise with a non-refundable deposit on a ship because vaccinations are required. Now the cruise line decides they have changed their mind, and you no longer want to go. You are almost certainly out the amount of the deposit. Likely no small sum to many RCL passengers. As far as I know travel insurance policies will not cover this.
  7. We hope to fly to Rome and return from Athens using business class. We would also like to get to Rome 2 days before the cruise, and stay in Athens one night at the end of the cruise. Any thoughts?
  8. First time on SS. We are looking at a cruise next April/May in the Med. Is there a main restaurant on Silver spirit? What time is dinner typically served? How about the other restaurants? When is showtime? What time is that? DW likes to go more often than not. I like everything I see except for the dress code. I was able to quit wearing suits in the 80s except for weddings and funerals. I often wear a jacket to fly so that isn't a problem. I hate to pack a suit, but I will. I travel light these days.
  9. We are looking at cruises in the Med for next spring. Possibly the west coast of Europe. We have not sailed with Viking Ocean before, but have cruised about 30 times in the last 30 years. What is the typical size of a group for a shore excursion? How many different excursions are typically offered? Any problem going on your own ashore if you prefer to do that?
  10. I had my 2nd cataract surgery yesterday, When I arrived for the first eye surgery one week earlier everyone was required to wear masks. Yesterday vaccinated patients did not have to wear a mask. All of the staff still wore them. I hope the world gets vaccinated.
  11. Norwegian Fjords. Probably the most beautiful scenery we seen. We had a cruise booked for September, 2021, but cancelled before final payment.
  12. I like the cruise that goes to Tunisia in early May,, Nieuw Statendam. Decent cruises, just not perfect. I'm also shopping for friends. Ugh!
  13. HAL pretty much has none. April and May would be nice.
  14. I came across these cabins. I know there will be more motion. Any problems with noise. Any idea what is located in the area between the two cabins. I believe these are the only SY Cabins.
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