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  1. The ticket machines are in a little alley way that separates the main terminal from the parking garage. When we returned there were a couple of guys assisting. 🍷
  2. The Key on our Brilliance 7-night Med cruise was $19.99, and just the other day it dropped to $17.99, so I cancelled and rebooked. Right now as we speak, it inched up to $18.99. I booked it because we are on a port intensive cruise with two tender ports. Just the convenience of getting off the ship earlier is worth it for me, not to mention the internet. The lunch is a plus, but won't be able to take advantage of breakfast and early disembarkation since we are staying on for a B2B. 🍷
  3. I seriously doubt they will be cutting a connection into the bulkhead between the two cabins. 🍷
  4. You start from the Hump and count from there, both forward and aft. Here's a thumbnail of what I mean. 1249 would correspond with 9243. Forget about the connection as it won't apply unless you are actually "connecting" with the stateroom next to you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1136984-equinox-cabin/?tab=comments#comment-23009392 🍷
  5. For a Sky Suite, you should have gotten more than $200 from your Travel Agent. If you paid (for example) $6,000 total for your Sky Suite, a good TA would give you, at a minimum, $500. 🍷
  6. Some folks want to do that. 🍷
  7. We are on Vision originally due to sail from Barcelona on 5 Sep for a 13-day TA, but they cut the TA short by 2 days due to port overloading, and now it's an 11-Day TA. I feel for those who have to go in/out of Tarragona. 🍷
  8. Yup, that would be me. I have other things to do on a cruise than to chase people down who don't stick around to collect their winnings. If they have other things to do, so do I. If they can't get someone to collect their winnings for them, so sad, too bad. Wine Fund. 🍷
  9. There are hundreds of millions of turtles out there, and one shows up with a straw in the eye/nostril, or whatever? Go talk to China and India who are the major plastics polluters and leave my plastic straws alone. 🍷
  10. They don't show up walking thru the x-ray machine. 😉 🍷
  11. We should ban metal straws also, since they can kill people. I'll continue to use my plastic straws even if I have to bring them with me. https://www.livescience.com/65925-metal-straw-death.html 🍷
  12. I've run a few slot pulls, and try not to make a meal out of it. I give everyone who's paid one of those 50/50 tickets. You have to present the "ticket" portion to pull, then after all is said and done, you have to present the "keep this coupon" to redeem any winnings. My rules up front -- no ticket no laundry. If you don't present the "keep this coupon" at the end of the event, it goes into my wine fund. I'm not going to chase you down to pay you off. P.S. I did have one person who couldn't find his "keep this coupon" to collect, and it was so sad, too bad. 😮🍷
  13. Not even smoking at the Sunset Bar or Oceanview Bar on Infinity. 🍷
  14. You can get the flexible plastic straws at Kroger or your local Dollar Store for $1.00 for 100 of them. Bring your own. I hate the politically correct paper ones. It's not about saving the environment or the turtles. It's just a bunch of feel good nonsense, yada, yada, yada. 🍷
  15. Your coffee & OJ probably cost them less than 50 cents. Their costs for you all day could come out to maybe $3-4 a day, if that much, in refreshments. Don't tell me they are not making big bucks on these beverage packages, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. 🍷
  16. Can you drink $70 worth of booze, coffee, water, juice, soft drinks, wine, etc. each and every day at home? I would say, probably not. If you were to drink $70-$100 worth of "stuff" on a cruise ship at the price they charge, the cruise ship's actual cost probably wouldn't be anywhere close to $10 a day. This is a pure money maker for Celebrity -- that's why they are pushing it. 🍷
  17. In the past, it has always been on the Port side of the pool deck. Did they change it? I remember on Royal that it is on the Starboard side. Yes, there is smoking on the Port side of Deck 4, but cigar smoking (OP's question) is only at the Mast Bar. 🍷
  18. Thanks for the post. We have the Key next month, and I'll be sure only to leave my locked carry on and keep my valuables/backpack with me. 🍷
  19. Most likely at the Mast Bar on the M-Class ships, and the port side of the Sunset Bar on the S-Class ships, but of course, you always have some inconsiderate person smoking their cigar on the Pool Deck, as the staff will not say anything. 🍷
  20. Is this also for those who receive the classic beverage package as one of their perks? 🍷
  21. That was when they only allowed CC drinks in the Sky Lounge. Now that they can get drinks anywhere (almost) on the ship, it's not an issue anymore. Besides, we were in the Sky Lounge for happy hour and had the drink package, so no one at the door enforcing it. 🍷
  22. LuAnn, there is no longer 3 drinks loaded on your card. You get unlimited happy hour drinks at any bar on the ship, except a couple, from 5-7pm. Just show your seapass.
  23. Yeah, I remember that. The problem, we just finished dinner, 2nd seating, around 10:30pm, and they wanted to pass around gourmet bites? That was a non-starter. 🍷
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