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  1. Outstanding is the only way to describe my travel agency!
  2. Cruise lines across the board have given out so much FCC that I believe pricing will be crazy for quite a while. Just for "fun" I checked several itineraries on both HAL and Celebrity that were to sail in April/May and compared them to identical or nearly identical itineraries later in the year and in most cases, found pricing higher especially in suite higher level categories. While I love to cruise and try and do at least four per year, I'm going to wait a while to see that the current situation is well in check AND wait until the FCC craziness is over and you start seeing favorable pricing movement. I simply believe pricing in the near future will be predatory as cruise lines try and make up losses.
  3. Just cancelled an Oceania cruise. Was told deposit will take approximately one month. Also tried to cancel my "advance cruise" deposit with HAL and didn't fell like waiting on hold forever so I will try in the next few days.
  4. True-that's for Congress to fix (or not)
  5. The issue isn't how much taxes an American corporation pays. One must assume they are using every legal advantage available to them per tax law just as you and I do on a smaller (I assume) basis. The fairness of this can be debated on a different board. Companies that use one of the states or territories of the United States to incorporate have agreed to follow our laws and are entitled to whatever Congress decides-good or bad. Hopefully whatever is ultimately decided is beneficial to United States based businesses, corporations and citizens. (not particularly in that order) Nothing at all against cruise line. I really hope everyone comes out OK but if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. (I heard that somewhere)
  6. Almost a waste of time to go to the mailbox. Only gotten 2 cruise brochures this week and one of them was a postcard!
  7. I hear you (and we LOVE cruising) but...most cruise lines choose to have a tax home outside the US. That's a choice they make usually based on ongoing tax savings from normal operations and probably a whole of other liability issues. Sure they pay some taxes but I would not equate it to a Amazon or GM comparison as these corporations are global but chose to be US corporations. With this in mind, I believe any taxpayer relief or bailout should not go to these entities. Regarding loans, our government actually made money on loans given for bailout purposes in 2008-2009. I'm on the fence with loans.
  8. Although you present a pretty dire prediction, I believe your projections are more in line what will happen. Hoping you're overreacting or simply wrong but I don't think so.
  9. I don't think so. I heard there was a drawing. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) Sailed the Edge in February with Captain Kate. In any event, it's leadership at it's best. The Celebrity brand goes up one notch in my opinion.
  10. Absolutely. Have a Tauck tour scheduled now which I may unfortunately have to cancel. I've always felt that cruising is a no brainer for relaxing and scratching the surface of places you want to dive in deeper. I believe that even Tauck's small group tours are 24. Have done 16 or less and those are great. But....I will include cruising when and if everything returns!
  11. The "pent up demand" I refer to is the many thousands that have credits from cruises either cancelled by the passenger or cruise line. These 125% credits in many cases will not buy you the same cabin on the same cruise in the future given the prices now showing. As the credits are only good for a year I believe, there will be an artificial demand for many cruises. When and perhaps only when ships are half to three quarters full (or even less) will we see pricing return to levels we're used to.
  12. We sailed with Captain Kate February 23. No hype here, she is exactly as you see. Fantastic.
  13. In February we sailed Celebrity as a Retreat Guest. I've been told Celebrity modeled their Retreat after Norwegian's Haven. Has anyone sailed in both and how do they compare? What we loved about the Retreat was the private pool and sundeck with comfortable furniture, fantastic dining room for just Retreat guests and the lounge. Would appreciate any comparisons including food. Food on Celebrity Edge in Luminae compared to Oceania and Silversea. Thanks.
  14. Once things "normalize", (the new normal) I predict pricing to be at or near current high levels. There will be pent up demand as well. A few months out, I predict deals or falling prices-whatever you want to call them. We are fortunate as we rarely book a cruise that is more than 90 days out. Once things are back up again, we will monitor pricing and jump back in hopefully in a better time. My real fear is timeframes will be pushed out far more than anticipated. Cruising in September may be ambitious but I hope I'm wrong.
  15. I was fortunate enough to compete my two cruises on 3/1. On Tuesday, (3/17) I received a sales call from Celebrity. It was from the same person who calls me periodically even though I don't book directly with Celebrity. For the FIRST time, he was not pushy, just asked basic questions and offered his assistance if and when we're ready. I was amazed, at this change in sales tactics. Also, usually receive 10-15 cruise brochures per week from virtually everyone. Since March 8, we've received none. Our mailman must be so happy.
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