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  1. Oh, and I love the Pacific. We've been on her (or a sister ship) almost 10 times, I think, with another booked. My live from is here: And my post about the suite was on the last page, post 60. I can't figure out how to link it directly. Please note, this was 10 years ago, so the suite amenities have changed. But I'd travel in this suite again in a heartbeat.
  2. I sailed in one of the aft suites on the Old Royal (sister ship to the Pacific), and loved it. We may have been in 6088- it was the port side back. Somewhere in my posts (back in 08), I have a review. I'll see if I can find it.
  3. One of the best excursions I have ever been on was one organized on a roll call. However, one of the worst ones I have been on was also on a roll call. You just have to be aware of what you want, and what the person is offering. I now know to steer clear of people who are organizing a large number of tours, ask for payment to them before the cruise, and don't limit numbers.
  4. Sorry. I had already corrected myself, and I figured you had read it. Plus, on a cruise ship a pilot is a position on a ship (usually a local area person who comes on temporarily), and so why would I be talking about airplane pilots on a cruise ship thread. I though you were being deliberately obtuse. Tone is so hard to read on the internet after all.
  5. Already corrected above. SO SORRY I made a mistake. I meant to say junior officer. Seriously? At least you could just think I was thinking that the port pilot was still on board (he wasn't). Can't anyone take a mistake at face value and move on? I miss the old days when you couldn't fix mistakes days later (don't know if you can now, and seriously not going to check now).
  6. Thank you. I was on the cruise, and yet I don't know that I've ever read this. And, from the beginning "The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the Crown Princess accident was the second officer’s incorrect wheel commands, executed first to counter an unanticipated high rate of turn and then to counter the vessel’s heeling. Contributing to the cause of the accident were the captain’s and staff captain’s inappropriate inputs to the vessel’s integrated navigation system while the vessel was traveling at high speed in relatively shallow water, their failure to stabilize the vessel’s heading fluctuations before leaving the bridge, and the inadequate training of crewmembers in the use of integrated navigation systems." (Sorry if it didn't paste in correctly. My tablet didn't like copying it.) So yes, primary was a junior officer's actions (I did misstate when I said junior pilot, sorry), and secondary were inappropriate inputs to the autopilot. --------- And sorry for the digression. Again, I hope that the injuries are soon healed, both in the body and in the spirit, and that this doesn't turn people away from the nice parts of cruising.
  7. Sorry, mis-spoke. Junior officer. And yes, took it off of autopilot, and overcorrected. (I had thought he turned too far in, I didn't realize that he tried to correct, and turned to far the opposite way.) Maybe the root cause was improper settings, but the actual cause was human error, not autopilot error. (Even you say that he turned the autopilot off.) And we can debate back and forth, but I dont think we'll change each other's minds.
  8. Well, if you can call a junior pilot turning off the autopilot and oversteering (instead of correcting) a "malfunction", I guess that's right. I'd call it human error myself. I was on the Crown during the incident also. But, we listed/leaned severely also, and I can imagine what the passengers went through. I was in the pool at the time, and I was freaked. I hope none of the injuries require more than a cast or stitches and some time to heal.
  9. I don't know you, and have not met you, but as a fellow lover of travel, i pass on my deepest sympathies.
  10. I was told by one of the head waiters that the balsamic vinaigrette is just vinegar, oil, and spices. It's just whipped so it looks creamy. You might doublecheck. And I agree with the other poster. Check with one of the head waiters - there's one in the buffet as well - I'm sure they can help you. They did excellently with my fruit allergies 2 weeks ago. Where are you finding doughnuts? My husband couldn't find one to save his life over Christmas. If you let us know, I'll try to remember next year when we're on the Pacific again. (And I'm glad you're liking the small ship. She's our favorite.)
  11. Looking forward to travelling along, at least virtually! We got off the Pacific in FLL after the New Year, and I miss her already.
  12. Odd. I travelled with someone on the Pacific last month. They had gotten the photo package, and were able to get several photos taken of themselves and people in other cabins. Print and digital copies.
  13. The map is usually auctioned off just before the last BINGO session, in the same location (the Cabaret Lounge, i think - the main show lounge). We last saw it done two years ago (missed it last Christmas). Hope to see it in a couple of weeks! BTW - the map is usually hung right beside one of the doors in the pool area, at least on the Pacific, as I recall. I could be wrong, but that's my recollection. We love the small R3 ships. I think almost half of my cruises were on one.
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