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  1. Thanks for your suggestions. As you know, most of these videos were added to the Cruise Video section at the time they were made, but my thread in this section has grown to 11 pages, with 428 replies and 146,361 views, so it is a bit cumbersome to navigate. I don’t believe there is any way to search the tread for a particular location. All the information is just as relevant today as it was when the videos were published originally, so this was an attempt to provide CC users some information that might be useful in planning shore excursions. I have received many thanks for posting these videos and some nice complements on their content as being helpful in planning shore excursions. I notice you are a member of the 30,000+ club, so apparently you too like using CC to share information. Many of the newer videos contain much more information than just pictures. They provide a little history or other information about the site being shown. If the administrator feels this is an inappropriate place to post this information I will discontinue the practice. Ron
  2. Cruzer Two

    Antarctica Cruise Video

    No these were done in different years. I'm just posting some of my past videos since CC has update the site. Ron
  3. Cruzer Two

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    Thanks for the nice comment! We too would like a return visit. Ron
  4. Cruzer Two

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    Thanks for your kind comment. Norway is beautiful. You will have a great time. Ron
  5. Cruzer Two

    Hawaii (Oahu - Remembering Pearl Harbor)

    The repairs were scheduled for completion sometime in October, but I haven’t heard if it has reopened.
  6. Cruzer Two

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    You will love Norway. One of our favorite cruises!
  7. Cruzer Two

    Cuba (Havana Centro)

  8. Cruzer Two

    Cuba (Havana - Old Quarter)

  9. Cruzer Two

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    There is also a section labeled cruise videos! I guess it is up to the administrator to determine if the videos I'm posting violate CC policy. Speaking of thousands of posts....I'll look forward to your next 30,000 posts regardless of the section you choose post under! Cheers!
  10. Cruzer Two

    Norway (Honningsvag - North Cape)

    No point Capitan! Just sharing travel information for planning a cruise to Norway!
  11. Cruzer Two

    Norway (City of Tromso)

    We did it our self. Our ship docked several miles from the city center, but there is a local bus that stops just across from the cruise terminal and goes to the middle of the city. From there we walked to all of the sites shown on the video including the sites on the opposite side of the bridge. Very easy to do if you like to walk!
  12. Cruzer Two

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    Hank, I'm sorry you think I'm abusing CC. I thought the purpose of the website was sharing travel information. Like you, my only purpose in posting is to provide information that will help people plan their shore excursions. It appears that you have posted over 31,000 messages on CC compared to my 3,895 posts. Just saying! I've gotten lots of nice comments and questions about these videos. Yours is the first negative comment I've received.