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  1. Go to the home port section of CC you will find an entire section on FLL ports.
  2. If you go to halfacts.com you will find photos of many locations and cabins on all the HAL ships
  3. Showers on this ship are very large and the gym has lots of equipment. All the standard weight machines, free weights and many different aerobic pieces of equipment.
  4. Yes you can bring a power strip as long as it does NOT have a surge protection feature. However - you don't need to pack one. Have you travel agent of Hal Cruise consultant request one and it should be in your cabin when you board. If it is not there just ask the cabin steward and they will get you one. If you are on the Koningsdam or the Nieuw Statendam you won't need one since there a lots of outlets and USB ports in the cabins.
  5. Interesting - we are 5 Star and HAL just offered us the Club Orange for $25 pp per day on the Rotterdam. Needless to say we declined as we already get 75% of these perks with 5 Star.
  6. Did he happen to mention if he will be on for the Grand South America starting Jan 5?
  7. We will be boarding the Rotterdam in less than 2 weeks. I am wondering who is the current CD and are they also handling the EXC port guide duties or is there a second person giving these talks. Our cruise is very port intensive and we are planning on doing several ports DIY so would like to get some good information about these ports before we get off the ship. Also any other information on the ship would be great. It has been 2017 since we sailed on this ship.
  8. We have been to both villages in the past. In Boca we took school supplies and gave them to the school master. For the Embera village we took school supplies also and one person in our group took a soccer ball that was immediately put into action by the kids for a kick ball game.
  9. I have had several Canon DSLRs over the years with lens from wide angle to 300mm. When traveling this makes for a lot of weight and stuff to carry. A couple of years ago I purchased and Canon SX50 and have used it on several cruises and like it for traveling. It is much less weight and only need to carry the one camera and no extra lens. For our upcoming cruise I have purchased the latest version of this camera, a Canon SX70. It has most all the same controls as my DSLR, includes image stabilization and goes up to 1300mm all in a small camera. I realize that I can not blow up to giant prints but for using on social media or making video slide shows to view on a 4K TV this seems to make it a great camera for traveling. Also maybe less tempting for people to steal. Just wondering what others think of these bridge cameras and if you using them for travel. The photos below were taken with my SX50
  10. Here are a couple of my favorites from our Voyage of the Vikings
  11. I would add that during the happy hour - the second drink is $2 and must be the same as the first one.
  12. Just logged into my account using Chrome on my PC and no issues at all. There are some things that are not very friendly and yes doing the registration can take some time - they keep asking for passport/emergency contact/ etc.. can't they just keep this in the system and just ask me to confirm and change if needed. Leaving 2 weeks from today for 46 days on the Rotterdam.
  13. What I had booked was a 21 Day collector 10 day then 11 day so staying away from the 7 day does not help. Yes - we book early because we want to pick a particular cabin and yes they did cancel before the airline (southwest) bookings became available but it sure is a pain and disappointment when you spend time doing the planning and then they cancel. On the most recent cancellation I am also upset with my TA as I did not get the notice for over a month after HAL cancelled the cruise.
  14. Changes in ports happen but worse than that is when HAL charters the ship out from under us after we have booked a cruise. This has happened to us three times in the last 4 years. One time they cancelled the cruise for a charter - so we switched to another ship and then a month later they cancelled that cruise because of a charter. They are doing this when guests have booked a collectors cruise which is even worse. I wish Orlando would realize that this is making a lot of loyal HAL guests very upset.
  15. It is one of the smaller HAL ships. We have sailed it a couple times and it has the typical HAL feel that is more traditional cruise ship than the newer ships. The only downer is that the aft pool was replaced with several hot tubs but it you cruising in the cold weather it really does not matter. We would sail on her again as long as it was not to the warm climates.
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