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  1. Our local news said it was 4 people from here in the Indianapolis area but gave no details.
  2. With your experiences the last few weeks I am glad that you are not continuing on the Volendam with us and doing the Grand South America - we might hit an iceberg. 🤣😀
  3. Thanks - I was reading that HAL might be doing away with the print version. We board the Volendam on Sunday for the Grand South America
  4. Question Is the daily 8 page US Today/New York Times Digest still available in paper format on the Volendam or is it only on the Navigator App?
  5. Is Pocket Earth Pro an Iphone App? I didn't find it on the Android play store
  6. According the ATK chef (Spencer) on the Rotterdam in November and a coffee chat with the Hotel Director the ATK/HAL relationship ends 1 Jan 2020. I guess I will see for sure when we board the Volendam in 6 days.
  7. With ATK going away that may happen. We are on the Grand South America and I asked the Mariner Society what is planned for the 5 star cooking class perk - the answer was - we don't know - nothing scheduled yet. I also wish they would bring back the original hands on class with the chef from the ship and lunch in the Pinnacle - that was a nice perk for the 5 Star.
  8. Did you go out with Gina and her guys on the Calabaza? We have gone out with them 6 times over the years.
  9. Yes take a cab or Uber but are you flying in the day of the cruise? If you have the time suggest that you fly in the day before. With full flights these days if there is any delay or problem with your flight you might miss the ship. In the winter months we always fly in 2 days early just in case - makes for a much more relaxing start to our cruise.
  10. I print one copy of the entire package and then just page one for my spouse. I also save a copy of both in PDF format and put that on my laptop that I take on the trip.
  11. On the Rotterdam in Oct/Nov they had the made to order just forward of the pre-made sandwiches in the Lido.
  12. I suggested a third free Pinnacle dinner or OBC - awaiting their response.
  13. I asked the Mariner society about the cooking classes since HAL and ATK are not renewing their agreement - this is the response I received. Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line regarding the ATK cooking class/demonstration and documents for your upcoming Grand Voyage January 5, 2020 onboard Volendam. A replacement for the ATK cooking class/demonstration Mariner benefit has not yet been decided and unfortunately we do not have an estimated time frame for a new benefit to be introduced. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment this may cause and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know that we feel a very special appreciation for our valued Mariners, and input from our guests is utilized in revamping our Mariner Society to provide more tangible benefits for our program. We welcome any suggestions and would be happy to forward them to our Management team for consideration. I sent an email back asking if we would be getting any other benefit to replace the cooking class - waiting for a response.
  14. Are you staying on for the cruise starting Jan 5? Take care of the ship as that is when we are boarding
  15. My favorite ship - any DAM ship with a dark blue hull. Boarding the Volendam Jan 5 for 77 days.😀
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