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  1. My 4/20 cruise was canceled on 3/24. I opted (temporarily) for the FCC. My taxes and pre-paid gratuities have yet to be refunded. I was given until 4/9 to either take a FCC for my cruise planner purchases or just to have them refunded. I opted to have them refunded. I still haven't seen a nickel back. Others in my family on the same sailing have had theirs refunded for weeks. So, it's apparently a crapshoot, but the bottom line is : don't expect it to be quick. If it is, you got lucky. I'm on day 53 since the 4/9 deadline to take the FCC and am still waiting....
  2. Not always. I kept my FCC (so far) and am still waiting on cruise planner purchase refunds over 2 months after my cruise was canceled.
  3. Might be a "you had to be there" thing. I don't know if it translates to 2020 out of context, but man - that #### was hilarious... 🤣
  4. They would have kept my entire family's money had they done this a month ago. All we wanted was lift and shift. Instead, everyone cashed out.
  5. I'm trying so hard to find a reason to keep the FCC and I'm just coming up empty. I think I'm filing for the refund tomorrow. Taking a very long break from RCCL.
  6. So if you want to book a cruise where the fare is the same as your FCC, you have to pay the deposit in cash? There would then be a leftover portion of the FCC, obviously, and what - that just remains as a FCC and you'd have to book another cruise or lose that?
  7. See, this is totally germane to the topic of whether or not casinos will continue to allow smoking after this virus has moved on and not at all someone just throwing out personal opinions/observations. Nicely done.
  8. I think the thing a lot of people may be missing is that allowing smoking in the casino isn't just a simple matter of casino revenue. It's also the only place where someone can smoke inside. If there's nasty weather afoot (Caribbean) or cold temperatures exacerbated by wind on deck (New England / Alaska,) smokers have nowhere to go but to stand on deck in that in order to indulge. That would drive most smokers to abandon cruising/RCCL as a vacation option. A restaurant or casino on land can prohibit smoking and still draw business from smokers because they're only there for a couple/few hours. Most smokers can go a few hours without a cigarette. They can't go a week without one. If they feel like they're going to spend their entire vacation standing in a roped-off 10x10 foot area on an outside deck, they're going to switch to land-based vacations. This isn't a decision based upon "will the lost casino revenue from smokers be made up by non-smokers who will gamble more if the casino is smoke-free?" It's based upon "will the increase in casino revenue from non-smokers in a smoke-free casino offset the lost BOOKING revenue if 10% of our passengers disappear?"
  9. I'll know it happened when I don't see any more threads about smoking in the casino and they're replaced by 46 "Is it time for RCCL to ban smoking on the pool deck already?" threads.
  10. I'm really trying to find a reason to take the 125% FCC and rebook, but they're making it very difficult. If they're going to charge $84 a day for the drink package, I'm going to be almost forced to take the refund and book on another line or take a land-based vacation. It's going to end up costing me several hundred dollars to re-create the vacation that got canceled, even with the 25% kicker and that just doesn't sit well.
  11. Is there a way to see what the prevailing rate for a drink package is on any particular sailing without being booked on said sailing?
  12. Thanks to you, @Ourusualbeach. You are incredibly helpful. 👍
  13. Do pre-paid gratuities count as cruise planner purchases if you opted for MTD at booking and paid them in advance? I assume no, but am unsure...
  14. That's fairly annoying. If that is the case, then you should be able to pool those to book a cabin if they stagger the rates (60% off second guest) as well. Royal trying to have their cake and eat it too in this respect is going to result in a lot more refund requests than they would have gotten otherwise. Seems short-sighted to me.
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