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  1. I know this is little consolation, but thanks for being honest. I hope you get the resolution you're seeking. If people who may be carrying the virus lie just to get on board, they could potentially spread it to thousands of others. You did the right thing, regardless of the outcome, and I hope you can take pride and solace in that. You deserve it.
  2. I haven't. I e-mailed RCL Dining and they basically told me that if 10 people want to sit together every night, we need to switch to traditional dining. I don't really want to do that, so we may just show up each night, ask for a table for 10 and hope for the best. I don't know if everyone will make it every night, so I don't want to reserve a table for 10 and have 4-6 people show up each night.
  3. As long as you're not trying to make dinner reservations for multiple cabins together, you should be able to do it with little effort. Trying to make a reservation in MTD when you have a small group of people spread over multiple cabins is literally impossible, even if your reservations are linked on their site, cabins have been assigned, final payments are made and the interested parties are all checked in. It's baffling.
  4. Do bar waiters still walk around saying "Coco Loco.... iiiiisland drink..... Coco Loco.... iiiisland drink" over and over and over again?
  5. Do waiters still walk around chanting... "Coco Loco..........iiiiiisland drink........ Coco Loco........ iiiiiiiiiiisland drink......" ....until you can't get it out of your head?
  6. Even if Sepultura's 1991 classic "Arise" is playing through them? And in fairness to the OP, the questions asked were : "Will Mariner have the chat feature rolled out by April 2020?" and "Do the radios work on a ship that size?", not "Do walkie-talkies annoy selected cruise passengers and should they be banned?" So, your "answer," as it was, wasn't really an answer at all - just an unsolicited personal opinion, as you correctly characterized it in your last response. Unfortunately, that seems to be the norm these days on this board. Can I interest you in a "Where can I smoke on ___________ of The Seas" thread?
  7. Recommended test for walkie-talkies : Playing Sepultura's "Arise" album into them at top volume. Max will cut right through multiple decks and give you a crystal-clear connection. P.S. I bought the Surf & Stream package.
  8. Thanks for all the input everyone, I'm going to tell him to bring pre-packaged crackers and chips and then just find cookies and chocolate milk onboard.
  9. You'd think, right? Amazingly, it doesn't work. the kid's like a GD camel or something, he will goes days without eating. They've had to give him Pediasure on the doctor's recommendations just to make sure he isn't malnourished. For whatever reason, he'll drink that.
  10. They're trying like hell. The kid is stubborn as a mule.
  11. Great option, I didn't even know they'd allow that.
  12. My bro might be able to grab a few chocolate milks at breakfast and stick them in the in-cabin cooler to last the day too....
  13. I'm truly not sure what cookies he will or won't eat, but I'll ask. Will they let you bring stuff like chips and crackers on board? If so, that might be half the battle right there.
  14. Sailing on Mariner this spring and my brother's son, who's almost 4, has entered a phase where he doesn't want to eat almost everything. He ate all kinds of stuff when he was younger, but now, will throw just about anything you try to feed him on the floor. Specifically, he'll eat only the following : Potato chips Crackers Cookies Chocolate Milk And that's pretty much it. My sister-in-law is concerned that they may have trouble finding these specific items on board, can anyone who's sailed recently or maybe anyone who's sailed RCL with a toddler with a similar issue let me know of these specific items are available on board and where/when? Thanks in advance.
  15. No, thank YOU for taking the time to write this on vacation! 😁
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