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  1. In many states, the 3rd week of April is a school vacation week. You may be going on a cruise with a lot of kids. Just a heads up in the event you want to change the date.
  2. You really don't need the vaccinations but if it gives you peace of mind, then go for it.
  3. I went on a Panama Canal cruise last April. I did not get any vaccinations for travel and nothing was ever mentioned. What country are you concerned about?
  4. Are there shuttles from the airport to the port? I know my other options are the cruise transfers or Uber.
  5. When I first started cruising solo, sitting at a large table was no problem. Now I do MTD because after the first night, most people don't show up. I found myself alone or if a couple showed up, they ate quickly and left. With MTD, I can sit at a small table myself or ask to be seated with others. I also go to the Windjammer. There is a big difference sitting at an 8 top alone or a table for 2. The tables are close together and I usually start talking with people at the next table.
  6. I believe the shopping center is in Hollywood. From the airport, you can take 595 West to 95 South. No tolls on these roads.
  7. I also recommend Sleep Inn. I have them booked for my upcoming Alaska cruise. They have a shuttle that will take you to the light rail.
  8. Why can't you print them at the airport instead of on the ship?
  9. I had one on Navigator last December. The screen gave off light so the room wasn't ask dark as an interior. You could at least see "outside" so you could tell if the ship was pulling into port and what the weather was like. I would get this type of cabin again.
  10. I also had the same problem with RCI and Celebrity. I called numerous times and still no emails. I recently discovered the emails are coming in through my trash folder. Now I get all their announcements. The only ones that come through the inbox are my booked cruises.
  11. I got off the CB on 4/11. Most people were not in formal attire. Women wore dresses, pants with a nice top. Men had on a collared shirt, some wore a tie with or without a jacket. Some men wore just the jacket, no tie. As long as you look presentable, that's what matters.
  12. I have been on the Glory 3 times. IMO Carnival does a good job in seating solos either with other solos or 2 people traveling together (sisters, mother-daughter, friends). I thought the food was decent and good choices. I don't eat meat but still found things to choose. Carnival has good lunch options. Food is very subjective but there is always something you can find.
  13. What would you do on a cruise and it rained and you could not sunbath? There is trivia, demonstrations, spa, entertainment, bingo, talks on the ports and excursions, take a deck of cards, sometimes there are games (scrabble, checkers) in the library.
  14. Bealls does not have the type of clothing I would buy such as a lot of prints and elastic waist pants. Bealls has a customer base just like a lot of stores do. To me it looks like a Florida version of Sears. Bealls Outlet looks like a lot of stuff the Bealls stores could not sell.
  15. I was also on this cruise. Someone asked about tickets for the ice show. I don't recall seeing anything about tickets. People just went in and chose a seat. No one asked for tickets. Navigator is not one of the ships you need to make advanced reservations.
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