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  1. Have you ever been to Boston? If not, why would you bypass everything the city has to offer to spend the day in Salem? There is nothing wrong with going but there are more interesting things to see elsewhere. For a port stop, it really isn't worth the time and trouble to go there.
  2. I broke my wrist 3 years ago and needed surgery. I can't imagine going on a vacation enjoying myself. Just getting dressed was a chore. I bought pull on pants instead of wearing jeans with a zipper and button. I only had a few tops to wear that I could get my arm into the sleeve. Anything you do is a real effort. It's no fun lugging around a cast in a sling all day. When I spend good money on a vacation, I want to have a good time, not sit around. I can do that at home.
  3. I was also on last week's NE/Canada cruise. You can use US money but beware you may get Canada money back if change is involved. If I want to use US$, I always ask what currency I will get back. Otherwise I use a credit card. Credit cards are taken everywhere. I went to the dining room the first night and didn't care for the food or the selections. I then went to the Windjammer every night. There is something for everyone. The food is not what it used to be. The ports are easy to walk around. I've been to the ports before and always find something new I haven't seen. I don't know what you're interested in but I look at the ship's excursions to get an idea of where they go. I then take an excursion or go off on my own and get an independent tour. The ports have tours you can get when you get off the ship (Grayline, HOHO, local tour companies).
  4. In many states, the 3rd week of April is a school vacation week. You may be going on a cruise with a lot of kids. Just a heads up in the event you want to change the date.
  5. You really don't need the vaccinations but if it gives you peace of mind, then go for it.
  6. I went on a Panama Canal cruise last April. I did not get any vaccinations for travel and nothing was ever mentioned. What country are you concerned about?
  7. Are there shuttles from the airport to the port? I know my other options are the cruise transfers or Uber.
  8. When I first started cruising solo, sitting at a large table was no problem. Now I do MTD because after the first night, most people don't show up. I found myself alone or if a couple showed up, they ate quickly and left. With MTD, I can sit at a small table myself or ask to be seated with others. I also go to the Windjammer. There is a big difference sitting at an 8 top alone or a table for 2. The tables are close together and I usually start talking with people at the next table.
  9. I believe the shopping center is in Hollywood. From the airport, you can take 595 West to 95 South. No tolls on these roads.
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