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  1. I mentioned in my post that my food will have to be in my carry on which I would need to use a suit case in order to fit the food and a change of clothes in case of missing checked suitcases. Meaning I would check one suitcase and use 2nd as a carry-on (the canned food is 40#).
  2. Thanks. I emailed them and they replied a week later. However they said they would mark my edocs with a "Liquid Policy Exemption" icon, but I would just have to make sure the cans are in my carry on. This is good, but now I will have to bring my suitcase as carryon cause the cases are large and heavy. 🙂 Thanks everyone for your responses
  3. I currently have a feeding tube and need to bring canned formula for my meals. Has anyone had any issue with bringing canned liquid formula on board?
  4. I am actually bidding same from aft balcony to PH on a different date. Was that 750pp or total bid?
  5. Hi Bingo - I'm actually on the same trip as you. Was just looking at the room difference from Inside to Balcony and saw the Sailaway Balcony is only about $300 pp difference (non-sailaway 600pp difference). You may want to call NCL and see what they may give you for an offer if you upgrade over the phone versus bidding. If you upgrade to non-sailaway you would also get all the free at sea perks (this ends this week I believe). Either way doesn't hurt to call and see what they may offer you
  6. Was on the Dawn in August last year and that was the cruise I was looking to upgrade on (not cancel and book a different date) Currently for the Gem in May I have booked an Aft balcony on the 10th floor as I heard it was deeper than normal due to the bump out. Looking forward to it.
  7. One did not have a sailaway rate - was a 9th flour Balcony mid ship that was booked through CAS and was only 1800 due to upgrade from oceanview which was free from Foxwoods. Did not want to cancel - the PH Suite price (no Haven on Dawn) was only 450 pp higher than my room category so was looking to pay the 900 difference to upgrade like I have on prior cruises.
  8. I have also done that before on two other cruises with them. Needless to say I was not happy this last time I tried.
  9. No. Was trying to update to a suite from my Balcony which was $900 difference week before my cruise. They told me they would also need to charge me the $900 plus a penalty of an additional $1800 (100% of what I had paid so far) if I wanted to make this change. They claimed it was due to having to cancel my reservation and make a new one so it fell within the cancelation policy rules which show 100% penalty that close to the cruise date. I had them transfer me to their supervisor and was repeated the same thing.
  10. Last year I tried to upgrade my room through NCL (No TA used for my trip) close to cruise date and they wanted to charge me a large penalty to do so (75%). It is because when you upgrade they have to cancel your old reservation and then create a new one. The closer to your cruise date the higher the % penalty.
  11. Keep in mind that if doing private excursions and you run into traffic that delays you from getting back in time then the ship wont wait for you. Only times the ship will wait is if booked through the cruise line. Just make sure you plan on being back at least 1-2 hrs before final boarding to be safe.
  12. Has anyone had any luck bidding from a B1 Aft Balcony to a Aft Penthouse suite, and if so what did you bid? I should be able to bid next week and am just looking to see what a good $ amt would be. Currently the PH suite price is $500 pp over my room, but where I am traveling alone I am not really keen on paying $1000 to upgrade outright. I really like my current room too so if I don't win a bid I will be good (it would be nice to get suite perks too if cheaper)
  13. Was thinking same thing - but the room next door is penthouse suite with an even bigger deck :)
  14. I am currently booked end of May in an Aft Balcony (10th floor). The upgrade bidding will be starting soon and I was wondering if it would be worth bidding on an Aft Penthouse suite? I definitely want to stay in an Aft facing room and was curious on others thoughts on this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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