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  1. We are a family of four adults disembarking Sky Princess on June 8. The cruise transfer from the cruise terminal to Copenhagen airport is $39 for each of us. Would a taxi for four adults, each with one carry on size bag, be an option? What would the approximate fare be, and is booking the taxi transport in advance possible? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the quick response! By CB we assume you are referring to Caribbean Princess,, correct?
  3. Hi, we are thinking of booking a Panama Canal partial on the CP and have a question about the deck 14 aft staterooms. Is there much noise or food smell from the buffet above? This is our first time on CP. We like a quiet room but enjoy the proximity to the upstairs amenities. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  4. Ships, a question about the Deck 14 staterooms: Can you hear noise or smell food from the buffet above? This will be our first time on CP and before booking an aft stateroom we want to be sure there are no distractions above us. Thanks.
  5. Another vote for the Premier Inn Quayside. We have stayed there several times, most recently two weeks ago before the Sil Norway sailing for just 69 GBP. Quiet room, excellent bed, large tub. There's a mall across the street with several excellent restaurants on the south side, as well as a convenience store next to the hotel with great fresh pastries. It's then an easy walk to the terminal, through the HI parking lot as someone else mentioned.
  6. BizDoc

    sparkling wine

    We are just off the Viking Sea and are big Prosecco fans. And while Prosecco is available, our bartender offered us a German Sparkling wine called "Romer," which we tried and found to be delicious. It became our go to sparkling wine of choice for the rest of the cruise.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Years ago, I think CC allowed messages, as several of us used messages to set up a few shore excursions. Guess I didn't realize the function had been deleted.
  8. I'm getting this notification when attempting to send a message to another CC'r: "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later." I'm logged in, and can obviously post in the Forums. Any help?
  9. BizDoc


    Viking Ocean mentioned "slippers" are provided in the Viking Sea stateroom. Can someone tell us what they are -- footie socks, flimsy slip-ons, moccasin type, etc.? thanks.
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