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  1. I don't know what the artist got, but if you ask me, he should've gotten life :D
  2. The most important section is missing... dessert :)
  3. I'm glad I searched before posting this same question. Some years ago we sailed back-to-back on the Star from Vancouver-LA then LA-Mexican Riviera. Hoping to do the same again on the Pearl (last sailed on her in 2014) but there's this big blank space. I'm thinking it might be a charter but can't find anything. Anyone in the know?
  4. Youtube will be live streaming the Grey Cup game. Should be able to watch it on your laptop or tablet but the data cost could be a bit costly.
  5. The article includes a helpful Facebook share button. Oh gosh, I just pushed it.
  6. What arrogance! Very much hoping that Del Rio takes a hike or walks the plank.
  7. Chicken Pox. Two days before our family was set to go on a Christmas vacation (Disneyland/LA) one of my kids came down with chicken pox. Then the other two did. Cancellation insurance saved the day, we were able to get a full refund of our flights/hotels and rescheduled for the following summer.
  8. Ecigs... no more dangerous than those nasty points on the end of your fork in the main dining room. You could take your eye out with one of those things if you miss your mouth.
  9. Well, the odds of my wife quitting smoking before our planned 2015 cruise is somewhere between slim and none. And the odds of me booking that cruise and knowing she'll be miserable are absolutely zero. I'm very sad tonight.
  10. We just sailed the Pearl followed two days later by a week on the Epic. I found the food on the Pearl's Garden Buffet to be much superior in variety. There were actually times when my I had a hard time filling my plate on the Epic while on Pearl it usually overflowed with goodness. Pearl desserts also left the Epic in the dust, so many more to choose from. We did very much like the balcony stateroom on the Epic, other than the bed being a bit short. Our balcony was huge compared to the Pearl balcony, room for our traveling mates to join us without feeling at all cramped. Entertainment was superior on the Epic. Blue Man Group was an amazing experience, loved Howl at the Moon. Quite disappointed in the theatre offerings on the Pearl, not nearly as good as they were when Jean Anne Ryan Productions were in charge. Pearl has the Great Outdoors aft on 12, a quiet and beautiful place to eat, drink or just relax. We love it back there. Overall, I found the medium sized Pearl to be more my cup of tea. The food and Great Outdoors tip the balance for me.
  11. We were in Coxen Hole with the Pearl the week before this terrible incident and stepped outside the immediate port area to check out the Straw Market. Immediately approached by a "driver" who offered to take me anywhere, get anything (assume drugs) or find a woman. A quick no and he went off to prey on someone else. Another hustler wanted to help me shop for a lighter (he overheard me ask a security guard) ... paid him a buck and hot-footed it back to the secure area of the port and the ship. A very creepy and unsafe place. My condolences to Jacob's family and friends.
  12. Mrs. SH and I both very much enjoyed the Freestyle Sundeck on the Jewel. I assume it's still clothing optional :)
  13. The program reports that the Captain had asked to be informed when the ship was 5 miles from shore so he could personally take over command for the "bow". He received that news, rushed to the bridge and proceeded to wreck the ship.
  14. I'm a bit confused as to why the Italian Coast Guard and/or Navy weren't at the forefront of rescue operations on the night of the wreck. The Deputy Mayor and ship's doctor seem to have been left to their own devices to help in the rescue for hours and hours.
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