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  1. We went to Playa Palancar last year. It's the farthest from town, which means the cab ride may be a little more expensive, but it'll also be less crowded that ones closer to the piers. There was no charge for chairs, but just expect you to buy something, which we did. A couple of beers then we had lunch and it was good. It was a nice beach and very low key.
  2. We're planning to visit Honeymoon Beach on Water Island, which is adjacent to Crown Bay pier. Sounds like once you're a Crown Bay you just take the water taxi across the channel, then a short walk (10 minutes I've heard and you're there. Beats a half hour taxi ride!
  3. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/dont-freak-out-about-the-coronavirus-just-yet
  4. Sailing out of Ft Lauderdale, what side of the ship does the pilot boat come alongside to pick up the Pilot? I want to get some shots of the transfer process. Seems to me it’s the port side but I’m sure some of the group would know for certain.
  5. We were there last year and there is a bar outside that makes one hell of a Painkiller! It’s a full bar with all kinds of liquor and beer.
  6. We wanted to rent a Jeep last year but were put off by Ernesto’s spotty reviews. We found that to get a Jeep via Alamo or Avis, we’d have to shuttle out to the airport to pick it up and we’d have to return it there as well. So we opted for a small Chevy SUV. The AC was much appreciated so we were happy with our choice! The east coast is beautiful and altogether different from the west coast. We stopped at a tequila oriented tourist trap on our way, but it was fun. Funky bars and great views on the other side! We stopped at Playa Palancar on our way back to town for some lunch, cerveza and beach time.
  7. We did a tour with Carson Moore a few years ago. We did a lap of the island and did finish up at a beachside restaurant for a flying fish sandwich. We’ve also rented a car and done the same circuit on our own. The roads are very good and pretty well marked. It’s fun to drive on the “wrong” side of the road.
  8. We were at Sapphire a couple of years ago. I thought the prices were reasonable. Maybe $10-15 for 2 chairs and an umbrella. Drinks weren’t bad either, $3 for a beer. The bar makes an outstanding Painkiller too. Nice view of St. John.
  9. This is the same guy I saw in 2011. He told me to go to hell after I outed him as the San Juan Scammer!
  10. They used to have every episode on demand. Last year there was a limited selection. Bummer. Who doesn’t love Charo and Sandy Duncan?
  11. When the Regal first rolled out the Medallion a couple of years ago, after we all boarded and if all were going to the same floor(e.g. Deck 17) I would loudly say “express”. As my fellow elevator mates were looking at me like I was an idiot, I would explain that this was a new feature of the Medallion there were testing. It worked about 3/4 of the time. I was hoping it would catch on but I never saw anyone else using the express feature.
  12. My concern about renting a car would be, are they set up with right hand drive? Most vehicles I see there have American style left side drive but since they drive on the left, that could be dicey.
  13. Was he a LA Cop? I recall seeing a comedian who was a former policeman a couple of years ago.
  14. Playa Palancar is pretty nice. Non-AI, just pay as you go. Chairs and umbrellas were available and I think they were free if you were drinking and eating. Its about the farthest beach club from town so it’s probably less crowded than others. But it would be a higher cab fare than closer spots. We rented a car so we were happy to avoid crowds.
  15. MrSchwump

    Hotel day pass??

    We took a cab to the Divi resort on Eagle Beach. There’s no pay one price deal. Instead you buy coupons that are redeemable at the bars and restaurants. We’re not big drinkers so this was fine for us. Nice place and close to town.
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