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  1. In my opinion, I wouldn't bother going to San Gervasio if they were giving out free donuts. It is very underwhelming. It looked like an abandoned gas station that the weeds and vegetation were about to reclaim. Unless you are a Mayan history and culture buff I think it would be very disappointing.
  2. I guess it’s a matter of timing. We visited Playa Palancar on a day when there were 7 ships in port. It was busy but not over crowded. I thought the food was good and prices seemed fair.
  3. You could ask to ride inside the cab with the driver. A lot of those trucks are 4 doors with a seat behind the driver's seat.
  4. We were in E439 and it was only slightly obstructed. There was a small boat, not a full sized tender, in front of us. I think 319 might have a full sized tender but most seemed obstructed looking down, not out to the horizon.
  5. We had a sideways on the Regal a couple years ago. It was great. The only drawback was, you have to be careful opening the door as the bed is visible from the doorway. Privacy can be compromised but I agree, it did seem a bit roomier.
  6. Nice beach and the bar makes a great Painkiller!
  7. We just walked into town (2 minutes) and found a taxi who took us to the fort. They hang out at the Circus which is a rotary traffic circle. Extra fee for entry but the driver, Matey, was a great guy. Gave us a sight seeing tour to and from and was very friendly and personable. I think he changed us $50 total. That’s really all we wanted to do so it was perfect.
  8. On a Princess Cruise a couple of years ago I did a trip to a Rastafarian village through the cruise line. It was very interesting, especially if you have an interest in Reggae music and the Rastafarian culture. Really nice people who were welcoming to and open to questions about their lifestyle. Definitely something different that you can’t do anywhere else.
  9. I second Mambo beach. Close to town and lots of amenities. I think it’s also known as Seaquarium beach. I think it was $5 each one way.
  10. I think it’s a 4 seater. Not 4 tall people but there are 4 seats. Picture the Flintstone mobile with a small engine. No windows and no doors but a lot of fun!
  11. Is there more than one company now? Only one I've see is Atlantis. We did that several years ago and it was pretty cool. You take a shuttle boat out to the reef where the sub is waiting. You transfer to the submarine which includes climbing down a ladder so you need to be a tad nimble. If I recall you sit on bench seats and everyone has a good sized window to look out of. It's pretty easy to take pictures through the window, just turn your flash off. I think we went to 160' and you see all sorts of fish, coral, sponges, etc. We went past a small shipwreck which was cool. The oddest sensation is when the sub touches down on the bottom. I would highly recommend it. When else will you get the chance to ride in a submarine?
  12. Anytime Dining is NOT immediate seating. In the past, we've waited up to 45 minutes for a table. Usually it's 10 or 20 minutes if you go at a peak time. Other times we have gone right in. This was pretty typical 15 years ago when they first introduced the ATD concept but lately a wait is more common that no wait, in my experience. This is another reason why we're Buffett people now! :)
  13. Last time we visited STT we went to Sapphire. There are 2 places to get drinks. The open air bar makes a great Painkiller! Great views too. Get there early as we got the last couple of chairs available before a ship excursion showed up. We just took one of the open air taxis and paid for our own chairs. Probably a lot cheaper than the folks on the excursion paid.
  14. What are the prices for washing and drying on the Conquest? Do you used your cruise card or do you need quarters or tokens? thanks!
  15. Don’t tell Joan Crawford or there will be hero to pay!!!
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