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  1. 1 hour ago, icats75 said:

    So, if I were to pay for my airfare in full now, would I still be able to cancel my flights, if needed, without any fees?

    Once airfare is paid in full and tickets issued . The fare become a restricted fare. Princess issues the tickets 45 days before the cruise. Hope this answers your question?

  2. It might be in service in November 2021 . The ship still requires a dry dock before it goes into service. The dry dock is an inspect and repair before it is official handed over. P&O will require a full inspection of the Star before taking over ownership .

  3. On 11/23/2019 at 12:38 AM, AtlantaCruiser72 said:

    I think Alaska 2021 is going to look something like this (based on current last sailings in their system for the entire fleet):

    7nt One way N/S Vancouver Whittier - Royal, Star, Coral, Sun, possibly Regal if they do a 5 ship season from Vancouver.  If so one ship could do a full season of 7, 10  or 14nt Vancouver Roundtrips , though Princess usually focuses more on the North/South runs.

    7nt R/T Seattle -  Discovery, Emerald

    10nt R/T San Fransisco - Ruby

    Possibly no ship in LA for summer 2021 UNLESS Discovery stays there or they bring Regal in - both unlikely 


    Pacific appears to stay in Japan SE Asia for summer 2021, and Regal may stay in Aus/NZ or SE Asia for the summer 2021 season.


    Princess is now the last of the "Big 6" (Carnival, NCL, Royal, Celebrity, Holland, Princess) to release Alaska 2021.  All the others have their full 2021 schedule, including cruisetours available (NCL being the exception and has not released cruisetours, just cruises).


    Usually Princess put out a deployment notice on their travel agent website about a week before new crusies are bookable.  To date nothing is listed for Alaska 2021.  I check daily and will repost back if/when I see something

    The Star is going to Australia in the spring of 2021 . She was sold to P&O Australia.

  4. 2 hours ago, kywildcatfanone said:

    Thanks for the help.


    I think I know the answer to this, but any unused OBC on the first cruise, can it be kept for the 2nd cruise, or are the considered separate?  Usually don't  have any, but on this cruise we will have more OBC on the first than the 2nd.

    Only if your in the same cabin. If different cabins you'll get a new room card/medallion . OBC will not carry over automatically. Sometimes if you talk to Passenger Services half way thru the first cruise. They can have it moved over .

  5. On 11/11/2019 at 2:36 AM, leck57 said:


    Your phone does NOT need to be in flight mode, otherwise you cannot make or receive calls or make/receive texts. Many people put their phones in flight mode as it is the simplest but when you do that you essentially do not have a working phone in the traditional sense. What you should do is simply disable mobile data. Go to settings>connections>data usage>mobile data>select disable. That will stop your phone updating apps etc which are the causes of large bills.

    You still have to turn cellular onboard if you want to use WiFi calling. If you don't the cell tower on the ship pings your phone constantly.

  6. On 4/11/2018 at 8:39 PM, Nebr.cruiser said:


    We were able to upgrade our American flight in January using miles (25,00) and $350 each, to business class lay flat seats from Nebraska to Buenos Aires, so it can be done. Business class seats were selling for much, much more than our total investment and so worth the price on the red-eye flight.


    We did have to apply for the upgrade and did not know until a couple of days ahead of the flight whether we got it or not.


    Coming back was on an airline we don't have miles for and was pretty miserable, even though we paid for an upgrade to premium economy.


    Another good thing was that the flight to Buenos Aires was originally to go from Omaha to Charlotte to Miami, have quite a good layover and then on to Buenos Aires. When we got to the airport had a text saying our flight times had changed. Talked to the front desk, they agreed we could no longer make the flight in Charlotte for Miami and changed us to a flight to Dallas and then on to Buenos Aires. They didn't even hesitate, just got it done.


    Much more direct and we kept our business class seats! Win-win.


    Some airlines say outright no if you ask them. I've talked to Air Canada and Westjet (both Canadian) . They both said that the class of fares cant be upgraded with points or cash. With Air Canada I was able to bid on an upgrfed ticket. The bid cost usually ran about 50% to 60% of the difference between Economy and Business.

  7. 15 hours ago, ColoradoMom!! said:

    Frugal Travel - love your name.  Actually if I was given the option to use SW by EZAir, I would be way under my $250 RT fare allowance from DEN - LAX - guess I should have put it that way.  Free is free - but having traveled DEN to LA area so often, if you plan ahead, you can score some great deals on SW.  While I always price out the competition, I find that SW usually is the best rate for me.  I am flying one way for example next month for $65, so adding the free bags is truly Frugal Travel! 

    SW isn't an airline on EzAir.

  8. There aren't any hotels near the port. Downtown hotels will run from $200 USD and up. Out near the airport hotels are cheaper .

    Where to stay will depend on what time and how far before the cruise you arrive. Princess I think uses thr westin downtown for about $400 per night , this includes transfer from the airport to the ship and to the ship on embarkation day.

  9. On 11/5/2019 at 5:34 PM, BigGuy25 said:

    We’ve used EZair many times, but always for international European flights, and always saved considerable money over booking direct.  We recently booked a Vancouver to Hawaii cruise for September 2020.  Our flights are Phoenix to Vancouver and then Honolulu to Phoenix.  Currently, the EZair first class fare is exactly the same as booking directly through the airline.  What’s your experience?  I realize I’m looking at a booking almost 10 months out.  Should I expect EZair fares to drop when we’re six months out, etc?  Thanks.

    If you found the flights you want. Booked them as Flexible and check prices regularly . If they drop you can change. The advantage EzAir Flexible you pay at final payment and can cancel up to 45 days before the cruise.

  10. On 10/22/2019 at 8:57 AM, Ferndale Girl said:

    How do you find out which terminal a cruise ship will stop at in New York?  It only says New York.  

    Always the Brooklyn/Red Hook terminal. I think there is bridge that doesn’t allow Princess to cruise under.

  11. 6 hours ago, High C's said:

    Princess honoured the lower fare AFTER final payment was made?  That's incredible.  I always thought we could only refare up until time of final payment.  I've honestly never bothered to track the fare after that (in fear of seeing the price drop significantly and not being able to take advantage of it!!!)

    I’ve been refare twice on one cruise after final payment. I was booked directly thru a Personal Vacation Planner at Princess.

  12. 1 hour ago, AdinaMarie13 said:

    I see these reports are from last year about HAL's website. Well it is October 2019 and I am also having an issue. It tells me my login is incorrect and that my session expired. I even reset my password, tried a different browsers, used my phone and tried to log in from an email...NOTHING. 


    Anyone else having issues? 

    I found that my browser was blocking pop ups of the HAL site. Once I allowed pop ups the site worked properly. 

  13. Princess doesn’t have free drinks in the Platinum , Elite and Suite lounge. Only the Captains Club reception and the champagne waterfall have free drinks.

    14 minutes ago, isisdave said:

    We've just boarded Golden Princess in San Francisco and attended the first special event for Elite, Suite, and Platinum guests. We're Platinum.


    As you know, Princess usually has either a nice lounge for a free drink or three in the evening, or equivalent coupons to use around the ship.


    Now the party is in the Vista Lounge, and the only free thing is special appetizers. The "special" drinks offered -- about eight cocktails, which aren't of interest to us -- were a "special" price of $6.50 and everything else was regular price.


    Last trip on Princess for us. Unless of course Celebrity, RCI, and HAL do the same. Another silly thing to have to check before booking.


  14. 19 hours ago, voljeep said:

    8% - 12%


    On 7/29/2019 at 2:05 PM, Colo Cruiser said:


    A PCP has no more power to grant discounts than a regular Princess rep does. 

    For the “special” rates you both get a great TA could knock more than 10% off that rate. So IMO you are both leaving a lot of $$ on the table.

    That is your prerogative.  I will stay with my TA and reap the benefits. I can’t afford to leave any $$$ on the table.

    That's nice if you have a TA that does that . Not all TA's do give a discount of any amount. I'm lucky if a can find a TA that will give us a bottle of wine or a specialty restaurant for two.


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