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  1. I just put my laptop on a shelf out of sight. It's not the staff I worry about but other guess. I always have password protect my devicies.
  2. We did a cruise there late October from LA. Didn't require an shoots. If you plan on staying in the islands on land you might require it. I would have the Hep A and Hep C form traveling anyway(no matter were your travelling).
  3. Why not arrive for a transfer with a private company. Some stop at a couple attractions on the way to Anchorage.
  4. If your from the US , passport isn't required but recommended for closed loop cruises.
  5. In Canada most TA's have to go thru an accreditation process with each cruiseline they want to sell.
  6. The cost of selecting seats is common with EzAir. This the contract that EzAir negotiates with the airlines. If you buy Premium Economy or Business you get to to. Hose your seats for free. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. captain's usually change every three months.
  8. The table number will be printed on your key catd when you get it.
  9. Depending on how many ships are in port. The check in time is very short or very long. They usually all passengers to be checked in by 3PM for a 4:30PM sailing.
  10. I use Safari and Firefox on my computer with no problem. I have used Chrome in the past and it very poorly written . It couldn't access a lot of common sites. My online banking doesn't recommend Chrome or Edge for use on their site.
  11. No Princess@sea anymore . Use a website instead of the app.
  12. Rumor I've june 26 for a new sale. Sailings from Summer 2019 to Spring 2020.
  13. As a first time cruiser . I would do the cruise lines excursions.
  14. The flights id whats holding us from going to Australia from Vancouver Canada. Because of bad knees I need premium economy or business. Flights make the cruise not viable.
  15. Each cruise calls it something different but still the same. Cruises less the 90 days away.
  16. Most ships use ramps to disembart. There also is an elevator to go down to the disembarkation area.
  17. Pack and Go rates are open to public. Just the cruise line and book both cabins directly.
  18. You'll have to clear your cache as well.
  19. The actual changes daily. This because tides aren’t on a 24 hour cycle.
  20. Jeans in the MDR is up to the discretion of the head waiter. I've seen people wearing jeans be turned away from the MDR especially on formal nights.
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