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  1. Our last upsell from a balcony to a mini suite was a good price. The price was about 50% of what the difference was between a balcony and a mini suite.
  2. It might be in service in November 2021 . The ship still requires a dry dock before it goes into service. The dry dock is an inspect and repair before it is official handed over. P&O will require a full inspection of the Star before taking over ownership .
  3. The Star is going to Australia in the spring of 2021 . She was sold to P&O Australia.
  4. Only if your in the same cabin. If different cabins you'll get a new room card/medallion . OBC will not carry over automatically. Sometimes if you talk to Passenger Services half way thru the first cruise. They can have it moved over .
  5. Came off the Royal in October . There was a sheet between the duvet and the person. You can sheet under the sheet only if you want.
  6. You still have to turn cellular onboard if you want to use WiFi calling. If you don't the cell tower on the ship pings your phone constantly.
  7. Some airlines say outright no if you ask them. I've talked to Air Canada and Westjet (both Canadian) . They both said that the class of fares cant be upgraded with points or cash. With Air Canada I was able to bid on an upgrfed ticket. The bid cost usually ran about 50% to 60% of the difference between Economy and Business.
  8. There aren't any hotels near the port. Downtown hotels will run from $200 USD and up. Out near the airport hotels are cheaper . Where to stay will depend on what time and how far before the cruise you arrive. Princess I think uses thr westin downtown for about $400 per night , this includes transfer from the airport to the ship and to the ship on embarkation day.
  9. If you found the flights you want. Booked them as Flexible and check prices regularly . If they drop you can change. The advantage EzAir Flexible you pay at final payment and can cancel up to 45 days before the cruise.
  10. Always the Brooklyn/Red Hook terminal. I think there is bridge that doesn’t allow Princess to cruise under.
  11. Only if your in the same cabin. If you change cabins it disappears.
  12. I’ve been refare twice on one cruise after final payment. I was booked directly thru a Personal Vacation Planner at Princess.
  13. I found that my browser was blocking pop ups of the HAL site. Once I allowed pop ups the site worked properly.
  14. Princess doesn’t have free drinks in the Platinum , Elite and Suite lounge. Only the Captains Club reception and the champagne waterfall have free drinks.
  15. I usually count on about an hour. It could be less but LAX traffic can be a nightmare. On one transfer it took almost an hour to get to terminal #6. This the last stop for shuttles.
  16. That's nice if you have a TA that does that . Not all TA's do give a discount of any amount. I'm lucky if a can find a TA that will give us a bottle of wine or a specialty restaurant for two.
  17. Sounds like like you either need a travel agent or new PVP that works the why you want.
  18. Ports lie Wrangell allow tour passengers to come ashore.Town not big enough to handle people just walking around.
  19. As I mentioned you can request an early ticketing after final payment.
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