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  1. As I mentioned you can request an early ticketing after final payment.
  2. I’ve never had problems with Air Canada on EzAir for seats. My issue has been with WestJet not allowing me to pick Seas, with Air Canada I go directly to the website to chose my seats.
  3. Certain airlines can only be ticketed 45 days before departure. Princess has a form that you can fax in to get Early Ticketting.
  4. My PVP at Princess can see them. They currently aren't up on the website yet.
  5. I got the email about two weeks ago . I got South America and Asia information last week via email. Did you sign up for notifications of specials and cruises.
  6. Yes the casino will open when the ship is about 10 miles from the pier.yes it will be on when cruising. They usually open around 10AM on sea days . The time will vary by cruise line.
  7. Princess has decided not to cruise to Cuba in 2020 or 2021 . They are currently redoing the Pacific Princess cruises .
  8. I have been using a CPAP for over 10 years . You can request it thru your cruise personalizer , thru Princess direct or your TA if you used one.
  9. Everybody gets a coupon book from Princess on boarding.
  10. This old news , EzAir will get you to the next port or refund you the cruise depending on what works better. In some cases if your flown to the next port US law is broken.
  11. You still have control of your booking like you do if booked online. My PVP has gotten us price r dictions even after fail payment . On one cruise we got two price reductions after final payment to the amount of $1000 per person. If you call the regular number they won’t even consider a price drop after final payment. A TA couldn’t get that ether for you but our PVP did. He knew who to call .
  12. I have a PVP at that I have used for the last 8 years. He is always a quick call or email. He knows exactly what I want . He also sends me info on up coming promotions and future release date. Yes the general number can help on week ends.
  13. Australia will be released to Elites on April 9 at 2PM Pacific Daylight Time.
  14. If I recieved this offer ( being retired ) i would take it . Then re book something before they changed their minds. The offers are usually capacity controlled.
  15. I don't know what exactly the staff make. One waiter told me that makes more on the cruise ship (without tips) then he would at 5Star hotel in Singapore. Another from Mexico told us that with what he makes ( before tips) was enough to move his wife and daughter ( is sick) to city with better medical facility. Note : we didn't tip extra because of this story. Quite often the tips are used to support the extended family in their home country.
  16. no longe for Elites. There is from 5PM to 7PM an area set aside for elites. It is up in Skywalkers with daily drink special and appetizers . This for Elite and Suite passengers only. Sometimes they allow you to bring quests but depends on number of Elites onboard.
  17. The same price if order onboard or pre order. Onboard you can buy at any bar after the ship has left the pier.
  18. This from my PVP at Princess. He knew I was asking about Spring 2021. If your Australia the dates might be different.
  19. Just heard that fall 2020 and Spring 2021 for all Markets will de released in May 2019. Princess will also be doing Cuba in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.
  20. The only thing is they don't show which ships for each voyage.
  21. Remember to send a copy of your proof of ownership Fax number is 1-661-753-0181. I use the free version of Efax to send it. Here is the linl https://faxzero.com/
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