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  1. youll be fine because you stop in Colon.
  2. They might use that name. The Sky Princess will be in Europe in 2021. Names on schedule don’t matter. The Royal is in Vancouver Canada in mid May 2020.
  3. The Royal is coming to Alaska in 2019 . It will be West Coast for a while. I expect that a another Royal class will come to the West Coast.
  4. Full suite and Elite members are the first to board . They have a separate waiting area before boarding.
  5. Your luggage will be checked thru to Quebec city. You don't have to carry your luggage thru customs or you wont have to clear security.
  6. Its a normal cruise. The only issue they might start doing some of the maintenance .
  7. As long as its booked as two cruises , they should be fine. If the Coastal from Vancouver was booked separately then it would be illegal.
  8. Columbia is often used as port to take on fuel . Oil in olumbia is cheaper than ZFlorida.
  9. Yes you can but the criose lines lines computer may flag it as illegal.
  10. This is how they handle all special diet requirements.
  11. West to east. End with a long flight home. Usually try and book a cruise right after docking in Florida.
  12. She is probably doing a cruise to Hawaii at that time. Princess tries to do two Hawaii cruises a year from Vancouver.
  13. The info I got from Princess said summer 2021. It will need a dry dock to change for the Australian market.
  14. The Star will transfer to P&O Australia in May 2021. Sorry it won't be in Alaska in 2021.
  15. Cylinders containing compressed gas of any kind are on the prohibited list.
  16. Doesn't have to have a dry dock for deck plans to change . They sometimes change the category of cabins.
  17. We prefer west to east. Most of the ports are on the west Coast of Mexico. We prefer the long flight on the way home.
  18. What time does your ship arrive? In PR they usually recommend about 5 hours between docking and your flight.
  19. Limit is usually 72 hours. You'll have to call celebrity directly.
  20. I have found that cruises go up about 5 to 10% a year. They need to pay for new ships some how.
  21. First time that I've seen it since starting to cruise with Princes in 2009/
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