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    Alaska cruise

    May and June are good times for Alaska.
  2. I don’t know if NCL participates has n the ranger program in Glacier Bay. Princess has a naturally st onboard for the whole cruise and they bring local well people onboard to give local info. One lady actually bring husky puppies on board for her lectures.
  3. The Joy doesn't go to Glacier Bay all summer. Only May and September which probably won't work if your kids are in school. The Bliss goes to Glacier bay from May to September.
  4. We we used it . wine up $10 per glass was included. In the MDR they didn't seem to pay much attention to the price.
  5. Holiday week end in canada and US. Many family agencies closed today and Sunday.
  6. There are two shows held every night late seating (630) and one for early (900)
  7. Why not grab a hotel near LAX. Then Uber to the Carnival Terminal in Long Beach. Carnival normally sails from Long Beach . Hotels in Long Beach and San Pedro are on the higher end . Their are Hampton Inn just south of the airport with free airport shuttle.
  8. For a first time cruiser , I would use Princess excursions.
  9. If my PVP isn’t sure he’ll call the agent support group for an answer.
  10. All Canadian airports require that electronics be removed amd placed on a tray to be scanned.
  11. Since you dont get a new card for B2B (unless room change) . Everything continues on the second cruise.
  12. In Moorea only one port has an entrance that can handle a ship the size of the Emerald or a Grand class ship.
  13. Maybe an upgrade to the engine scrubber system,
  14. Find a nice restaurant at the airport or nearbt . Then have breakfasy.
  15. There is one port that Princess uses. Cruise ship anchor in Oahapanu Bay and tender to the pier in the small town of Papetoai. ...
  16. Why not try to find a single serving baby formula?
  17. Before you even start to look at cruise lines . Determine whether you want to spend sometime exploring Alaska. need to decide which departure port (settle or Vancouver). Cruises from Seattle normally have longer port times because of no stop in Victoria. Keep in mind Alaska is the primary reason and the ship is secondary (moving hotel).
  18. Many cruise lines have a 3 day cut off for online purchases.
  19. No tax onboard. Shops not open in port so no local tax.
  20. The grizzly is the most interesting to watch as the way search for food in old logs. They don't leave much of the log.
  21. Are you asking about onboard or in the ports? The wife finds that makeup is GOOD SAVINGS ON BOARD. You have to know the prices st home.
  22. It depends on the individual and their t=risk tolerance. We always buy from the cruise line not for medical but Cancel for any Reason coverage. Private medical in canada gets expensive as you get older.
  23. Only two where I live Black and Grisly . Black is most common.
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