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  1. You should see the animals we get on the roads up here. Moose, deer , elk and bears(2 kinds).
  2. No port is a waste. There is always something to see . You can always take a shuttle to the glacier.
  3. With four of you. Have you considered renting an RV. It might work out cheaper than renting hotel rooms on a per day .
  4. Did they find the kangaroo after or did it leave the scene. i Canada I've similar things happen when hitting a bear. The bear usually gets away uninjured to fight another day.
  5. We have done that cruise. A couple from hawaii will board in LA. They will teach hula, ukulele and lei making . Their will be a naturalist/historian who will give lectures about everything you'll see. If you love sea days this is the cruise for you. The only problem we had was that our balcony got to hot to use when in the afternoon sun. The first couple and last couple of days could be chilly.
  6. No report on the CDC site for Noro on the Star.
  7. You could of pick it up while traveling home. Norovirus is more common on public places tha on ships.
  8. Not easily. I would use a site that search’s . Can’t name the site. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. That was in Canadian. You also use this site http://matrix.itasoftware.com/
  10. About $600 to Fort Lauderdale.
  11. With four of you. Why not just rent a car one way? Do a price comparison between a vehicles and shuttle.
  12. Only HAL or your TA can answer this question.
  13. There are also Ipads beside the excursion desk for book them. Speciality restaurants will have space for reserving onboatd.
  14. For Victoria the cruise line sends the info to the Canadian Authorities in advance. If they want to talk to your DH . They will page him before anyone starts to disembark. The border crossing into Canada at Skagway seems to be fairly easy, No big formalities.
  15. Upgrades are few . Upsells will go thru your travel agent .Carnival will not contact you directly. The cruise line will not deal with you because your booked thru a travel agent.
  16. Later would be better . Check how many ships will be in port at the same time . If four or more , a later flight is better.
  17. It might actually be a wet dock. They need to maintenance or repairs that don't require the ship out of water.
  18. With EzAir if we want Premium Economy , we use that for the search. Within Canada we get WestJet and to the US as well.
  19. Use EzAir all the time. Cheaper than buying our own. our airport has only a two airline
  20. we did that cruise last october on the emerald.
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