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  1. Your stomach flu might actually be food poisoning. Then you are contagious. If Norovirus then you'll be contagious for a few weeeks. I would see a doctor or nurse practitioner ASAP.
  2. Private transfer( Uber) to MCO . Fly to MIA from MCO. Private transfer (Uber or taxi) to port. Then hope nothing delays you.
  3. Your fare includes all your meals (buffet or main dining room) , room , cleaning of room and shows. Cabins come in four basic clesses 1 Inside -no window 2 Oceanview - Has a window that gives a view and natural sunlight 3 Balcony - has a deck that you can sit on 4 Suite There are different sub categories in each of the four basic.
  4. IN Canada Sim cards are supplied by the Cell phone companies . I don't know ow any companies that sell them in Canada. I would look at world wide sim. Most US cell companies work in Canada. Check with your company if they include Canada in your existing package .Some might have a plan that if you pay a daily only when you use yout device.
  5. We did a 28 day cruise , menus repeated every 14 days. When repeated they change of the dishes around and added a few new ones.
  6. O would book the Cancel for any reason. You might need to use it a week before the cruise.
  7. It stops in Fuerto Amador (Panama City) for about 30 hours. This allows you to take excursion to see Panama . A normal cruise does the transit and continues on without stopping.
  8. One of the current sales has a 10% NR deposit. If you or your TA call Princess , you can be booked with a refundable deposit. A $2000 fare will be about $2200 .
  9. Shared shuttle from Port Canaveral to DW hotel. The other option is a rental car.
  10. Your new key card will be supplied a few days before the end of yje cruise. Also instructions will be supplied about your cabin change. Also talk to your room steward. We've on some B2B been told to leave everything in the night table drawers they just moved the draws to the new cabin.
  11. Many countries the vehicles don't have seat belts installed. Unless you really need one leave home especially if your flying.
  12. Why not combine into one post?
  13. We find there is enough light coming in from under the door. We also leave the bathroom light on.
  14. They have a separate lne in security for Nexus and Global Entry. Nexus and Global Entry also are used for immigration and customs. In the US we have used Nexus to go thru the PreCheck line.
  15. The weather is be pretty. That is called the Southern Route. It is known for mild seas and sunshine.
  16. . Canada doesn't have a pre check system. We use nexus and Americans can use global entry to clear security.
  17. Basically it would be what your expectations are. Some things are better on Princes and other things on RCI.
  18. Chlorinated by law.. No fluoride in the water.
  19. It;s definately encrypted. The beep at the start on voice is the encoding info for that specific chas\nnel.
  20. Ship to Ship communications is still VHF. On board communications are probably digitized communications to stop people fro listening on operational traffic.
  21. They basic entry includes a tour of the Apollo exhibit with brief tour as get shuttle to it.
  22. I would check the Alaska Railroad schedule for times and prices.
  23. Ship's water is safer than most city water. Some people blame ships water for swollen feet. Usually its the salt in food and the amount of extra walking. Also I don't want to pay $15 a gallon for it.
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