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  1. They arrived back to NY this morning....my DIL said it was rough sailing coming back barf bags all over people getting seasick (including my youngest grandson. but she said they had an absolutely awesome time.
  2. My son and his family are on that cruise also with a large group.......we were wondering if the weather was going to be rough since there was a storm in the Carolinas that brought some snow there and was apparently heading out to sea......safe cruising!
  3. Thank you all for your feedback. I actually got an email from NCL with all the information.
  4. I’m just wondering if NCLs GSC is accessible to people using scooters or wheelchairs. i am aware that NCL tenders in this port. TIA
  5. Morning....my son and his family booked on February cruise. Bringing their niece as a birthday gift. She is 16 years old. What document does NCL require for her to cruise without her parents? TIA
  6. I went to make a payment online for our October 2020 cruise and I notice there is a Cruise Reward in the amount of $200 valid until March 2020.....what the heck is that.....I’ve never seen that before. TIA
  7. Past final payment on a February 2020 Bliss cruise. it is now 30% off. should I call and see if I can get that offer, without of course losing the promos I have? also I remember seeing somewhere Here that with the 30% discount you do not get the Latitude Points......is this a fact???? Thank you all in advance.
  8. Yes always have an awesome time on Norwegian!
  9. Review October 27, 2019 NCL Escape Day 1 Sunday, October 27 arrived at pier in NYC around 12:10 because we were told via VM check in only between Noon and 3 due to coast guard inspection. Apparently we were the only ones told because at Haven check in we were checked in and immediately online to board ship. However, no Haven staff to bring us on board and we had to find our way on. When we got on ship it was already packed with people already having lunch. Haven restaurant already packed we had to sit at table outside the Haven Restaurant which was just fine. Our room was ready about 1:30. Haven Courtyard Penthouse 17128. Dinner was at LeBistro and was good as usual. (We had the dinner package for three meals and I made all dinner reservations online after final payment was made).We had the dinner promo (3), the Beverage Package, and Unlimited WiFi. I put our phones on Airplane Mode for the entire trip and used FB messenger to contact people. We prepaid the gratuities, however, tipped where called for. Our room steward was Rommel and did an adequate job. When I asked if I could have a lounge chair on our balcony in ten minutes he arrived with a helper with a lounge! (We gave him a little something when we first met him and a little something when we left. Our butler was Fernando we gave him something when we met him and something when we left. We never asked for anything special from him. He dropped off some fruit and little snacks in the afternoon.Patrick was our concierge and we gave him something when we left. Day 2 Monday, October 28 at sea Breakfast and Dinner at Haven Restaurant...always good....Lunch at Buffet.....just ok. Day 3 Tuesday, October 29 Port Canaveral.....stayed onboard and went up on Deck 19 sunbathing. Weather was gorgeous. Saw a show at the Supper Club.....priority seating due to Haven.....four young men singing songs from 50’s...very entertaining! They served a steak (or fish) dinner during the show...we opted out of that.....instead had dinner at the Haven restaurant. Day 4 Wednesday, October 30....breakfast early at the Haven Restaurant. Great Stirrup Cay. Weather again gorgeous! priority disembarking because of Haven. When we got on island saw another NCL ship was already there the Norwegian Sun. Note: very rocky in the water ...... recommend those water shoes....I got a nice gash on my heel.....be sure to also pack some bandaids and antibiotic ointment....luckily I always do. Lunch at the buffet. Dinner at LaCucina......excellent. And a little time and money at the Casino. Day 5 Thursday, October 31 Nassau, Bahamas. Breakfast at the Haven Restaurant, Lunch at Buffet and Dinner at the Haven Restaurant......didn’t get off the ship....relaxed....and relaxed some more. Left Nassau around 610pm. Lots of passengers and crew in Halloween costumes. Ship rocking all night.....feeling the motion of the ocean. More time at casino. Day6 Friday......@ sea......breakfast at Haven restaurant......toilets not flushing on our Haven Deck 17...... oh boy! Fixed quickly. Seas a little choppy. Lunch at buffet. Dinner at Haven restaurant. Day7 Saturday ...... @sea........breakfast at Haven restaurant.......relaxed....lunch at buffet......decide to get a jump on things and packed so we could enjoy our last night. Dinner at Cagneys....so good.......my husband had lobster tails and I had salmon.....casino for a little while and called it a night. Day8 Sunday.....had coffee and a muffin in our cabin as we were going to be walking off with priority disembarking ...... left our cabin 715am.......passports not needed to be shown since they had facial recognition screens set up. Walked across the street got in a yellow taxi and we were in our house 800am....(we live in Astoria, Queens). The taxi cost us $45 (a little more than usual) because the driver had to avoid certain routes due to the NY Marathon! Can’t wait for October 2020 on the Encore!!!!!!
  10. If you are already booked in a Balcony cabin.....is it possible to book a cabin in The Haven if you pay the current difference in price. I know you can do this from a Mini Suite because I have done so.
  11. thank you...... Do you also receive the promotions ...... and I understand you can pay extra if you want a different category of cabin......right?
  12. When you book through Casinos at Sea and you are given a free cruise do you have to bet a certain amount of money at the casino while you’re cruising......do you have to enter slot tournaments........what exactly is the deal......how do you qualify for these free cruises?
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