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  1. Hurtigruten have just announced on their websites that the Southern Hemisphere voyages have been cancelled for Jan-Apr 2021 - the cruises in Oct-Dec 2020 had previously been cancelled. https://global.hurtigruten.com/practical-information/coronavirus-update/sailings-and-cancellations/antarctica/
  2. Do you have information/a source for statement that "many of the passengers were foreign"? This is not suggested in anything I have read.
  3. Hi Stan, Are you sorted now? Live in UK and had early 2021 Voyage cancelled too. If you haven't got detailed itinerary I can probably help as have been asking lots of questions. What voyage/dates are you booked/replanning for? Richard
  4. Trollfjord is no longer scheduled to do "Coastal Voyages" in 2021. She will be siling on 12 day voyages from Bergen up Norwegian Coast but with significantly different itinerary (longer stops at fewer ports. They are classified as "Expedition" Cruises with more included and higher prices. If you want to continue with Coastal Itinerary I'd suggest Spitsbergen as closest to Trollfjord in style ( but much smaller)
  5. There are 2 QJ cabins (of equivalent size on Trollfjord 640 & 736. They are, however slightly cheaper than P grade as they are limited view. Appreciate the size difference having stayed in QJ on Trollfjord but somebody not knowing ships could've thought they were upgrading you. Check availability of cabins I mention & maybe ask to change to voyage that has those cabins available? They should have communicated with you, UK customers have received emails re these early 2021 cancellations offering options.
  6. Link to original press article with quotes from Hurtigruten: https://www.klassekampen.no/article/20190817/ARTICLE/190819971 (Google translate is your friend)
  7. There are Russian Naval Exercises in the High Arctic during the period - no further comment
  8. Both MS Spitsbergen voyages to Franz Josef Land (dep 29/08 & 12/09) have been cancelled at short notice due to Russia refusing sailing permits
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