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  1. Should this be done before you you board or after you board? Just did not know how to do it and my travel agent was not sure?????
  2. This will be our first Oceania. In our cruise documents it says unlimited Internet included . Is this correct ? But it also gave pricing for 200 minutes so I am confused.
  3. Marie50

    MSC Divina current bar menus

    I am trying to determine if I need to upgrade to a beverage package instead of the Drinks on Us. I am looking at the Classic upgrade and it says drinks up to $8. Can someone share current bar prices before I make that decision.
  4. Marie50

    Activities on the Riviera

    We will be taking our first Oceania cruise in December. Can someone please tell me what a usual day onboard would be like as far as activities i.e. Trivia, lectures, demonstrations? Thank you
  5. Such confusion. I would like to take some vodka, but should I try? If so, should I leave it in the bottle or put it in something else? My husband also likes pre mixed Margarita in the bottle. Is that acceptable just for having in your room?
  6. New to Oceania so could anyone advise me if you are required to make a time reservation for the Main Dining Room or is it basically walk in? Also, generally what is the the dress code for the evening in all of the restaurants. Are women's slacks and blouses acceptable as well as men's slacks and button shirts? Thank You
  7. This will be our first Oceania Cruise on the Riviera. Can someone tell me if there is a surcharge for either of these activities and is it basically just walk in or do you have to reserve. Thanks.
  8. So you are allowed to make specialty restaurant reservation 45 days in advance of your cruise correct?? Am I able to do this online?? Also, how many reservations are you allowed with an interior room on a 10 day cruise?? Are you allowed any additional reservations once onboard?? Also, is the Main Dining Room considered one of your allotted reservations?? Thank you so much for any help!!
  9. Some posts for wine only, but others say they have taken regular alcohol. My hubby loves Cuervo Light Margarita mix with the alcohol in it and I love vodka and oj or lemonade. So can anyone say for sure if they have taken these types of beverages onboard with them?
  10. New to Oceania. Is there a happy hour on Riviera? Also are you allowed to take any wine/alcohol on board with you at Miami port. Seen various comments on that. Thanks.
  11. Can you tell me which areas inside and outside are only open to suite guests on the Riviera?
  12. Marie50

    Riviera Onboard Activities

    New to Oceania, so are any classes or activities included without additional cost? Thank you.
  13. Marie50

    Drink Packges

    Can you still purchase drink packages if you do not chose OLife? If so, what packages are available because I cannot see it online in my booking information.
  14. Marie50

    Newbie on Oceania

    My Travel Agent is not much help at all. Any information anyone could provide on the exact process for booking specialty restaurants would be so helpful. We have an interior cabin, so I am wondering how many reservations we get on a 10 day cruise. When exactly do we book those? I do not know since it is not on my invoice from the Agency I use. Do I do this on the Oceania website? Can we get a drink package without booking OLife? Thank You.
  15. Marie50

    Newbie on Oceania

    We are cruising on the Riviera soon and I am confused as to when you are able to make reservations for the various restaurants. Can someone who has done this please help me. Thank you so much.